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Antonio de Armijo MP (1633 - 1686)

Antonio de Armijo MP (c.1586 - d.)

Antonio Armijo MP (c.1675 - 1753)

Antonio Felito Armijo MP (c.1736 - 1772)

Antonio Pablo Armijo MP (1751 - d.)

Antón de Armijo, cantor MP (c.1520 - 1578)

Cantor and instructor in polyphonic sound. Associated with Francisco Guerrero between 1555 and 1578. He married Maria de Madrid and the two had a son, Ferdinand, born 1565, during his association with ...

Francisco de Armijo MP (1565 - d.)

From Ancestry's Armijo message board (webcached Feb. 17, 2013): Armijo DNA Project Angel R. Cervantes Posted: 31 Dec 2004 11:47PM GMT Classification: Query I would like to invite you to j...

José de Armijo MP (c.1650 - c.1692)

José Durán de Armijo MP (c.1688 - d.)

José Fileto Armijo MP (1773 - d.)

Juan Manuel Sais Armijo MP (1755 - 1810)

Manuel Armijo, Gobernador de Nuevo México MP (c.1790 - 1854)

Manuel Armijo was the last governor of New Mexico under the Mexican Republic, serving in that office three times. Links

Manuela Armijo MP (c.1711 - d.)

Marcos Armijo MP (c.1678 - d.)

Maria Dominga Armijo MP (1746 - 1791)

María Antonia Durán de Armijo MP (deceased)

María Antonia Armijo MP (deceased)

María Barbara Medina (Armijo) MP (1809 - 1860)

Miguel Duran de Armijo MP (deceased)

Ramona de Baca (Armijo) MP (deceased)

Rosalía de Armijo MP (c.1710 - d.)

Salvador Manuel Durán de Armijo MP (c.1714 - d.)

Salvador Manuel Durán de Armijo MP (1710 - d.)

Salvador Manuel de la Cruz Durán de Armijo MP (1712 - c.1764)

Santiago Armijo MP (1743 - d.)

Vicente Ferrer Durán y Armijo MP (c.1746 - 1774)

Vicente Ferrer Durán de Armijo MP (1679 - 1743)

Armijo (deceased)

Armijo (deceased)

? Benavides (Armijo) (deceased)

a Armijo (deceased)

Abdón Armijo (deceased)

abeulino armijo (deceased)

Adam Armijo (deceased)

Adela Acevedo Armijo (deceased)

Agnes Armijo (deceased)

Agnes Armijo (deceased)

Albert R. Armijo (1871 - 1937)

Alberto Armijo (1895 - 1943)

Alec R. Armijo (1993 - d.)

Alfonsa Armilo (deceased)

Alfredo Armijo (deceased)

Alfredo Armijo (deceased)

Alfredo Atanasio Gandara Armijo (1943 - 1996)

Alicia Armijo (deceased)

Alvina Sanchez (Armijo) (1917 - 1999)

Amalia Armijo (Baca) (deceased)

Ambrocio Armijo (1784 - 1849)

Ambrosio Armijo (1865 - 1954)

Ambrosio Armijo (1784 - c.1849)

Ambrosio Armijo (1865 - 1954)

Ambrosio de Armijo (1817 - 1882)

He was born in Los Poblanos, Bernilillo County, NM in 1817. He died April 10, 1882 in Albuquerque, Bernilillo County, NM. His parents were Juan Nepomuceno Armijo (1788-1830) and Maria Rosalia Ortega ...

Ambrosio Alejandro Alejandro de Armijo (1871 - 1927)

Amelia Estella Vollaire (Armijo) (b. - 2012)

Ana Maria Armijo (c.1790 - d.)

AnaCleta Armijo (deceased)

Anastacia Armijo (deceased)

Anastacio Armijo (1914 - d.)

Andrea Armijo (1859 - d.)

Angelina Armijo (Portillo) (deceased)

Anita Armijo Ceregatti (Armijo Martín) (deceased)

Anita Armijo Ceregatti (1913 - 1993)

Anita Valdez (Armijo) (deceased)

Anita Valdez (Armijo) (deceased)

Ann Armijo (Otiz) (deceased)

Anne Armijo (deceased)


Anne Portana Jackson (Armijo) (1904 - 1992)

Antonia Armijo (deceased)

Antonia Vigil (Armijo) (1872 - 1949)

Antonia María Armijo (deceased)

Antonio Armijo (deceased)

Antonio Armijo (deceased)

Antonio Armijo (deceased)

Antonio Avan Armijo (deceased)

Antonio Pablo Armijo (1735 - 1815)

Antonio Eustaquio ARMIJO (deceased)

Antonio Felito Armijo (deceased)

Antonita Archeluta (Armijo) (1877 - 1964)

Armando de Cárdenas y Armijo (deceased)

Armando de Cárdenas y Armijo (deceased)

Armando de Cárdenas y Armijo (deceased)

Armita Dorso (Armijo) (deceased)

Arora Armijo (deceased)

Audilia "Lila" Armijo (Lopez) (c.1932 - d.)

Aurelia Garcia (Armijo) (1885 - d.)

Aurora Armijo (deceased)

Ballola Arzaga (Armijo) (1931 - 2002)

Balveneda Lobato (Armijo) (deceased)

Barbara Sandoval (Armijo) (c.1873 - d.)

Barbara Gertrudis Armijo (deceased)

Barbarita Armijo (López) (c.1889 - d.)

Beatriz Armijo (de Morales) (b. - c.1550)

Beatriz Armijo (Martinez) (b. - c.1510)

Benedicta Moya Armijo (deceased)

Beneranda Armijo (c.1915 - c.1940)

Beneranda Armijo (1877 - d.)

Benita Armijo (deceased)

Benito Armijo (1933 - 2004)

Benito Armijo (deceased)