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Gregorio S. Araneta MP (1869 - 1930)

Don Gregorio Araneta y Soriano was a Filipino lawyer, businessman, nationalist and patriot, who served his country and people during the Spanish colonization and American occupation. He served as the S...

Don Juan Anacleto T. Araneta MP (1852 - 1924)

Don Juan Anacleto T. Araneta was a pioneer sugar farmer and the capital del pueblo of Bago. He emerged as the revolutionary leader of the Negros Revolution against Spain. References "Juan Araneta...

Judith L. Araneta MP

Judy Araneta- Roxas chairs the Gerry Roxas Foundation, an scholarship fund established in 1958. She is Senior Vice President of Progressive Development Corporation, the Araneta family holding firm. In ...

Abelardo Ronquillo Araneta (1935 - 2006)

Adela Locsin Araneta (1914-2008) (deceased)

Adela L. Araneta (Locsin) (deceased)

Adriana de la Rama Araneta Locsin (Adriana Araneta de la Rama) (deceased)

Agapita L. Araneta (deceased)

Agapita Labayen (Araneta) (deceased)

Agaton M. Araneta (deceased)

Agripino Araneta (deceased)

Agueda Torres Araneta (Torres) (deceased)

Agueda Salsalida Gonzaga (Araneta) (deceased)

Agueda Feliciana Salsalida Araneta (deceased)

Agustin Araneta (deceased)

Agustin Araneta (deceased)

Agustín Antonio Araneta Aguiñagalde (1771 - d.)

Alfonso Serrano Araneta (deceased)

Alfredo Araneta (deceased)

Alfredo Ramon Zaragoza Araneta (deceased)

Alfredo Ramon Araneta (deceased)

Alodia Cajucom (Araneta) (1935 - 1968)

Altura L. Araneta (deceased)

Amado Araneta (deceased)

Amado Araneta (deceased)

Amalia L. Araneta (deceased)

Ambrosio P. Araneta (deceased)

Ana Justina Salsalida Araneta (deceased)

Anamaria Araneta Artola (1757 - d.)

Anastacio S. Araneta (deceased)

Angel S. Araneta (deceased)

Angel S. Araneta (deceased)

Angela Araneta (deceased)

Angela Evarista Araneta Ogueta (1889 - d.)

Angeles T. Araneta (deceased)

Angeles T. Araneta Y Marino (1914 - 1996)

Angelica Balagtas Araneta (Balagtas) (1920 - 2008)

Aniceta E. Araneta (deceased)

Anita Araneta (1919 - d.)

Anita L. Araneta (deceased)

Antonio Araneta (deceased)

Antonio E. Araneta (deceased)

Antonio P. Araneta (deceased)

Apolinaria Santos Araneta (deceased)

Apolonia Mendoza Araneta (deceased)

Apolonia Mendoza Araneta (deceased)

Araceli Araneta (deceased)

Arturo L. L. Araneta (Locsin) (deceased)

Arturo Locsin Araneta (b. - 2009)

Arturo D. D. Araneta ''Bino'' (deceased)

Asuncion L. Araneta (deceased)

<private> Araneta Ogueta

Aurelia (yeya) Bañares Araneta (deceased)

Beatriz Araneta Ogueta (1878 - d.)

Benita Araneta (deceased)

Benito Sta Ana Araneta (deceased)

Bonifacio De Arabiata Araneta (Arabejo), Del Escano (c.1885 - c.1950)

Buenaventura Araneta (c.1775 - 1843)

Dona Calixta German Araneta (c.1817 - 1865)

Calixto Araneta (deceased)

Candelaria S. Araneta (deceased)

Carlota M. Araneta (deceased)

Carmen Araneta (1903 - 1955)

Carmen Zaragoza Araneta (deceased)

Carmen Ortuoste (Araneta) (deceased)

Carmen Ortuoste (Araneta) (deceased)

Carmen Locsin-Araneta (deceased)

Carmen L. Araneta (deceased)

Carmen Arevalo Araneta (deceased)

Carmen P. Araneta (deceased)

Cecilia Araneta (deceased)

Cecilia Araneta (deceased)

Ceferina M. Araneta (deceased)

Cesario Araneta (deceased)

Clarita Araneta (deceased)

Concepcion Zaragoza Araneta (deceased)

Concepcion G. Araneta (deceased)

Concepcion S. Araneta (deceased)

Consuelo Zaragoza Araneta (deceased)

Consuelo L. Araneta (deceased)

Cornelia G. Araneta (deceased)

Crescenciano Araneta (1867 - 1946)

Crestita Sarmiento Araneta (Sarmiento) (deceased)

Crestita Pascuala Salsalida Araneta (deceased)

Damasa Araneta (deceased)

Daniel G. Araneta (deceased)

Dionesia Araneta (deceased)

Don Jose Guyd Araneta (deceased)

Don Jose de Araneta (c.1698 - c.1746)

Don Jose de Araneta • Chronology: Don Jose de Araneta, was born in the province of Gipuzkoa, Basque region of Northern Spain. He joined the Spanish expedition to the West Indies, Mexico, and Per...

Dona Elena Araneta (deceased)

Edilberto (Bert) Araneta (b. - 2008)

Eduardo Araneta (deceased)

elena Bejerano (araneta) (deceased)

Elena Araneta (deceased)

Elena P. Araneta (deceased)

Elisa Sarmiento Araneta (deceased)


Eliseo Araneta (deceased)

Eliseo L. Araneta (deceased)

Elsa Araneta (Sampang) (1941 - 2005)