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Abraham ben Sahlān (ben Abraham) MP (b. - c.1032)

Abu Sahl Nathan ben Abraham, Nasi MP (c.995 - d.)

Nathan ben Abraham - a student of Ḥushiel ben Elḥanan Abū Sahl Nathan ben Abraham ben Saul, a scion of a gaonic family on his mother’s side, was born in Palestine in the l...

Alluf Abū ʿAmr Sahlān ben Abraham, Haḥaver MP (b. - c.1059)

Abū ʿAmr Sahlān ben Abraham was a payṭan (liturgical poet) and head of the Iraqi congregation in Fustat from 1034 until 1049 or 1050. He succeeded to this post after the dea...

Esther bat Sahlān ben Abraham MP (deceased)

Hizkiya Abraham ben Abraham HaLevi, Haham Başı of Ottoman Empire MP (c.1748 - 1836)

In 1835, (Ḥezekiah) Abraham ha-Levi (d. 1836) became the first chief rabbi (haham başı) of the Ottoman Empire, after a hiatus of nearly three hundred years since the death of Elija...

Judah (Abū ʾl-Ḥasan) ben Joseph ibn Ezra (ben Abraham ibn Ezra) MP (c.1070 - c.1157)

Judah (Abū ʾl-Ḥasan) ben Joseph ibn Ezra, also called ha-Nasi in some sources, was born into a distinguished family in Granada in the latter part of the eleventh century. At the ti...

Menachem ben Abraham Algazi (Algazi) MP (deceased)

Menaḥem ben Abraham Algazi, the grandson of Solomon Nissim, was a religious scholar in Izmir during the seventeenth century. Yaron Ben Naeh Bibliography Ben Shim‘on, Mas‘ud (...

Peraḥyā Ya'ishu ben Abraham al-Ishu MP (1030 - d.)

This Family hails from the Atlas Mountains of present day Algeria. This writer suspects that this family represents the prominent family of this region who were descendants of Kahina:

Mubārak ben Abraham MP (c.1010 - d.)

Samuel ben Abraham HaEzri MP (deceased)

Sar Shalom "Zuṭa" ben Abraham HaLevi, Gaon, Rosh Yeshivat Eretz haZevi MP (c.1110 - d.)

Sar Shalom ben Moses ha-Levi Abū Zikrī Sar Shalom (Yaḥyā) ben Moses ha-Levi served as raʾīs al-yahūd (nagid) in Fustat around 1170 to 1171 and again f...

Shlomo Nisim ben Abraham Algazi, Hakham Qahal Qadosh Geveret MP (c.1610 - 1684)

Solomon Nissim ben Abraham Algazi the Elder, a scion of the famous Algazi family and the grandson on his mother’s side of Joseph de Segovia Benveniste (see Benveniste Family), was the foremost h...

Yehoseph ben Yaʿḳōb ibn Ezra (ben Abraham ibn Ezra) MP (c.1047 - c.1120)

Ḥayyim ben Menaḥem Algazi (ben Abraham Algazi) MP (b. - 1670)

Hayyim ben Menahem Algazi Jewish Encyclopedia Ḥayyim ben Menaḥem Algazi (d. 1670) belonged to another branch of the family. He lived in Rhodes, but later (perhaps after the death or a...

Abraham II ben Abraham Hiyya e de Boṭon (deceased)

Abraham Nathan ben Nissim ben Abraham Ben Yijū (ben Abraham Ben Yijū) (c.1125 - d.)

abraham ben abraham (deceased)

Benvenist "Cavallier" ben Abraham (1100 - d.)

Benveniste ben Abraham "Cavalier" (de la Cavalleria) (c.1160 - d.)

Daniel Ben Abraham (deceased)

efraim ben abraham (deceased)

Ezra ben Abraham HaLevi (ben Mevorakh), Rump of Palestine Yeshiva al-Damasq (c.1130 - d.)

Ezra ben Abraham ben Mazhir Ezra ha-Kohen ben Abraham ben Mazhir was head of the rump Palestinian Yeshiva in Damascus from 1164 to 1191. He was apparently a son-in-law, but not a direct descendant, o...

Isaac (Patriarch of Israel) Ben Abraham (deceased)

Izchok Seckel Ben Abraham (deceased)

Jizchak ben Abraham (b. - 1771)

Jizchak (genannt) Eisik, Sohn des Abraham, wegen der Darstellung der Kanne ein Levit, gestorben am 20.12.1771.

Jizchak Seligmann ben Abraham (deceased)

Joseph Meier ben Abraham Moses (Friedburg) (1636 - 1735)

Friedberg (Wetteraukreis) with districts and Dorheim Fauerbach and Ober-Rosbach (Rosbach, Weather District) Jewish History / Synagogue Overview: On the history of the Jewish community Reports f...

Malchut ben Abraham (of Canaan) (deceased)

Rabbi Me'ir Coronel (c.1420 - 1493)

Rabbi Me'ir was son-in-law of Don Abraham Senior. Rabbi Me'ir was baptized alongside Don Abraham Senior according to Bernaldez ("Historia de los Reyes Católicos," p. 336, Seville, 1870), his f...

Meʾir ben Abraham de Boṭon (1575 - 1649)

Moshe ben Abraham de Boṭon (ben Moshe de Boṭon) (deceased)

Moshe ben Abraham Algazi (c.1605 - d.)

Moshe Ben Abraham (deceased)

naomi ben abraham (deceased)

Nissim ben Abraham (b. - c.1295)

Nissim ben Abraham Ben Yijū, Radhani (c.1105 - d.)

Ben Yijū, Abraham Unquestionably one of the most colorful figures to be illuminated by documents from the Cairo Geniza—and in Goitein’s estimation (Letters, p. 186) “the m...

R. Abigdor ben Abraham (deceased)

rina ben-abraham (1928 - 2008)

Samuel Benvenist ben Abraham (b. - c.1204)

Shabtai ben Abraham Donnolo (c.913 - d.)

The earliest evidence for Jewish settlement in southern Italy dates from the fourth century C.E. Despite occasional episodes of persecution, the communities of Bari, Oria, Taranto, and Otranto flourish...

Shlomo Ben Abraham (deceased)

shmaya ben-abraham (1925 - 2004)

Shmuel ben Abraham (Kalonymus) (c.1215 - d.)

Solomon ben Abraham of Montpellier (deceased)

Solomon ben Abraham ben Samuel , also known as Solomon of Montpellier, was a Provençal rabbi and Talmudist of the first half of the 13th century. He was rabbi at Montpellier, and leader of the m...

Ya'akob ben Abraham ben Moshe de Boton (deceased)

Ya'kub ben Abraham ibn Ezra (deceased)

Yeheskel ben Abraham (deceased)

Yehuda ben Abraham Nasi (c.1440 - d.)

Yitzak ben Abraham Algazi (c.1625 - d.)

Isaac ben Abraham, the third son of Abraham Algazi the Elder, was born in 1625 on the island of Chios near Izmir. While still quite young he served in the rabbinate there and participated in the govern...

Yonah ben Abraham Girondi (c.1190 - 1263)

Yonah Gerondi came from Girona, in Catalonia. Gerondi was the most prominent pupil of Solomon of Montpellier, the leader of the opponents of Maimonides' philosophical works, and was one of the signers ...

zeharya ben abraham (deceased)