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Haninai al-Nehar Peḳkod ben Bustanai bar Adai (bar Adoi), Exilarch & Gaon of Sura MP (c.628 - c.689)

The descendants of Haninai appear to occupy the gaonate of Sura for several generations and may also be ancestors of the Maharal of Prague. Prince Haninai's father, Bustanai (d. 660/5), was the first...

Ḥananya 'Ḥanan of Isḳiya' bar Adoi ben Hophni (David), 33rd Exiliarch & Gaon Pumbeditha MP (c.560 - c.589)

Haninai ben Hofnai ha-David Exilarch at Babylon Exilarch at Babylon from (581-589) The exilarchs were direct descendant of the House of King David and were recognized as not only being the represen...

Hanini bar Adoi MP (deceased)