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Kamala Nehru (Atal Kaul) MP (1899 - 1936)

Kamala Kaul Nehru (1899–1936) was the wife of Jawaharlal Nehru - leader of the Indian National Congress and first Prime Minister of India. Kamala married Nehru on 8 February 1916. Their marriage was ar...

? Atal MP (deceased)

Alfred david Atal MP (1922 - 1923)

Anand Atal MP (1938 - 2008)

Anand Kumar Atal MP (deceased)

Andre Atal MP (deceased)

André haiem Atal MP (1922 - 1988)

Ashok Atal MP (1939 - d.)

Ayşe Atal (Tüfekçi) MP (deceased)

Basso Atal (Raina) MP (deceased)

Benjamin Atal MP (b. - 1889)

Bernadette Denise atal (pichereau) MP (1931 - c.2010)

Berthe Mouma Nabet (Atal) MP (1911 - 1991)

Bhagwati Prasad Atal MP (c.1895 - d.)

adopted by his uncle Shankar Prasad Atal

Bhupendra Nath Atal MP (1910 - d.)

biharilal atal MP (deceased)

Birja Atal (Zutshi) MP (deceased)

Bishan Lal Atal MP (deceased)

Braham Atal MP (1885 - 1934)

Brig.Kanahiyalal 'Bagga' Atal MP (c.1913 - 1949)

On 1st November 1948 the Indian Forces took over Zoji La, from the Pakistani forces, but several hurdles remained on thier advance towards Dras and Kargil. To clear these hurdles, Brigadier Kanhya Lal ...

Brij Dulari (Sukhra) Zalpuri (Atal) MP (c.1905 - d.)

Brij Kumari Shivpuri (Atal) MP (deceased)

Brij Mohan lal Atal MP (deceased)

Brijendra Kishan Atal MP (deceased)

Chadramohini Atal (Kaul) MP (deceased)

Chand Narain Atal MP (deceased)

Chandrani Atal (Wali) MP (c.1875 - d.)

Chandraparabha (nanno) Atal (Raina) MP (1921 - d.)

Chunni Lal Atal MP (deceased)

Daya Shuri Dar (Atal) MP (1899 - 1985)

Devi Prasad Atal MP (1893 - d.)

Adopted by his uncle Kashi Prasad Thulal

Dewan Jai Nath Atal MP (c.1864 - c.1916)

DHAN KUMARI Atal MP (deceased)

Dhanji Atal MP (deceased)

Diwan Kishan Lal Atal MP (c.1845 - 1920)

Dewan Moti Lal Atal MP (c.1822 - c.1894)

Diwan Sharka Prasad Atal MP (1867 - 1936)

Dr. Jagat Mohini Thussu (Atal) MP (1921 - 2008)

Dr.Madan Mohan Lal Atal MP (1888 - c.1958)

Dr Madan Lal Atal headed a goodwill medical mission formed under the patronage of Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru.The members gained worldwide recognition for their selfless service to humanity.A film was later...

Dr. Pushkar Rattan Atal MP (deceased)

Durga Raina (Atal) MP (deceased)

Dwarka Prasad Atal MP (deceased)

edmond atal MP (deceased)

Eduardo Atal Yaquich MP (b. - 2014)

Ersebet Átal MP (1804 - d.)

Ersebet Átal (Tolnai) MP (deceased)

Fahrettin Atal MP (deceased)

Bursa Ulu Camii Medresesi'nde 22 yıl eğitim alıp, Ulu Camii'de imamlık yapmıştır. Köyüne döndükten sonra Tommen ve Yayık Memiş onun yetiştirdiği büyük hocalardır.

Ferenc Átal MP (1820 - d.)

Ferenc Átal MP (1843 - d.)

Ferentz Átal MP (1796 - d.)

Fortunée Levy Valensin (Atal) MP (1913 - 1997)

Ganesh Atal MP (deceased)

Ganga Atal (Raina) MP (1917 - 2009)

Gilbert benjamin Atal MP (1915 - 2009)

Girraj (Gillo) Wattal MP (deceased)

Gopal Krishna Atal MP (deceased)

Gulab rani Atal MP (deceased)

Hacı Salih Atal MP (deceased)

Har Prasad Atal MP (deceased)

Hari Mohan Atal MP (deceased)

Harihar Lal Thulal Atal (Thulal) MP (c.1889 - 1921)

unmarried professor of Hindi at the Foreign Language School 1916-21, Tokyo

Hatice Atal MP (deceased)

Major General Hira Lal Atal MP (1904 - 1985)

Hira Lal Atal (c. 1904 – 23 January 1985) was the first Cadet Captain, or Head Boy, of the famous Rashtriya Indian Military College, which was at that time known as the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Mil...

Hélène Binisti (Atal) MP (1917 - 1996)

Indira Atal (Mushran) MP (1932 - 2011)

Indu Bhat (Atal) MP (deceased)

Jagannath Atal MP (1895 - 1967)

Jagdambeshwari Atal (Sapru) MP (c.1896 - c.1983)

Jagdish Rattan Atal MP (deceased)

Raja Jai Kumar Atal MP (1914 - 1999)

Janki Nath Atal MP (1881 - d.)

Janki nath Atal had a distinguished record of service in the princely states of Bikaner and Surmur. He rose to be Dewan (prime minister) of Surmur.

Janki Prasad Atal MP (c.1907 - d.)

Janos Átal MP (deceased)

Jawharmal Kaul (Atal) MP (1877 - c.1926)

Adopted by Bishambhar Nath Kaul of Hardoi Bishambhar Nath Kaul

Jhalak Rani Ganju (Atal) MP (deceased)

Jiwan Lal Atal MP (c.1917 - 2009)

Jorge Atal Escudero MP (deceased)

Jorge Atal MP (deceased)

Juan Atal MP (deceased)

Arjun Nath Atal MP (1880 - d.)

Justice Raj Bahadur Atal MP (c.1900 - 1991)

Justice Raj Bahadur Atal was in the judicial services in the Central province of India. He was known as "Judge sahib" in Gwalior and his house was generally known as Atalji ka bada. He was also the Cha...

Kailash (Kailo) Kak (Atal) MP (deceased)

Kamini Atal (Razdan) MP (c.1905 - c.1994)

Kamini (khem Rani) Razdan (Atal) MP (deceased)

Kamla Atal (Maheshwari) MP (1938 - 2010)

Kamla Kak (Atal) MP (1910 - d.)

Captain Tennis - Canaird College. Lahore 1930 Pilot 1949

Kamni Atal (Watal) MP (deceased)

Kashi Prasad Atal MP (1871 - d.)

Keziban Atal MP (deceased)

Khema Dar (Atal) MP (deceased)

Krishna Atal (Razdan) MP (c.1916 - d.)

Kuldeep Rani Atal (Razdan) MP (c.1903 - d.)

Lacchi Ram Atal MP (deceased)

Lakshmi Atal ( Chakbast) MP (c.1878 - c.1944)

Laliteshwari Bakaya (Atal) MP (c.1892 - d.)

Lalji Prasad Atal MP (deceased)

Laxmi Devi Atal (Loiwal) MP (1905 - 1987)

Laxmi Prasad Atal MP (c.1910 - d.)

Leela Atal (Katju) MP (deceased)

Captain Madan mohan Atal (Indian Navy Retd) MP (1928 - 2008)

Madan Mohan Atal was born in Amritsar on the 11th of May 1928. In his early years he lived with his maternal grandparents in Amritsar, and his paternal grandfather in Srinagar and Dalhousie. His father...