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Abaye ben Natronai Kohen Ṣedeq, Gaon of Pumbeditha MP (c.790 - c.860)

According to Sherira Gaon, Abbaye was not his personal name, but Nachmani, after his grandfather. His father had died before Abbaye was born, and his mother died in child-birth. So the orphan was broug...

Hakhinai (Hachnochi) ben Natronai (ben Nehemia) MP (c.690 - 749)

Nehemiah ben Natronai MP (c.644 - d.)

Shmuel of Mosul "the Usurper" MP (c.1153 - c.1195)

Yehuda ben Natronai MP (deceased)

Yehudai 'Habibai' ben Natronai, Exilarch of Pumbeditha & Carcassonne MP (c.683 - c.770)

Yehudai left Pumbeditha during a contentious period and sought to enjoy his last days in the comforts of a burgeoning community in Southern France - Carcassonne. Yehudai was elected leader of the Jew...

1st wife ben Natronai Kohen Ṣedeq MP (deceased)

Berakhyah ben Natronai Crespi ha-Nakdan 'Benedictus of Oxford' MP (c.1155 - c.1225)

I identify him with Benedictus le Puncteur , an English Jew mentioned as contributing at Oxford to a donum to 'Richard I' in 1194. Members of Wissenschaft den Judentums place him about 1260 in Provence...

Shlomo ben Yehuda (ben Natronai) MP (deceased)

Yehoshua ben Yehudah (ben Natronai) MP (deceased)

Zakkai Ben Natronai (Yehuda) MP (deceased)