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Barbara Archbold MP (b. - 1718)

Gerald Archbold MP (c.1830 - d.)

Sir Henry Archbold MP (deceased)

Reverend Israel Archbold MP (1807 - 1859)

Itinerant Methodist preacher, late minister of Methodist Church, Hanover, OH fall of 1831: Marietta Ohio: Institute of Education (p.208; Archbold genealogy) Spring 1832: {Portsmouth, Ohio} teaching s...

John Dustin Archbold MP (1848 - 1916)

Vice President of the Standard Oil Trust; Second President of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey John Dustin Archbold (1848–1916) was an American capitalist and one of the United State...

Marcella Helena McDonnell (Archbold) MP (1625 - 1692)

Archbold, born in Arklow, Wicklow County, Ireland. She was the daughter of Thomas Archbold. HELENA ARCHBOLD, married ALEXANDER MACDONNELL. Child of ALEXANDER MACDONALD/MACDONNELL and MARY ARCHBOLD is...

Mary Archbold (Pawley) MP (1802 - 1850)

Mary Ann Archbold (Oliver) MP (1838 - d.)

Mary Lavinia van Beuren (Archbold) MP (1871 - 1951)

Though born in Pa, Mary must have spent a good amount of time growing up in NYC. Examining the list of guests at her wedding, we see guests from families of many financial titans of the day. Jay Gould'...

Richard Archbold MP (1791 - d.)

Archbold (deceased)

Archbold (deceased)

"Maria" Julia Maria ARCHBOLD (c.1817 - d.)

(not named) Archbold (1962 - 1962)

Adrian Archbold (1909 - d.)

Agnus Archbold (1774 - 1816)

Alfred Ernest Archbold (deceased)

Alfredo Archbold (deceased)

Alice Archbold (deceased)

Amos August Britton-Archbold (deceased)

Amos Augusto Britton-Archbold (deceased)

Anastisia Doyle (Archbold) (1825 - 1845)

Andrew Archbold (deceased)

Ann Taylor Archbold (1905 - 1990)

Ann Archbold (deceased)


Ann Archbold (b. - 1865)

•Spinster ~ no offspring From a quick glance at the table of contents a book written by Ann: She travelled with families through Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri as a caretaker of other pe...

Ann Wickham (Archbold) (1783 - d.)

Anne Archbold (c.1613 - 1673)

Anne Mills Archbold (1873 - 1968)

source: Anne Archbold was a world traveler, with houses in England, Maine, and Nassau, was the daughter of a Pennsylvania oil millionaire. Her father, John Dustin Archbold (1848-1916) founded Acme Oi...

Anne Archbold (Kennedy) (1768 - 1843)

12 children, 9 of which survived infancy John 1791-1818 m. Elizabeth Rennor 1816 (twin) James 1793- 1826 m. Elizabeth Penn 1817 (twin) Elisabeth 1793- 1847 (?) Samuel 1796- ? m. Savilla May Mary Bett...

Anne Castronovo (Archbold) {Jensvold} (deceased)

Annie Mae Archbold (Eaton) (deceased)

Annie Archbold (Mills) (1847 - 1921)

After the death of John Dustin Archbold in 1916, Ann Mills Archbold married Judge Charles Dustin of Dayton, Ohio in 1918. • Mighill Dustin and Israel Archbold (John Dustin Archbold's father) w...

Armar Edward Archbold (Saunderson) (1909 - 1957)

At the time of his death at age 48, Armar was engaged to the Countess Seafield, "one of the wealthiest women in England" (newspaper obit.)

Arthur Archbold (deceased)

Arthur Julius Archbold (1875 - 1948)

Arthur Archbold (1875 - d.)

Barbara Archbold (1956 - 1995)

Barbara Archbold (Curtis) (deceased)

Barbra Davidson Archbold/Archbold (1891 - d.)

Benjamin Archbold (deceased)

Bernard Archbold (Archibald) (deceased)

Bernard James Archbold (Archibald) (deceased)

Bernard John Archbold (Archibald) (1960 - 2001)

Betrande Archbold (Benoist) (1931 - 1966)

"Archbold, Bererande Benoist, Beloved wife of John Dana Archbold, Daughter of Geraldine Grace & Louis Auguste-Benoist, Born October 2, 1932-Died San Francisco, California Died April 8, 1966" < grave ma...

