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Cornelia Arabus, SM/PROG MP (1647 - d.)

See 'Armosyn Revisited' and 'Made or Marred by Time ... the Other Armozijn & two enslaved Arabian ‘princesses' at the Cape of Good Hope (1656)' by Mansell Upham on She had the following childre...

Lijsbeth Arabus, SM/PROG MP (c.1645 - d.)

Born circa 1645 in Abyssinia and captured on Madagascar OR near Golfe d'Aden, on the Horn of Africa Baptized before August 1665 Cape Town Lijsbeth Arabus and Cornelia Arabus were gifted by Admi...

Cornelia Arabus(mother-candidate) MP (1647 - d.)

Lijsbeth Arabus van Abissinia MP (1647 - d.)