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Abū ʾl-Faraj Furqān "Yeshua" ben Yehudah ibn Asad (Qara'im) MP (c.995 - c.1070)

Jeshua ben Judah (also known as Abū ʾl-Faraj Furqān ibn Asad) was one of the most renowned Karaite scholars in eleventh-century Jerusalem. An outstanding Karaite philosopher and Bible exegete who flour...

David "Ya'ish" ibn Hiyya MP (1067 - 1113)

According to Pinsker (sec. 1, p. 5), this Da'ud ibn Yaḥyā is one and the same as our decendant of Yehuda, as reasonably deduced from the facts that Yaḥyā is the usual Arabic praenomen equivalent of Jud...

David ben Zakkai II/III MP (b. - c.1216)

David ben Zakkay II David ben Zakkay II (d. ca 1216) may have been the full name of a member of the Babylonian exilarch family named David who resided in Mosul at the end of the twelfth and beginning...

Rabbeinu Gershom ben Yehudah Me'Or Hagolah MP (c.940 - c.1012)

R. Gershom ben Yehuda was born in Narbonne moved to, and studied/taught, in Metz, then later moved to Mainz at the request of Kalonymos. Gershom ben Judah , (c. 960 -1040? -1028?) best known as Rabbe...

Hananya haSofer of Pumbeditha ben Yehudah (bar Pinchas), haSofer of Pumbeditha MP (c.885 - 917)

Hizkiya "Zuṭṭa" ben Yehudah, Exilarch #30,33 & 35, Final Gaon of Pumbeditha MP (c.940 - c.1001)

Machir Todros ben Yehudah Zakai MP (c.799 - d.)

Duke of Narbonne and Count of Autun.

Machir ben Yehudah of Narbonne MP (c.937 - d.)

Machir, born and educated in Narbonne, moved to Metz around 960 due to expulsions and trials in Narbonne of that period. According to some historians, Makhir was the author of Alef Bet de-Rabbi Makhi...

Sa'adya ben Yehudah MP (deceased)

Saʿadya ben Judah Saʿadya ben Judah, the scion of a family of physicians and heads of the Jewish community of Egypt, was a son of the nagid Judah ben Saʿadya. Since Judah died when Saʿadya was a chi...

Shmuel ben Yehudah MP (c.1085 - d.)

Yitzhak ben Yehudah HaKohen al-Awānī, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1133 - c.1197)

Isaac ha-Kohen ibn al-Awānī was gaon of the main Babylonian yeshiva in Baghdad (following the decline of the yeshivot in Pumbedita and Sura). Bibliography Ben-Jacob, Abraham. Yehude Bavel mi-Sof Te...

Abraham Yehudah ben Yehudah "Cavalier" (de la Cavalleria) MP (c.1130 - 1209)

Abraham ben David (ben Yehudah) MP (deceased)

Aharon Ben-Yehudah MP (deceased)

Batya Ben Yehudah (Picker) MP (deceased)

Dūnash ben Yehudah MP (deceased)

Eleazar ben Yehudah of Worms (Rokeach) MP (c.1170 - c.1236)

Eleazar's mystical works are: (1) "Yir'at El," still extant in manuscript in the Vatican Library, containing mystical commentaries on Psalm lxvii., on the Menorah, and on Sefirat ha-'Omer. (2) "Sef...

Hizkiya "Zuṭṭa" ben Yehudah, 30th, 33rd & 35th Exilarch MP (c.940 - 1001)

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Hodaiah ben Josiah (ben Yehudah) MP (deceased)

Jona ben Yehudah Leib MP (deceased)

Kalonymus VI "the Elder" ben Yehudah (Kalonymus) MP (c.1176 - c.1238)

Moshe Zalman ben Yehudah haChassid (Kalonymus) MP (deceased)

שלמה זלמן , ע"פ אילן היוחסין של הילל גולדשטוף.

Moshe Ben-Dayan (ben Yehudah) MP (deceased)

Nathan Kalonymus ben Machir Todros (ben Yehudah Zakai) MP (c.830 - d.)

Nechemiah ben Machir Todros (ben Yehudah Zakkai) MP (deceased)

Obediah ben Yehudah (ben Shlomo) MP (deceased)

Pinhas ben Josiah (ben Yehudah) MP (deceased)

Sam Zalmon Schaeffer (Ephraim ben Yehudah Leib) MP (1891 - 1980)

Shlomo ben Yehudah MP (deceased)

Simha Ben Yehudah (Ezra) MP (1958 - 2012)

Tzedakah ben Obediah (ben Yehudah) MP (deceased)

wife Isaac Ben Yehudah MP (1148 - d.)

Yachir ben Machir Todros (ben Yehudah Zakai) MP (deceased)

Yededia ben Josiah (ben Yehudah) MP (deceased)

Yehoshua ben Yehudah (ben Natronai) MP (deceased)

Yehudah ben Yitshak Ibn Ghayyāth HaLevi (ben Yehudah Ibn Ghayyāth HaLevi) MP (deceased)

Abu Zakariya "Yehudah" Ibn Ghiyyāth (Ibn Ghayyāth) Judah Ibn Ghiyyāth, the son of Isaac Ibn Ghiyyāth, the famed maestro of Lucena, lived at the beginning of the twelfth century (ca. 1110). Connected ...

Yekhuthi'el "Kalonymus" ben David (ben Yehudah) MP (c.810 - d.)

Yitzhak ben Yehudah Ibn Ghayyāth HaLevi MP (c.1038 - c.1089)

Yitzhak ben Yehudah Ibn Ghiyyāth (Ibn Ghayyāth) Despite some discrepancies regarding his date of birth, it appears that Isaac ben Judah ibn Ghiyyāth was born in 1038 to a Jewish family that had long ...

Yosef ben Yehudah (ben Yitzhak) MP (c.1280 - d.)

Abarbanel – undated handwritten manuscript from the collection of the late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr, held by Chaim Freedman. Reference was made to “Elef Margaliot” 1993, Meir Wunder.

Don Yosef Hazaken ben Yehudah ibn Yahya MP (1210 - 1264)