Bridget Raftery Archbold (1929 - 2007)

Bridie Archbold (Raftery) (deceased)

Caroline Louise Inslee (Archbold) (1874 - 1948)

Carolyn Salmon (Archbold) (1897 - d.)

last note form the 1940's is that she separated from her husband Was a twin sister to Elizabeth

Catherine "Kate" Archbold (Kelley) (c.1853 - 1902)

Catherine (Kitty) Archbold (Noctor) (deceased)

Celia Hands (Archbold) (1836 - 1884)

Celia Hands (Archbold) (b. - 1884)

Charles Allen Archbold (1890 - 1936)

Charles L Archbold (1880 - 1953)

Charles Wesley Archbold (1843 - 1914)

Enlisted in the 87th Ohio Infantry (1862) Taken prisoner at Harpers Ferry, Sept 1862 • I believe he was paroled from Annapolis and then sent home for the duration of the war (MMvB curator) ...

Charles Wesley Archbold (1902 - 1986)

accepted in the Sons of the Revolution for Captain WIlliam Dana

Charles Dana Archbold (1864 - d.)

Charles Archbold (deceased)

Charles Archbold (deceased)

Claire E. Archbold (Baker) (deceased)

Clara Archbold (deceased)

Clark B. Archbold (b. - 1995)

Doris Archbold (deceased)

Doris Archbold (Maddison) (1921 - 2013)

Doris's first husband was KIA with Essex Regiment. Doris emigrated to NZ with her father.

Dorothy Archbold (Law) (deceased)

Dorthy Archbold (deceased)

Duane Doyle Archbold (1919 - 1991)

Earl Jeremiah Archbold (deceased)

Edith Ellen Gibson (Archbold) (1861 - 1943)

Edna Elizabeth Archbold (1904 - 1979)

Edna Archbold (1875 - 1876)

Edward George Archbold (c.1880 - d.)

Edward Archbold (deceased)

Edward Archbold (deceased)

lived in Clarksburg VA for some time (p. 207)

Edward Grant Archibald/Archbold (1846 - 1917)

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Pierson Archbold (deceased)

EDWARD PIERSON ARCHBOLD [Nova Scotia, Vital Records, 1763-1957, index, FamilySearch] [Nova Scotia Census, 1861, index, FamilySearch ] CHILDREN [Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 193...

Elanor Archbold (deceased)

Eleanor Donaldson (Archbold) (c.1807 - d.)

Eleanor Frances Archbold (b. - 1927)

" (163) Archbold of Davidstown House ", Landed families of Britain and Ireland Blog, Nick Kingsley Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ire...

Elena Maria Archbold Robinson (deceased)

Eliza Servais (Archbold) (1818 - d.)

Elizabeth Kay Archbold (b. - 1995)

Elizabeth Archbold (Gibson) (1809 - 1888)

Elizabeth Archbold (1861 - d.)

Elizabeth Archbold (1828 - d.)

Elizabeth Thomas Archbold (1733 - d.)

Elizabeth Gray (Archbold) (1802 - d.)

Elizabeth Archbold (deceased)

Elizabeth Mary McHutcheon (Archbold) (1924 - 2009)

Elizabeth Archbold (Nash) (b. - 2010)

Elizabeth Archbold (Meyers) (1869 - 1904)

Church Baptism Record Name: Elizabeth Meyers Date of Birth: Date of Baptism: 14-Apr-1869 Address: Monaughrim Parish/District: Clonegal Gender: County Co. Carlow Denomination: Roman Catholi...

Elizabeth Archbold (Brown) (1913 - 1939)

Elizabeth Australia Archbold (deceased)

Elizabeth Hutton (Archbold) (1896 - 1965)

Elizabeth Montgomary (Archbold) (deceased)

Elizabeth Mary Platt (Archbold) (1833 - 1871)

Francis Platt, "England Marriages, 1538–1973 " Name: Francis Platt Birth Date: Birthplace: Age: Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Archbold Spouse's Birth Date: Spouse's Birthplace: Spouse's Age:...

Elizabeth Archbold (deceased)

Elizabeth Archbold (Hill) (1557 - d.)