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Abu Zakkai "Yehudah" ben David MP (c.897 - d.)

Abu Zikri "Yehuda" ben David (ben Zakkai), Nasi MP (c.1015 - c.1059)

A reconciliation between Dabid ben Zakkai and Sa'adya Gaon took place on February 27, 937. After the David ben Zakkai's death Sa'adya voted for David's son, Yehuda, as his successor. Sherira's Letter...

Abraham ibn Da'ud haLevi, Rabad I MP (c.1110 - c.1180)

Abraham ben David Halevi ibn Daud , (born c. 1110, Toledo, Castile—died c. 1180, Toledo), physician and historian who was the first Jewish philosopher to draw on Aristotle’s writings in a...

Azariah ben David MP (b. - c.1216)

Hizkiya Gaon Nasi al-Yerushalayim (Qaraite in later life) MP (c.977 - 1058)

Hizkiya's line fled to Northern Mesopotamia and remained in Mosul (present-day Iraq) until the Mongol invasion of 1270CE at which time it was extinguished. It is possible some escaped into the Khazars ...

Hasdai "Hasadya" ben David (ben Shmuel) MP (deceased)

Hayy "Hiyya" ibn Ya'ish ben David al-Daudi, HaNasi MP (1085 - c.1154)

From 969 to 1071, the Fatimid caliphs of Egypt ruled Palestine. Most scholars are convinced that during this period the Fatimids considered the gaon of the Palestinian yeshiva to be the head of the Jew...

Hezekiah III ben David ben Hizkiya (ben Zakkai), 45th & 47th Exilarch MP (c.1020 - c.1110)

Hezekiah III, is mentioned as exilarch in a letter dated 1091. Bibliography Beeri, Tova (ed.). Le-David Mizmor: The Liturgical Poems of David ha-Nasi Son of Hezekiah the Exilarch (Jerusalem: Mekize...

Natronai Crespi ben David MP (c.1134 - d.)

Yehuda "Zakai" ben David, 29th Exilarch 'Judah II' MP (914 - c.941)

in 875 we find attestation that "Judah teh Hebrew" took up residence in Barcelona under the Rule of "Carlos the Bad". French historian Henri Pirenne from the book "Mahoma and Charlemagne" states: "...

Yehudah ben David (ben Zakkai) MP (c.978 - d.)

Yehudah Hayyuj "Formash" ben David al-Fāsi, HaKohen MP (c.935 - c.1013)

Judah Ḥayyūj (Abū Zakariyyā Yaḥyā) ben David al-Fāsi established the triliteralism of the Hebrew verb and was one of the few scholars who appears to hav...

Yishai ben David (ben Shmuel) MP (deceased)

Ḥayyim Ben Joseph ben David Ḥazzan (Hazan) MP (1712 - c.1712)

Joseph Raphael ben Ḥayyim Ḥazzan (known by the acronym Yareaḥ; d. 1820) was the grandson of David ben Ḥayyim. Born in Izmir, he was orphaned at an early age, but continued h...

אסתר Ben David (deceased)

. Ben David, of Mogador (deceased)

? Ben David (deceased)

? Ben David (deceased)

? Mechulam (Ben David) (deceased)

? Ben David (deceased)

Aaron Ben David (deceased)

Abraham Ben David (deceased)

ABRAHAM Boussiba Ben David Ohayon (deceased)

Abraham ben David "Rabad" or "Rabad III" (c.1135 - 1198)

Rabbeinu Abraham ben David was a Provençal rabbi, a great commentator on the Talmud, Sefer Halachot of Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi and Mishne Torah of Maimonides, and is regarded as a father of Kabba...

Abraham ben David (ben Yehudah) (deceased)

Adeline Ben David (c.1913 - d.)

Adeline Barbara Santos (Ben David) (1912 - 1998)

Adina Batja Ben David (Rosenfeld) (deceased)

Adoniah ben david (deceased)

AHARON Boussiba Ben-David Ohayon (deceased)

Alecu Ben - David (1924 - 1984)

Alex Ben David (1915 - d.)

Alex Ben David (deceased)

Alice Ben David (deceased)

Aliza Brener (Ben David (Davidzon)) (deceased)

Aliza Gali (Ben David) (deceased)

Aliza Ben David (deceased)

aliza Ben David (deceased)

Allen Ben David (deceased)

Aman Ben-David (deceased)

Amelia Emelia Ben David (Viera Vera) (1886 - 1916)

Amelia Emelia Ben David (Viera Vera) (1886 - 1916)

Amnon ben david (deceased)

Amnon ben david (deceased)

Anet Ben David (Amoyal) (deceased)

Ar'ye Ben-David (c.1940 - 2010)

Ariana(Ariela) Ben-David (deceased)

Arie Ben-David (111-141-151) (1904 - 1979)

Arie (Leon) Ben David (Saadi) (deceased)

Arnon Ben-David (deceased)

Arthur Ben David (c.1906 - d.)

Arthur Ben David (9 - 84)

Arya Ben David (1904 - 1979)

Arye Lova Ben David (Goldberg) (deceased)

Arye Ben-David (1904 - 1979)

Asael Ben David (deceased)

Asher Ben-David (deceased)

Asher Ben David (deceased)

Asher Ben David (deceased)

Asher Ben David (Goldberg) (deceased)

Atara ben-david (kriger)(cadury) (deceased)

Augusto Ben David (c.1882 - d.)

Augustus Ben David (1904 - 1965)

Avi Ben David (deceased)

Avi Ben David (Benchovsky) (deceased)

Avi (Sonny) Ben David (deceased)

Avihu Ben David (Abdu) (1932 - 1994)

Aviva Ben-David (Levitte) (1941 - 2014)

Avner Ben David (deceased)

Abraham ben Levy (1882 - d.)

Avraham Ben-David (c.1918 - d.)

Avraham Ben David (deceased)

Avraham Ben David (deceased)

Avraham Ben-David Ohayon (deceased)

Avraham Ben David (Benczkowski) (1921 - 2009)

Avraham Ben David (1916 - 1990)

Avraham Ben David (b. - 2016)

Avshalom ben david (deceased)

B. Ben-david (deceased)

babani ben david (deceased)

Baruch Ben-David (deceased)

Baruch Ben-david (deceased)

Bathya Ben David (b. - 2014)

Batia Braha - Ben-David (Lifshitz) (1923 - 2014)

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Bat Sheva Ben David (Moussaieff) (deceased)

Bela Ben David (Ravinsky) (Oremland) (1922 - 2009)

Bella Ben David (deceased)

Benno Yissachar Ben David (1927 - 1997)

Benyamin Hakim Ben-David (Hakim) (deceased)

Berel Greenberg (Ben David) (1885 - d.)

Besharat Massaband (Ben David) (deceased)

Bezalel Ben-David (1909 - 1999)

Bondi Ben David (deceased)

chaia ben-david (deceased)

Chaiim Ben David (deceased)

Chaike / Haika ben David (deceased)

Chaim Ben David (deceased)

Chana Ben-David (Milstein) (1908 - 1980)

Chana Ben-David (deceased)

Charlie Ben David (deceased)