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Rabbi Azariah Ben Avraham, I, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Dov Ber, Maggid of Mezeritch MP (c.1710 - 1772)

Rabbi Dov Ber ben Avraham of Mezeritch (Hebrew: דֹּב בֶּר מִמֶּזְרִיט...

Rab. Shlomo Zalman Ben Avraham Halevi (Steinberger) MP (1520 - d.)

שלמה זלמן הלוי , ע"פ אילן היוחסי&...

Yehudah "Zakhai" Natan ben Avraham al-Andalusī, Nasi, Qaḍī of Sidonia MP (c.993 - c.1070)

Scholars Dr. David Kelley and Dr Don Stone suspect that the name Zakai was introduced into this paternal line via the marriage of Yitzchak Avraham ben Nathan to a daughter of David ben Zakkai of Babylo...

Ami Ben-Avraham (1931 - 1995)

Aron Ben-Avraham (deceased)

Avraham Ben Avraham (deceased)

Baasha Ben-Avraham (deceased)

buli ben avraham (deceased)

David Ben Avraham (1922 - 1974)

David Ben Avraham (1928 - d.)

Efrain Ben Avraham Ardit (deceased)

Hana Ben-Avraham (Raudanski) (1899 - 1967)

Haya Ben avraham (deceased)

Izhak Ben avraham (deceased)

jaffa (anna) vajda (ben-avraham) (deceased)

Joshoa ben-avraham (deceased)

Meir Ben Avraham (deceased)

Moshe ben Avraham Halevi (Lewin Levine) (deceased)

Moshe Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Moshe Ben Avraham (Biegeleisen) (deceased)

Nechemia Ben Avraham Moshe (deceased)

Nechmia Ben- Avraham (1921 - 1979)

בן אברהם נולד בעיר ברסט ליטוב�...

Rachel Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Rachel Ben Avraham (deceased)

Rina (Runja) Ben-Avraham (Halberstein) (1906 - 1983)

Rina [Ronia] Ben Avraham (Halberstein) (1906 - 1983)

Rivka Ben Avraham (deceased)

Rivka "Rika" Shafir (Ben-Avraham) (1926 - d.)

Sarah Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Shifra Ben-Avraham (Zilbershtein) (1909 - 1997)

shlomo ben avraham (deceased)

Shlomo Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Shmuel Ben-Avraham (1907 - 1988)

Shraga Ben-avraham (1930 - 2005)

Shuel Yehuda ben Avraham (deceased)

Shulamit Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Son ? Ben Avraham (Treves) (deceased)

Sultana Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Tzvi Eliezer (Lazar) ben Avraham Ben Tzion Halevi (Siegal) (deceased)

Last name was Chaimowitz. When he came to Ellis Island he was asked if he had any relatives in America. He told them that he had a relative in Chicago named Siegal. They said that sounded like a good n...

Ya'kob ben Avraham (1105 - d.)

Abarbanel – undated handwritten manuscript from the collection of the late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr, held by Chaim Freedman. Reference was made to “Elef Margaliot” 1993, Meir Wunder.

Yechiel Michel halevi ben Avraham (b. - 1770)

Yitzchak (Jacob) ben Avraham ben Tzion Halevi (Chaimowitz) (c.1884 - d.)

Zion Ben-Avraham (R.I.P.) (deceased)

Zvi Ben Avraham (1919 - 1996)

Zvi Hirsh Ben-Avraham (Pietrkowsky) (1919 - 1996)

Zvi Ben-Avraham (Abramowicz) (c.1897 - d.)