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Rab Dimi 'Abba Dimi' ben Nechemiah II, 9th Exilarch & Gaon of Ramla MP (c.760 - c.840)

He was the son of Nechemiah ben Magis. Abdimi is the first Exilarch to return a purely Jewish ancestry to the Exilarchate when he takes a Jewish Wife of unquestionable yichus. Abdimi has five (5) sons1...

"Isaac the Jew", Charlemagne's Diplomat MP (c.749 - c.836)

In 797 AD, Charlemagne, the founder of the Carolingian empire (later crowned Holy Roman Emperor), sent a man named 'Isaac the Jew' to the Baghdad caliph Harun al-Rashid. In 802, Isaac returned to Charl...