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Bartholomew Ashwood MP (c.1621 - 1680)

Bartholomew Ashwood (1622–1680) was an English puritan divine. Life Ashwood was 'a Warwickshire man,' son of a clergyman of the same name (who matriculated at Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1591, a...

Cora Foust Ashwood (Cannon) MP (1915 - 1977)

Birth: Mar. 9, 1915 Strong Union County Arkansas, USA Death: Sep. 27, 1977 Hitchcock Galveston County Texas, USA Cora born to John Everett and Fannie Catherene Reynolds Cannon,in Strong,Union Co.Ar...

Francis Cooper Ashwood MP (1922 - 1986)

Birth: Feb. 9, 1922 Grapeland Houston County Texas, USA Death: Dec. 13, 1986 Texas City Galveston County Texas, USA Family links: Spouse: Cora Cannon Foust Ashwood (1915 - 1977) Burial: Gal...

Aaron Ashwood MP (1977 - 1998)

Ada Ashwood MP (c.1880 - d.)

Amy Elizabeth Ashwood (Burrowes) MP (deceased)

Amy Garvey (Ashwood) MP (1897 - 1969)

Amy Opal Moyer (Ashwood) MP (1913 - 2005)

Ann Ashwood (McCarthy) MP (1930 - 1988)

Ann Winge (Ashwood) MP (1549 - d.)

Ann Ashwood (Cooney) MP (deceased)

Annie Elizabeth Cuttler (Ashwood) MP (1862 - 1953)

Annie Elizabeth Cuttler (Ashwood) MP (1862 - 1953)

Annie Elizabeth Ashwood MP (deceased)

Arthur Ashwood MP (c.1887 - d.)

Bartholomew Ashwood MP (c.1578 - d.)

Belle Azorah Hardy (Ashwood) MP (1860 - 1927)

Bernadine Ashwood MP (deceased)

Betty Ashwood MP (deceased)

Beulah Agnes Cox (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Cecelia Ashwood (Tallott) MP (1860 - 1956)

Cindy MP (deceased)

Constance Sue Parish (Ashwood) MP (1955 - 1994)

Doreen ? (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Dorothy Ashwood MP (deceased)

Dorothy G Ashwood MP (deceased)

Dorthy (Ashwood) Albin MP (deceased)

Earl Ashwood MP (deceased)

Earl Ashwood MP (deceased)

Edward Ashwood MP (b. - 1960)

Edward Andrew Ashwood MP (deceased)

Source: Daughter Sarah's marriage index entry.

Eliza Ashwood MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Ashwood MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Ashwood MP (deceased)

elizabeth trent (ashwood) MP (1814 - d.)

Ellen Anderson (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Ethel Matilda Ashwood (Thomas) MP (1913 - 1988)

Sometime in 1944, my husband brought home one loaf of bread, valued at one shilling then, for the household. It was during the war. My husband explained that the bread was being rationed in the shop. ...

Eustace Josephus Ekundayo Ashwood MP (1898 - 1974)

Eustace John Hudson Ashwood MP (1933 - 2003)

Eva B. (BROCK) ASHWOOD MP (c.1864 - d.)

Florence Annie Devlin (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Florence Ashwood (Collin) MP (deceased)

Flossie Burgman (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Frances Phillips (Ashwood) MP (c.1790 - 1852)

Franics Sims (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Fred Ashwood MP (deceased)

George Ashwood MP (deceased)

George Albert Ashwood MP (1924 - 1986)

George Ashwood MP (1924 - 1986)

Gloria Ashwood MP (deceased)

Gweneth Place MP (1913 - 2003)

Harold Ashwood MP (deceased)

Harold Ashwood MP (b. - 1986)

ASHWOOD Harold Death notice 01MAY1986 Death 69 late of Bangor, formerly of Beverly Hills Sydney Morning Herald 02MAY1986

Harriett Ann Prettyjohn (Ashwood) MP (1861 - 1893)

Harriett Ashwood MP (deceased)

Harry Ashwood MP (deceased)

Hugh Ashwood MP (deceased)

Ida Ashwood MP (deceased)

James Ashwood MP (1929 - 1984)

James Ashwood MP (deceased)

Jane Ashwood MP (deceased)

Janet Ashwood MP (deceased)

Jeanie Milligan Ashwood MP (b. - 1988)

Jenny Stephens Ashwood (France) MP (1795 - d.)

Jestina Viola Jones (Ashwood) MP (1942 - 2013)

Jestina Viola Wilhemina was the fifth child of seven and fourth daughter born to Eustace and Ethel Ashwood on March 18, 1942, inheriting all three names of her paternal grandmother. From birth, she w...

Joan ? (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

john william ashwood MP (deceased)

John Henry Ashwood MP (1874 - d.)

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John Ashwood MP (deceased)

John Nicholls Ashwood MP (deceased)

John ASHWOOD MP (1663 - d.)

John Henry Ashwood MP (deceased)

John Henry Ashwood MP (b. - 1968)

Jone Ashwood MP (deceased)

Joseph Stalin Ashwood MP (1943 - 2005)

joseph ashwood MP (1823 - 1897)

Josephine Talabi Bassey (Ashwood) MP (1927 - 2008)

Julia Jane Moore (Ashwood) MP (1832 - 1904)

kenneth george ashwood MP (1933 - 1981)

Lenora or Laura Ashwood MP (c.1885 - d.)

Leopold Ashwood MP (deceased)

Leroy Ashwood MP (deceased)

Louisa Ashwood MP (deceased)

Malcolm Charles Ashwood MP (deceased)

Malcolm Ashwood MP (1919 - d.)

Margaret Virginia Ashwood (Whitehead) MP (1841 - 1885)

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Margaret Boden (Ashwood) MP (1820 - 1876)

Marissa Jane Ashwood MP (1840 - d.)

Mary Nelson BARNES (Ashwood) MP (c.1870 - d.)

Mary McCracken (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Mary Kyle Ashwood MP (deceased)

Mary Rosetta Ashwood MP (1821 - 1900)

Mary Riley (Ashwood) MP (deceased)

Minnie F Ashwood (Morris) MP (1871 - d.)

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Molly Ashwood MP (c.1860 - 1914)

Nancy Ashwood (Whitehead) MP (deceased)

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Napoleon Ashwood MP (deceased)

Nathaniel Cronstad Ashwood MP (c.1853 - c.1889)

Nathaniel Francis G Ashwood MP (c.1883 - c.1884)

Nathaniel Ashwood MP (deceased)