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Drew Blyth Barrymore MP

Culver City, CA, USA

Actress, producer and director Drew Barrymore rode a career rollercoaster before hitting the age of 25, surviving childhood stardom and adolescent drug addiction - to say nothing of a tragic family leg...

Jaid Barrymore MP

Jaid Barrymore (born Ildiko Jaid Mako on May 8, 1944 in Brannenburg, West Germany) is an American actress. She was married to John Drew Barrymore with whom she had Drew Barrymore. Her parents were from...

John Drew Berrymore MP (1932 - 2004)

John Drew Barrymore, was born as John Blyth Barrymore, Jr. (June 4, 1929 in Beverly Hills, California – November 29, 2004 in Los Angeles) was a member of The Barrymore family of actors that incl...

Ammy Barrymore (deceased)

Blanche Oelrichs (aka, Michael Strange) (1890 - 1950)

Blanche Oelrichs (October 1, 1890 - November 5, 1950) was an American poet, playwright, and theatre actress known by the pseudonym, "Michael Strange." Born Blanche Marie Louise Oelrichs, she was th...

Carol Barrymore (Patton) (deceased)

Diana Barrymore (1921 - 1960)

Born Diana Blanche Barrymore Blythe in New York City, New York, she was the daughter of renowned actor John Barrymore and his second wife, poet Blanche Oelrichs. She was the half-sister of actor John D...

Dolores Barrymore (Costello) (1903 - 1979)

Dolores Costello (September 17, 1903 â€" March 1, 1979) was an American film actress who achieved her greatest success during the era of silent movies. She was nicknamed "The Goddess of t...

Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore (1930 - d.)

Doris Marie Barrymore (Rankin) (1887 - 1947)

Doris Marie Rankin (1887 – 1947)[1] was an American film actress and the younger daughter of actor McKee Rankin and an unnamed actress though Rankin was married to actress Kitty Blanchard. She...

Elaine Barrie (1915 - 2003)

Ethel Barrymore, II (1908 - 1910)

Gabriella Barrymore (Palazzoli) (deceased)

Geme Barrymore (1915 - 1984)

Hylus Barrymore (deceased)

Jane R Robinson (Barrymore) (c.1858 - c.1912)

Jessica Brahma Blyth Barrymore (1966 - 2014)

John Barrymore Jr. (1932 - 2004)

John Blyth Barrymore (1882 - d.)

John Barrymore (deceased)

Louisa Jones (Barrymore) (deceased)

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Mary Barrymore (1916 - d.)

Mary Gail Kennedy Barrymore (Whittaker) (1927 - 1981)

Mary Huggins (Barrymore) (1844 - d.)

Sadie Miriam Williams (Barrymore) (1908 - d.)