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Anne Tyrrel / Bassingbourne (Pashley) MP (c.1401 - 1443)

Baldwin Bassingbourne MP (c.1255 - 1274)

Isabel Bassingbourne (Berners) MP (c.1218 - d.)

Joan Bassingbourne (Frauncis) MP (1312 - 1371)

Joan Reynell (Bassingbourne) MP (1334 - 1387)

Joan was the eldest daughter and eventually sole heir. [Note from Will Chapman Jr: There are a number of conflicting profiles on My Heritage that suggest that Joan was born in Warminster, Wiltshire but...

Joan Mauduit (Bassingbourne) MP (1340 - d.)

John Bassingbourne MP (c.1303 - c.1397)

Rosamond Bassingbourne (Hoo) MP (1278 - 1316)

Warin Bassingbourne MP (c.1275 - c.1348)

... de Bassingbourne (deceased)

??? Bassingbourne (1323 - 1354)

Alice Bassingbourne (d'Auberville) (c.1180 - c.1252)

Alice Bassingbourne (1280 - d.)

Alice Bassingbourne (Lisoures) (1155 - 1174)

Anne Gawdy (Bassingbourne) (c.1510 - 1558)

-------------------------- A Family History Comprising the Surnames of Gade--Gadie--Gaudie--Gawdie ... By Mahlon Myron Gowdy. pp. 39-43

Audrey Bassingbourne (Cotton) (1487 - d.)

Catharina Bassingbourne (De Saye) (c.1423 - d.)

daughter Bassingbourne (1335 - d.)

Emma Bassingbourne (deceased)

Emma de Bassingbourne, Heiress of Claycoton (c.1247 - c.1275)

Note: Douglas Richardson identified Emma as niece of Warin de Bassingbourne and granddaughter of the elder Warin de Bassingbourne Maur at Claycoton beside Lilburne, co. Northampton. A copy of War...

Eve Bassingbourne (DeTracy) (1205 - 1273)

Giles Bassingbourne (1303 - d.)

1. The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct, or Dormant (1910), Cokayne, George Edward (main author) and Vicary Gibbs (added author), ...

Humphrey Bassingbourne (1254 - 1298)

Humphrey Bassingbourne (1275 - 1349)

Humphrey Bassingbourne (1220 - 1280)

Humphrey Bassingbourne (c.1150 - c.1252)

Isabel Bassingbourne (Berners) (1202 - d.)

Joan Bassingbourne (deceased)

Joan Bassingbourne (1340 - d.)

John Bassingbourne (1480 - d.)

-------------------------- A Family History Comprising the Surnames of Gade--Gadie--Gaudie--Gawdie ... By Mahlon Myron Gowdy. pp. 39-43

John Bassingbourne (c.1397 - c.1420)

John Bassingbourne (deceased)

John Bassingbourne, of Woodhall (deceased)

John Bassingbourne, Jr. (c.1419 - d.)

Katherine Bassingbourne (de Saye) (deceased)

Katherine Hare (Bassingbourne) (1485 - d.)

Margaret de Colville (Bassingbourne) (c.1334 - 1368)

notes Grand Daughter and heiress of Humphrey BASSINGBOURNE of Abington, Northants. --- Pedigree of Coleville of Bytham Genealogical Memoirs of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chicheley: Their ...

Mary Bassingbourne (1260 - 1326)

Monsignr De Bassingbourne (1255 - d.)

This Monsignor de Bassingbourne might be the same person as Baldwin ( Baldwin Bassingbourne ).

Nicholas Bassingbourne (1175 - 1252)

NN de Bassingbourne, of Claycoton (c.1228 - d.)

This generation is brother (or possibly sister) of Warin Bassingbourne, Jr, who inherited from the elder Warin Bassignbourne, and, as her uncle, gave Claycoton as a maritigium in Emma's marriage to Lau...

Rosamond Bassingbourne (Hoo) (deceased)

Thomas Bassingbourne (b. - c.1500)

Bassingbourne Family Pedigree. 1. John Bassingbourne married Anne, daughter and heir of Itobert Passe ley? 2. Thomas Bassingbourne married Katherine, daughter of Sir John Say, Knt. 3. John Ba...

Warin Bassingbourne, II (1224 - 1266)

Warin Bassingbourne (c.1200 - c.1229)