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Abigail Balch (Converse) MP (1705 - 1793)

Sources The Vinton Memorial: Comprising a Genealogy of the Descendants of John .... By John Adams Vinton. page 23. Abigail Converse (1705 - 1793) She was born 3 Dec 1705 in Woburn, Middlesex, M...

Abigail Clark (Maverick) MP (1637 - 1690)

Abigail had five children with her first husband, Matthew Clark.

Abigail Raynsford (Balch) MP (1682 - 1763)

Agnes Balch (Somerville) MP (1650 - 1716)

Details in THE LUSH FAMILY HISTORY _________________ Balch genealogica (1907) Pg.94 JOHN BALCH "OF MARYLAND." The second emigrant, John Balch "of Maryland," who came from County Somerse...

Ann Balch (Goodwyn) MP (1719 - 1760)


Benjamin Balch, Sr. MP (1742 - 1816)

Source: Benjamin Balch (February 12, 1743 - May 4, 1815) was born in Dedham, Massachusetts to Thomas and Mary (Sumner) Balch. At sixteen he began attending Harvard College and graduated in 1763. He s...

Benjamin Balch, Sr. MP (1628 - 1714)

Source: Benjamin Balch (winter of 1628-9 - Unknown) was born in Naumkeag (Salem) to John and Margary Balch. Benjamin is believed to be the first male born in the Naumkeag colony. In September of 1628...

Benjamin Balch, Jr. MP (c.1653 - 1698)

biography From Genealogy of the Balch Families in America By Galusha Burchard Balch page 15 6. Benjamin,3 son of 2 Benjamin2 and Sarah (Gardner) Balch, was born in the old homestead, about 1653, an...

Catherine Balch (Cleland) MP (1637 - 1716)

Balch genealogica (1907) Pg.94 JOHN BALCH "OF MARYLAND." The second emigrant, John Balch "of Maryland," who came from County Somerset, crossed over to Maryland in 1658,(86) not to escape poli...

Edward Balch MP (1603 - 1640)

John Balch, immigrant to Maryland in 1658: Generation One: EDWARD BALCH (Feb 1603 Ilchester, Somerest England – died by January 1640): Edward Balch married Mary Calle on 11 Aug 1629 in Ilchester, S...

Elizabeth Ashmore (Balch) MP (1740 - 1836)

Details in THE LUSH FAMILY HISTORY Born in Deer Creek which later became part of Baltimore. Died on the ashmore Plantation

Elizabeth Balch (Woodbury) MP (1654 - c.1698)

Elizabeth Woodbury was born 15 August 1654 in Salem. She was daughter of John Woodbury (d 1673) & his wife Elizabeth. She married Benjamin Balch (c. 1653 - Spring 1698) on October 11, 1674; he was the ...

Emily Balch, Nobel Peace Prize, 1946 MP (1867 - 1961)

Emily Greene Balch (January 8, 1867 – January 9, 1961) was an American academic, writer, and pacifist who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 (the prize that year was shared with John Mott), notably...

George Balch MP (1398 - 1468)

Parents: Joh Balch (1362-1420) Children Edward Bal 1423 –  John Balch 1425 –  James Balch 1428 – 1488 Links

George Balch, Sr. MP (c.1536 - 1600)

The Balches of Somersetshire were gentry and yeoman farmers, the sort of people who became Puritans. One of George's line served as mayor of his town. They proved during a 17th century visitation that ...

Grace Balch (Mallet) MP (1667 - 1695)

Hannah Balch (Veren) MP (c.1653 - 1739)


Hannah Balch (Lewis) MP (1750 - 1808)

Harriet Macomb (Balch) MP (1783 - 1869)

Hezekiah Balch MP (1688 - 1745)

HEZEKIAH BALCH, was born about 1688 in Deer Creek, Harford County, Maryland Colony, and died there about 1745. Thomas Willing Balch wrote: “He was brought up in the Presbyterian faith, and received fro...

Rev. Hezekiah James Balch MP (1746 - 1776)

Died unmarried. Details in THE LUSH FAMILY HISTORY.

Rev. Hezekiah Benjamin Balch MP (1741 - 1810)

Hezekiah Balch - Minister, Educator, Abolitionist Hezekiah Balch (1741 - April 1810) was born in Deer Creek, Maryland to Thomas and Agnes (Sommerville) Balch. Little is known about his life before hi...

James Balch MP (1428 - c.1488)

son of George Balch (1398 -- 1468) father of Henry Balch (1469 – 1529) Links

James Balch MP (1714 - 1779)

"Hezekiah Balch, born March 6th, 1721. 3. V. Mary Balch, born October 2d, 1725. 3. I. James Balch was born December 5th, 1714, in Saint George's Parish, Maryland, and visited in 1732 England and the Lo...

Joanna Balch (O'Brien) MP (deceased)

John Balch MP (1579 - 1648)

John came with a company headed by Captain Robert Gorges, to settle the abandoned colony at Weymouth (formerly Wessegusset), which had been abandoned after an earlier settlement attempt by a group head...

