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Abu Abdullah "Hanemel" ben Nehemiah II (ibn Abi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir), 36th Exilarch Shallum al-Farsi MP (c.594 - c.657)

According to Zev Golan, Hanemel was sold as a slave. He accepted the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and became Prophet Muhammad's top Wazir named Solomon al-Farsi. Solomon al-Farsi led an army...

Moshe ben Asher ben Moshe ben Nehemiah, haSofer MP (c.825 - d.)

Moses ben Asher lived and worked in Tiberias in the second half of the ninth century C.E. He was a member of the fifth generation of the Ben Asher family, which had earned a reputation for raising famo...

Natronai Rosh Golah of Judah ben Nehemiah (Adol), Gaon MP (c.627 - d.)

Nethanael ibn Caspi "Bonsenior Maxif of Largentiere" MP (c.1375 - d.)

Provençal scholar; lived at the end of the fourteenth century and at the beginning of the fifteenth. He was a disciple of Frat Maimon, under whose direction he composed in 1424 his first work, a commen...

Yaqub of Syria "Ka'b al-Ahbar" (ben Nehemiah II) MP (c.625 - c.655)

???? bat Yosef ben Nehemiah Kohen Ṣedeq Ibn Lakhtush al-Yahudi MP (c.985 - d.)

Asher ben Moshe ben Nehemiah (ben Saul ben Anan), haSofer MP (c.790 - d.)

Moshe ben Nehemiah ben Asher haZaken MP (c.760 - d.)

Samuel ben Yosef Kohen Ṣedeq (ben Nehemiah Kohen Ṣedeq), Ra'is Kallah al-Pumbeditha MP (c.990 - c.1070)

Yosef ben Nehemiah Kohen Ṣedeq al-Pumbeditha MP (c.945 - d.)