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Agnes Arden (Webb) MP (1536 - 1580)

Agnes de Arden MP (1241 - d.)

Alice Arden (Brigandine) MP (1516 - 1551)

Alice Arden (1516–1551) was the daughter of John Brigantine and Alice Squire, who conspired to have her husband, Thomas Arden of Faversham, murdered so she could carry on with a long-term affair with a...

Catherine Devereux (Arden) MP (c.1558 - 1627)

'Catherine Arden1 --- or was she Katharine ?* 'F, #438027, d. 20 November 1627*Last Edited=18 Jul 2010* ' Catherine Arden was the daughter of Edward Arden.2 She married Sir Edward Devereux, 1st Bt., so...

By Unknown - The War Illustrated, Public Domain,

Dorothie Mary Evelyn Arden (Feilding) MP (deceased)

Lady Dorothie Mary Evelyn Feilding-Moore MM, CdeG, OLII (6 October 1889 – 24 October 1935) was a British heiress who shunned her aristocratic background to become a highly decorated volunteer nurse and...

Edward Arden, Esq. MP (c.1542 - 1583)

Edward Arden (taken from New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia)An English Catholic, executed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, b. 1542 (?); d. 1583. He was the head of a family which had been prominent i...

Elizabeth Clodshall Arden MP (c.1426 - 1454)

Elizabeth de Arden MP (1218 - d.)

Enoch Arden, [Fictional Person] MP (b. - 1731)

Mary Randolph's marriage to "Enoch Arden" is a misreading of Beveridge's use of the legal term Enoch Arden marriage, where a wife marries another thinking her husband dead. Enoch Arden is from a poem b...

Galiena de Arden MP (1147 - d.)

Giles Arden MP (1345 - 1375)

From the English Wikipedia page on Drayton, Cherwell: male line of the Arden family ended in 1376 with the death of Sir Giles Arden, whose son had predeceased him.[2] Sir Giles' granddaughters Margaret...

Sir Giles Arden MP (1310 - 1376)

Grace Webb (Arden), {Fictional} MP (1512 - 1539)

Not a known child of Sir Thomas Arden, of Wilmcote Lack of Evidence for Existence No reliable sources have been cited or found that provide any evidence for the existence of any person meeting the ...

Hawise de Arden (de Chesterton) MP (1172 - d.)

Also known as Avice.

Helena (Elena) de Arden MP (c.1350 - 1400)

Henry de Arden MP (c.1346 - 1400)

Note: vol 1, pg 638 Burkes Commoners

Sir Henry de Arden MP (c.1098 - 1166)

Isabella Arden (Bromwich) MP (c.1310 - 1350)

Joan de Arden MP (1196 - d.)

Joan Greville (Arden) MP (c.1375 - d.)

Leuca de Arden de Mobberly MP (c.1178 - d.)

Leuca de Arderne married Seigneur John fitzJocelyne, Knight, heir of Hellesby & Cherletone. Family Sir John de Hellesby, knight, son of Joceralin', lord of Hellesby, knight, and heir to his broth...

Lucia de Arden (De Oxfordshire) MP (c.1209 - d.)

Margaret Cornwall (Arden) MP (aft.1538 - 1608)

Sir Alexander Webb, Jr., Kt. {Fictional} was not her son. Biography Margaret Arden was the daughter of Robert Arden.[1][2][3][4] The fact that she was his daughter is established by, among other ...

Margaret Shakespeare (Arden) MP (deceased)

SOURCE CITATION: Title: Ancestral File ( SOURCE: Conn. 77a--WEBB records in Libr Ancestral File Number: 84QF-H6 Line !She md (1) 1555 Alexander Webb, Sr. (2) SOURCE CITATION: Title: Ancestral File ( !N...

Margaret Greville (Arden) MP (1372 - 1420)

Margaret Arden (de Molyneux) MP (1324 - d.)

Mary Shakespeare (Arden) MP (c.1535 - bef.1608)

Mother of William Shakespeare, Playwright.=== Mary Arden , c. 1537-1608,===was the youngest daughter of Robert Arden (d. 1556/7) of Wilmcote, Warwickshire by his first wife, Mary Webb (1512-before 1550...

Mary Arden (Throckmorton) MP (b. - 1603)

William Arden (d. 1546), m. Elizabeth Conway* ' Edward Arden (executed 20 Dec 1583), m. Mary Throckmorton* Robert Arden (d. 27 Feb 1635), m. Elizabeth Corbet* Sir Henry Arden (d. 1616), m. Dorothy Feil...

Mary Arden (Webb) MP (1512 - 1550)

Mary Webb was Shakespeare's grandmother. See notes on Henry Alexander Webb (born 1510) Sir Henry Alexander Webb married Grace Arden, sister of Robert Arden. Mary Webb (Shakespeare's grandmother) ma...