John Balch MP (1362 - 1420)


Lt. John Balch MP (1654 - 1738)

Source: John Balch (about 1654 - November 19, 1738) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts to Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch. John was born on the land of his grandfather John who came to America in ...

John Balch MP (c.1630 - c.1690)

Generation Two: JOHN BALCH, son of Edward, was born about 1630/1631 in Bridgewater, Somersetshire, England. Bit and pieces can be learned about John: that he “belonged to the Presbyterian wing of the...

Lydia Bowles (Balch) MP (1695 - 1743)

Samuel Bowles 57 58 59 (Mary Dyer4, William1) was born in 1677 in Braintree, Norfolk, Ma and died after 3 Oct 1764 in Rochester, Plymouth, Ma..58 General Notes: bapt. 4 Sep 1692He lived and died in R...

Margery Balch (Lovett) MP (c.1605 - 1682)

John Balch immigrated with the Gorges Co. from England to a deserted settlement, Wessegussett (Weymouth), Massachusetts in July 1623. In 1624, the colony moved to Cap Ann (now Gloucester, Massachusetts...

Martha Balch MP (deceased)

Martha Ann Balch (Bloomer) MP (1693 - 1716)

Martha Balch (Newmarch) MP (1653 - 1720)

Mary Cutler (Balch) MP (1740 - 1815)

Mary Balch (Sumner) MP (1717 - 1798)

Mary Balch (Calle) MP (1605 - d.)

Miriam Balch (Moulton) MP (1655 - 1688)

Phebe Chapman (Balch) MP (1684 - 1738)

Rebecca Balch (Stone) MP (1710 - 1749)

Deacon Samuel Balch MP (1651 - 1723)

Source: Samuel Balch (May 1651-October 14, 1723) was born to Benjamin and Sarah (Gardner) Balch in Beverly, Massachusetts. At the age of nineteen Samuel was baptized and united with the First Church ...

Sarah Balch (Gardner) MP (1631 - 1686)

Sarah Balch MP (deceased)


Rev. Thomas Balch, Sr. MP (1711 - 1774)

Source: Thomas Balch (October 17, 1711-January 8, 1774)[1] was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts to Benjamin and Mary (Prentice) Balch. Little is known of Thomas' early years before 1733. It was in ...

Thomas Balch MP (c.1661 - c.1730)

Generation Three: THOMAS BALCH, son of John, was born about 1660 at Deer Creek, Harford Co., MD. He apparently died in 1730. Thomas Willing Balch of Philadelphia, who wrote Balch Genealogica, is trac...

Rev. William Balch MP (1704 - 1788)

William Balch MP (1330 - c.1390)


Balch MP (deceased)

Balch MP (c.1830 - 1832)

Balch MP (deceased)

Balch MP (deceased)

Balch MP (deceased)

unknown first wife

Balch MP (deceased)

"Widow" Balch (Bigsby) MP (deceased)

Aaron Balch MP (deceased)

Aaron Leland Balch MP (deceased)

Abbie Balch MP (deceased)

Abbie M. Chaffee (Balch) MP (deceased)

Abbie Day Smith (Balch) MP (deceased)

Abby Adella BALCH MP (1852 - d.)

Abby Ilzaide Balch (Lee) MP (1820 - 1881)

Abby Jane Balch (Morrison) MP (deceased)

Abel S. Balch MP (1836 - 1906)

Abel Maria Balch MP (1765 - d.)

Abel Maria Danielsdatter Balch MP (c.1765 - c.1827)

Abigael Olava Danielsdatter Balch MP (c.1761 - d.)

Abigail Balch MP (1772 - d.)

Abigail Balch (Williams) MP (1751 - 1815)

Abigail Larcum (Balch) MP (1663 - 1706)

Abigail Raymond (Balch) MP (1700 - d.)

Abigail Balch (Bowles) MP (c.1685 - d.)

Abigail Brown (Balch) MP (1791 - 1853)

Abigail Bonnel (Balch) MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Christie-Underhill (Balch) MP (1768 - 1842)

Abigail Porter (Balch) MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch MP (1689 - 1711)

Abigail Balch MP (1712 - d.)

Abigail Melissa Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch MP (1748 - d.)

Abigail Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Hall (Balch) MP (1815 - 1891)

Abigail Balch MP (1771 - d.)

Abigail Balch MP (1807 - 1808)

Abigail Balch MP (1762 - 1802)

Abigail G. Balch (Mudgett) MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Balch (Wells) MP (deceased)

Abigail BALCH MP (1663 - 1706)

Abigail Bright Balch MP (deceased)

Abigail Pope Balch MP (deceased)

Abijah Balch MP (deceased)

Abner Balch MP (deceased)

Abner Balch MP (deceased)

Abraham Balch MP (deceased)

Achsah Philena Balch MP (deceased)

Ada M Balch MP (1879 - d.)

Ada Ethel Balch MP (1897 - d.)