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Ann Aughney (Conway) MP (1708 - 1796)

Ann "Nancy" CONWAY, dau of Dennis CONWAY, Jr. 1680-1722 b St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland Co., Virginia and Ann FIELDING (Edward FIELDING d 6/1696 and Ann BALL) Dennis CONWAY, Sr. d c 9/16/1708 N...

(Unknown) Aughney (deceased)

Agnes Cantwell (Aughney) (1889 - 1969)

Anna Aughney (deceased)

Bridget Aughney (Reynolds) (1868 - 1910)

Christine Aughney (deceased)

Darby Aughney (c.1714 - d.)

15 Sep 1768: Fairfax Lease to Darby Aughtney, Anne Aughtney and William Oldham rec. 15 Sep 1768 for 400 acres on South Branch, Witnessed by Pet. Hog, Alex White, Gabriel Jones !1795: Samuel Bray was to...

Duane Aughney (deceased)

Edward Aughney (deceased)

Ellen Aughney (deceased)

Father Aughney (deceased)

George Aughney (deceased)

James Aughney (deceased)

James Aughney (deceased)

James H Aughney (1856 - d.)

Last name also shows as Aughney

Jane Aughney (deceased)

Johanna Aughney (deceased)

John Aughney (deceased)

John Aughney (deceased)

Julia Aughney (deceased)

Luke Aughney (deceased)

M Agnes Cantwell (Aughney) (1889 - 1969)

Margaret Aughney (deceased)

Margaret Aughney (Roach) (1831 - d.)

Mary Aughney (deceased)

Mary Aughney (deceased)

Mary Aughney (deceased)

Mary (Pol) Aughney (1892 - 1976)

Mary Ann Murphy (Aughney) (deceased)

Mary Jane Aughney Shook (1875 - 1950)

Michael Aughney (deceased)

Michael Aughney (deceased)

Mother Aughney (deceased)

Myrtle Stella Aughney (1897 - 1981)

Patrick Aughney (deceased)

Patrick Aughney (1821 - d.)

Philip Aughney (deceased)

Rita Aughney (deceased)

William Aughney (deceased)