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Cornelia Arabus, SM/PROG MP (1647 - d.)

See 'Armosyn Revisited' and 'Made or Marred by Time ... the Other Armozijn & two enslaved Arabian ‘princesses' at the Cape of Good Hope (1656)' by Mansell Upham on She had the following childre...

Lijsbeth Arabus, SM/PROG MP (c.1645 - d.)

Lijsbeth Arabus - a 'royal' Madagascar slave, gifted by Admiral PN de la Roche St. Andre, to Maria de la Queillerie in 1656 at the Cape; transaction later revoked & Lijsbeth & sister Cornelia became pr...

Cornelia Arabus(mother-candidate) MP (1647 - d.)

Lijsbeth Arabus van Abissinia MP (1647 - d.)