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María Isabel Preysler Arrastia MP

Isabel Preysler is a Filipino journalist, model, and television host. More here: .

Neile Adams MP

Filipino-American actress Neile Adams made more than twenty appearances in films and television series between 1952 and 1991. She was born Ruby Neilam Salvador Adams on July 10, 1932 (other sources h...

Antonio Arrastia MP (deceased)

beatriz arrastia MP (deceased)

Benito Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

Benito Arrastia Roncal MP (bef.1870 - d.)

buting arrastia MP (deceased)

Carmen Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

Crispula Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

Enrique (Ricky) Arrastia MP (1953 - 1998)

Enrique Arrastia Arrastia MP (deceased)

Esteban Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

Eugenio Milagro Arrastia MP (b. - 1996)

Francisco Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

jose arrastia MP (deceased)

Jose Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

José Gastesi Arrastia MP (1882 - d.)

Juan José Arrastia Olasagarre MP (1934 - 2005)

Juanita Salgado Arrastia MP (1902 - 1994)

Juanita Salgado Arrastia was the Queen of the 1926 Pampanga Carnival. More here: .

Justa Arrastia Roncal MP (bef.1867 - d.)

Justo Salgado Arrastia MP (deceased)

Justo Arrastia MP (deceased)

lily arrastia MP (deceased)


Manuel Diaz Arrastia MP (deceased)

Manuel Arrastia MP (deceased)

Maria Beatriz Preysler Arrastia MP (c.1958 - 2011)

Maria da Glória Padial Arrastia (Maria da Gloria Padial Venegas) MP (deceased)

María Arrastia MP (deceased)

Paulo Arrastia MP (deceased)

Pedro Gastesi Arrastia MP (b. - 1884)

Pedro Arrastia Arrastia MP (deceased)

sebastian reynares arrastia MP (deceased)

Sebastian Arrastia MP (deceased)

teodorica reynares arrastia MP (deceased)

Valentín Arrastia MP (1864 - d.)

Valentín Arrastia joined the army at the age of 15. He traveled to Manila as an infantry man aboard the ship "Valencia" on 01 November 1883, two days before his 19th birthday. Arrastia acquired land ...