Matilda de Arden MP (1146 - 1190)

Nichola Arden (Bardolf) MP (1285 - 1365)

Olive de Arden MP (c.1100 - 1204)

Osbert de Warwick (d'Arden) MP (1140 - 1183)

Philipa Arden (Trillow) MP (1356 - 1400)

Sir Ralph de Arden MP (c.1373 - c.1421)

Ralph de Arden MP (c.1317 - 1350)

Sir Ralph de Arden MP (c.1267 - 1290)

Robert Arden, of Wilmcote MP (c.1506 - 1556)

Notes for ROBERT ARDEN The Arden Clan came from Warwickshire, England, including some in Wilmcote. More About ROBERT ARDEN Christening Near Stratford on Avon Military service Yoeman in the service to K...

Robert de Arden MP (1421 - 1452)

Robert Arden MP (c.1238 - 1331)

Sir Robert de Arden MP (1262 - 1331)

Rose Arden (.) MP (c.1179 - d.)

born: 1178 or 1255

Sharon Osbourne MP

Rachel Osbourne (née Levy; born 9 October 1952) is an English media personality, businesswoman, television host, talent competition judge, music manager, live promoter, and author. She is the wife of h...

Siward de Arden MP (c.1075 - d.)

Sir Thomas Arden, of Wilmcote MP (c.1469 - c.1546)

From Stirnet's "Arden2" page: "BLG1952 (Arden) names only Thomas's probable son Robert and then, without naming his wife, names his daughter Mary and her husband, describing Mary as his co-heir. The re...

Thomas Arden MP (1540 - d.)

Thomas De Arden Draiton MP (c.1205 - 1238)

Thorkill de Arden MP (c.1045 - 1100)

Also known as Turchill.Witnessed along with his father Aethelwine the Sheriff when Robert of Stafford gave land at Wrottesley to Evesham Abbey, the first gift of lands by Normans to an English monastic...

Turchill of Kinsbury de Warwick MP (c.1083 - d.)

FROM BURKE'S COMMONERS:TURCHILL DE WARWICK, whose name stands likewise in the catalogue of earls. This nobleman, a man of great power and note, was lord of vast landed possessions, at the time of the C...

Walter de Arden, of Park Hall MP (c.1435 - 1502)

Burial: Church of St Peter/Paul, Aston,EnglandNote: vol 1, pg 638, Burke's "Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland"Walter and Eleanor's tombs are well preserved in Erdington's Chantry of the Church of ...

Sir Walter Lindsay of Arden, Laird of Arden, Beaufort & Edzell MP (b. - 1513)

Personal Information Occupation: 2 May 1459 Sat as Sheriff of the burgh of Aberdeen.

William de Arden MP (1237 - d.)

William de Arden MP (1215 - d.)

Sir William de Arden MP (1168 - 1236)

William de Arden MP (1192 - d.)

William de Arden MP (1143 - d.)

ARDEN (c.1329 - d.)

Arden (deceased)

Abert Henry Arden (deceased)

Abraham Arden (deceased)

Abraham Arden (b. - 1880)

Ada Arden (Baum) (deceased)

Ada (Baum) Arden (Baum) (deceased)

Addie Adeline Arden (Kennedy) (deceased)

Adeline White Smith (Arden) (1884 - 1973)

Adeline Arden (1851 - 1929)

Adline Caroline Arden (Kennedy) (1876 - 1924)

Adron Arden (1920 - 1996)

Agnes Lucy Clay (Arden) (1838 - 1874)

Agnes Arden (1536 - d.)

Agnes de Arden (1120 - d.)

Agnes I. Wyncelow (Arden) (deceased)

Agnes Virginia Arden (Hunt) (1921 - 2019)

Agnes De Keynes (Arden) (c.1143 - d.)

Agnes de Arden (1070 - 1130)

Ailwinn de Arden (1028 - 1066)

Al Arden (deceased)

Alan (Aryeff) Arden (deceased)

alan clifford arden (deceased)

alan clifford arden (deceased)

Alathea Arden (deceased)

Alathea Arden (Cotton) (1722 - 1783)

Rev Albert Henry Arden (1841 - 1897)

Albert Louis Arden (1882 - 1938)

Albert Richard Arden (1878 - 1929)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-2144862895@ Birmingham, England, Church of England Baptisms, 1813-1912 Operations, Inc. 1,4981::0 === GEDCOM Source ===Reference Number: DRO 41; Archive Ro...

ALBERT W Arden (1917 - 1924)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-2144369693@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. This information comes from 1 or...

Major Albert Cooper Arden (1890 - d.)

Alfred E. Van Arden (1873 - d.)

Alfred Arden (deceased)

Alice Maude Harriet Eddy (Arden) (1870 - 1945)

Alice Brampton (Arden) (c.1396 - 1490)

Alice Arden (Bracebridge) (1469 - 1539)

Alice Arden (1543 - 1580)

Alice Arden (c.1481 - d.)

Alice Ann Arden (c.1867 - d.)

Alice Emma Mary Gethen (Arden) (1878 - 1906)

Alice Jenkyn (Arden) (1380 - 1490)

Alice Thorne (Arden) (b. - aft.1500)

Alice Arden (Ramskill) (1899 - 1977)

Alice Arden (Snoad) (c.1861 - d.)

1878 Marriage===* Name George Edward Arden * Event Type Marriage * Event Date 05 Jun 1878 * Event Place Yoxall, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom * Parish St Peter , Residence Place Yoxall * Age 2...