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R' Abraham Ari Babad, A.B.D. Mikulince MP (b. - 1860)

Av Beis Din of Mikilnitz.

Chaya Landau (Babad) MP (1695 - 1740)


R' Eliezer, A.B.D. Dubno MP (1650 - 1729)

Av Beit Din of Rovno and later Av Beit Din of Dubno. In the 1903 Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 5, Page 6 he is listed as Eleazar b. Issachar Baer of Cracow. He was the Rabbi of Cracow from 1714 to 1719. ...

Esther Hadassa Eskeles (Babad) MP (c.1662 - 1734)

Family Tree

R' Haim Babad, A.B.D. Mikulonice and Zalozhtsy MP (1811 - 1898)

Rabbi Josef Babad "Minchat Hinuch" MP (1801 - 1874)

Rabbi Yosef Babad rabbi of Tarnopol the author of the famous sefer Minchas Chinuch a classic till today. Wikipedia: יוסף באב"ד and Yosef Babad .

Moshe Babad (ABD Kraków) MP (1617 - 1688)

Moshe Babad's father, Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Charif (born in Vilna around 1580 and died in 5408-1648 in Krakow) was one of the students of the Maharam of Lublin and of Rabbi Yehoshua Falk. He had many ...

Sarah Horowitz (Babad), [1st wife] MP (deceased)

Daughter of Moshe Babad, Rabbi of Krakow. Recently duplicated profile with no added info. Should not have been created in the first place. Futile work, waste of time of all involved. Best to be elimina...

Teivil Margolios MP (b. - 1696)

Important Update by Moshe Flam: 15 Tevet 5774, year before Shemita. You must sign in to read.According to this interesting and in depth discussion about Maaseh Rokeach and his (non existant) connection...

Rabbi Isaachar Berish Heschel/Babad MP (1630 - 1690)

Hebrew Books see paragraphs 3 and 4 on left column Family Tree Chart Issachar Berish of Cracow, Parnas of the Council of the Four Lands, died in 1690 in Cracow. R. Berish was head of the Babad Fa...

Babad MP (deceased)

BABAD MP (deceased)

? Babad MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Moses Babad, Rabbi of Jebelia MP (deceased)

Abraham David Babad MP (deceased)

Abraham Babad MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Babad, A.B.D. Mikulince MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Babad of Dobromil MP (deceased)

Abraham Babad MP (b. - 1941)

R' Abraham Babad, A.B.D. Przemsyl MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Babad, A.B.D. Strzyzow MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Moses Babad, A.B.D. Jaffa-Tel Aviv MP (deceased)

Abraham Babad MP (deceased)

Adele Uri Babad MP (1933 - 1937)

Aharon Babad MP (c.1867 - d.)

Alexander Babad MP (deceased)

Alexander BABAD MP (c.1903 - c.1942)

R' Alexander Sender Haim Shor (Babad) MP (b. - 1850)

Alexander Sender Babad (Uhri-Babad) MP (deceased)

Alexander Asher Babad MP (deceased)

R' Alexander Asher Babad MP (deceased)

R' Alexander Asher Babad MP (1910 - d.)

R' Ari Liebus Babad, A.B.D. Sadowa-Wisznia MP (deceased)

Rabbi of Sadowa Wisnia

R' Aryey Liebus "Bolechover" Babad, A.B.D. Zaslav, Volhynia MP (deceased)

R' Aryey Lieb Babad MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Babad, A.B.D. Busk MP (1815 - 1905)

avraham babad MP (deceased)

Avraham Meir Uri Babad (Babad) MP (deceased)

Avraham Babad MP (deceased)

Avraham Meir Babad MP (deceased)

Rabbi Abraham Moses Babad, "Sunderlander Rebbe" MP (1908 - 1969)

Ayala Babad MP (c.1930 - c.1944)

Baruch (Bernard) Bernard Uri Babad MP (deceased)

נפטר בגיל 29 ונקבר ב - Niece צרפת

Bat-Sheva Rapoport (Babad) MP (1903 - d.)

Beila Babad (Katvan) MP (b. - 1731)

Beila Babad (Horowitz) MP (deceased)

Beila Bracha Babad (Ephrati) MP (deceased)

Beila Horowitz (Babad) MP (b. - 1802)

Beila Babad (Goodman) MP (deceased)

Beila Babad MP (deceased)

Beila Rapaport (Babad) MP (deceased)

Beila Bracha Rabinowitz (Babad) MP (1938 - d.)

Beile Brocho Babad MP (deceased)

Bella Babad (Liberman) MP (deceased)

R' Binyomin Zev Babad MP (deceased)

berta babad MP (deceased)

Betty Rabinowitz (Babad) MP (deceased)

Blume Babad (Landau) MP (deceased)

Blume Kliger (Babad) MP (deceased)

Bracha Babad (Ramraz) MP (deceased)

Catherine Babad (Laplace) MP (deceased)

Chaim Babad MP (deceased)

Chaim Simcha BABAD MP (c.1907 - 1942)

CHAIM-חיים Babad-באבד MP (1890 - d.)

Chaje BABAD-KAHANE (SEGULEM) MP (1880 - 1942)

Chana Ana Hirschorn (Uhri-Babad) MP (deceased)

Channah Horowitz (Babad) MP (deceased)

Chava Babad (Rislisk) MP (deceased)

Chava Rapaport (Babad) MP (b. - c.1879)

Chaya Teitelbaum (Babad) MP (b. - 1944)

Chaya Babad (Margulies) MP (deceased)

Chaya Babad MP (deceased)

Chaya Babad or Rabinovitz MP (c.1695 - c.1740)

Chaya Hinda BORKENFELD (BABAD) MP (c.1886 - c.1942)

Claude Babad MP (1698 - 1792)

David Babad MP (c.1903 - c.1944)

R' David Menachem Meinish Babad MP (1865 - 1937)

R' David Menachem Meinish Babad MP (deceased)

David Menachem Mendel Babad MP (deceased)

R' David Meir Babad, A.B.D. Sniatyn MP (b. - 1894)

Deborah Babad (Steinberg) MP (deceased)

Devora Babad (Shor) MP (deceased)

Possible surname was Yollis or Babad??

Devorah Wahl Babad MP (deceased)

Dobrish Heilprin (Babad) MP (deceased)

Dora Babad (Scheiber) MP (deceased)

R' DovBer Babad of Ostrog MP (deceased)

Dr Yosef Babad MP (deceased)

Dr Yosef Babad MP (deceased)

Dreize Babad (Koffler) MP (deceased)

R' David Menachem Meinish Babad, A.B.D. Strzyzow, Jaworow and Lyzhansk MP (1865 - 1937)

בעל מחבר ספר חבצלת השרון

Dvora Babad (Stempel) MP (c.1894 - d.)

Egele Olga Babad (Schor) MP (c.1536 - d.)

R' Elijah Babad MP (deceased)

Elka BABAD (WITTELS) MP (deceased)

Elsa BABAD (WEINBERG) MP (b. - c.1942)

Ester Stella ZIERING (BABAD) MP (1893 - 1991)

Ester Sheindel-אסתר שיינל Babad-באבד (GOLDBERG-גולדברג) MP (deceased)

Esther Babad (Eisen) MP (deceased)

Esther Zilbershlag (Uhri-Babad) MP (b. - 2015)

Esther Gitel Bari Beri (Babad) MP (1886 - 1943)

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