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Amelia Bailie (Crause), SM/PROG MP (1792 - 1864)

Was supposedly an illegitimate daughter of King George IV. There is a story that some member of the Bailie family went around SA saying that if we could prove that she was the daughter of the King ther...

John Bailie, SV/PROG MP (1788 - 1852)

1820 Settler to South Africa. Leader of the Bailie Party which sailed on the "Chapman". . John (Lt) BAILIE 1820 [04828] John 's occupation was a Civil Servant and Royal Naval Officer. John was born J...

William Bailie MP (1558 - d.)

? Bailie MP (deceased)

Dr. ? Bailie MP (deceased)

?? Hope Bailie MP (deceased)

Absolam Bailie MP (1830 - 1880)

Agnes Jane Bailie MP (1846 - 1847)

Agnes Bailie (McDonald) MP (deceased)

Agnes Perry (Bailie) MP (1909 - 1992)

Agnes Grace Isobel Bailie (Impey) MP (deceased)

Agnes Grace Isobel Bailie (Impey) MP (1869 - 1920)

Albert S. Bailie MP (deceased)

Alec Bailie MP (deceased)

Alex Patricia Cross (Bailie) MP (c.1917 - 1993)

Alexander Bailie MP (1587 - 1682)

Alexander Bailie MP (deceased)

Alexander Bailie MP (1876 - d.)

Possiblr address Emerson Street? 1901 Census of Ireland

Alexander Cumming Bailie, b2c7 MP (1850 - 1903)

Alexander Cumming Hope-Bailie, b2c7d3e2 MP (deceased)

Alexander Forbes bailie in Aberdeen (Forbes) MP (1550 - d.)


Alexander Bailie MP (1725 - 1800)

Alexander Bailie MP (1652 - d.)

Alexandra Euphemia Bailie (Anderson) MP (1877 - 1938)

Alice Bailie MP (1919 - 1993)

Alice Bailie MP (deceased)

Alice M. Greaves (Bailie) MP (1940 - 2015)

Alice Bailie MP (1890 - 1988)

Alice Harper Schaub (Bailie) MP (1895 - 1975)

Amelia Bailie (Leslie) MP (1868 - d.)

Amelia Frances Greatheed (Bailie) MP (1819 - 1892)

Amelia Frances Baillie was born about 1819 in Heddon, Northumberland, England.3 She was the daughter of Hugh James Baillie.2 She married William Samuel Greatheed, son of Samuel Greatheed and Margaret E...

Amelia Josephine Stanley (Bailie) MP (1890 - 1970)

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : May 10 2016, 9:35:42 UTC

Amelia Jane Murray (Bailie), b4c1 MP (1844 - 1914)

Name: Charles Murray Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 24 Oct 1861 Event Place: Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Spouse's Name: Amelia Jane B...

Amelia Jane Hattingh (Bailie) MP (1872 - 1942)

Amy Hope Bailie MP (1892 - d.)

Andrew Bailie MP (deceased)

andrew bailie MP (deceased)

Andrew Bailie MP (deceased)

Andrew Bailie, Esq., of Turniskea, County Tyrone;

Ann Bailie MP (1818 - d.)

Ann Sarah Mercer (Bailie) MP (deceased)

Anna Wright (Bailie) MP (deceased)

Anna E. Bailie MP (1881 - 1892)

Anna Mae Bailie (Salway) MP (deceased)

Anne Huling (Bailie) MP (deceased)

Anne Bailie (Hope of Pinkie) MP (1760 - 1827)

Anne Bailie (Hall) MP (deceased)

Anne Bailie MP (deceased)

Anne Burnett Bailie (van der Riet) MP (b. - 1925)

Annesley Bailie MP (1704 - 1758)

Annie Bailie (Benn) MP (1843 - d.)

Annie E Bailie MP (1881 - 1892)

Annie Bailie (Louw) MP (deceased)

Annie Amelia Isabella Wright (Bailie), b2c1 MP (1838 - 1898)

Annie Amelia Isabella Wright (Bailie) MP (deceased)

Annie Smith Tocker (Bailie) MP (1862 - 1902)

Antoinette Charlotte Bailie MP (deceased)

Archibald Hope Bailie MP (1887 - 1949)

Archibald Hope Bailie, b2 MP (1812 - 1850)

Archibald Hope BAILIE 1820 [04823] Archibald was born September 27, 1812. Archibald was baptised about 1813 at London Church (St Mary's, Lambeth), London, England. [12165] Archibald and Jane Amelia CUM...

Archibald Hope Bailie, b2c2 MP (1841 - 1908)

Archibald Bowker Hope-Bailie, b2c7d3 MP (1884 - d.)

Archibald Hope Bailie MP (deceased)

Arthur Valentine Bailie MP (b. - 1956)

Audra Vernice Witt Bailie MP (deceased)

Audrey Hope-Bailie (Shillito) MP (deceased)

Barbara Hope-Bailie MP (deceased)

Beatrice MacKay (Bailie) MP (deceased)

Beatrice Bailie MP (deceased)

Beatrice Maureen Bailie (Hobson) MP (1941 - 2009)

Betsy Bailie MP (deceased)

Bill Bailie MP (deceased)

Bonnie Joy Bailie MP (b. - 2000)

Bridget Bailie (McCarty) MP (deceased)

Brittain Bailie MP (deceased)

Dr Bruce Bailie MP (deceased)

Campbell Hope Bailie MP (1865 - 1937)

"South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 September 2015), South Africa > Cape of Good Hope > Grahamstown, P...

Catherine Frost (Bailie) MP (1884 - d.)

Catherine Donaldson (Bailie) MP (b. - 1811)

Catherine Bailie (Cary) MP (deceased)

Catherine Bailie MP (deceased)

Catherine E Jones (Bailie) MP (b. - 1991)

Cecilie Doreen Bailie MP (1909 - d.)

Cecily Stedall (Bailie) MP (deceased)

Charles Theodore Bailie MP (deceased)

Major Charles Campbell Bailie MP (1835 - 1883)

"South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004," images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 03 Sep 2014), South Africa > Cape of Good Hope > Grahamstown Cathedral, St George ...

Charles William Hugh Bailie MP (deceased)

Charles Amelius Bailie, b4c4d1 MP (1881 - d.)

Erkenning: Malherbe en Mitford-Barbberton

Charles Theodore Bailie MP (deceased)

Charles Theodore Bailie, b1 MP (1810 - 1835)

Charles Theodore BAILIE 1820 [04825] Charles was born August 19, 1810 at London, England. Charles was baptised in 1811 at London Church (St George the Martyr, Southwark), London, England. Charles and...

Charles William Hugh Bailie MP (1895 - d.)

Charlotte Elizabeth Bailie MP (deceased)

Christian Constant Bailie MP (deceased)

Chrystal "Chris" Kaluger (Bailie) MP (1929 - 2014)

Chris Kaluger was born to parents John Bailie and Esther Amanda Ingeboi Lindh. She met Cornell Kaluger while attending Slippery Rock University and they married in. She was a teacher for 25 years and s...

Cleopha Howell (Bailie) MP (1893 - 1978)

Clive Bailie-Barry MP (deceased)


Colleen Stafford (Bailie) MP (1962 - 2003)

Corrine Bailie MP (deceased)

Cumming Hope Bailie MP (1881 - 1914)

Daphne Hope-Bailie MP (deceased)

David Bailie MP (1895 - 1948)