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Aaron David Bernstein MP (1812 - 1884)

Aaron David Bernstein (Pseudonym: A. Rebenstein), (* 6. April 1812 in Danzig; † 12. Februar 1884 in Berlin) war ein deutsch-jüdischer Schriftsteller und ein Mitbegründer des Reformjudentums in Berlin...

Alfred Bernstein MP (1872 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bernstein, Alfred geboren am 04. Februar 1872 in Ems, Bad / Unterlahnkreis / Hessen-Nassau wohnhaft in Fußgönheim Deportation: ab Baden-Pfalz-Saarland 22....

Alison Rickie Bernstein MP (1947 - 2016)

Alison R. Bernstein, a higher education pioneer who had been a vice president for knowledge, creativity, and freedom at the Ford Foundation, died at home in East Hampton last Thursday, in the company o...

Babette (Betty*) Bernstein (de Levie) MP (1906 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bernstein, Babette Betty geborene de Levie geboren am 07. November 1906 in Oldenburg i. Oldenburg / - / Oldenburg wohnhaft in Oldenburg i. Oldenburg Inh...

Berta Bernstein (Mayer) MP (1881 - aft.1940)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bernstein, Berta geborene Mayer geboren am 24. September 1881 in Fußgönheim / Ludwigshafen a. Rhein / Bayern (Pfalz) wohnhaft in Fußgönheim Deportation: a...

Betty Bernstein MP

Betty LaDuke (1933-) Oregon artist and writer Betty LaDuke has gained an international reputation for her murals, paintings, and sketches. Her work tends to express socialist progress and life’s cont...

Carl Bernstein MP

Carl Bernstein ( /ˈbɜrnstiːn/ BURN-steen; born February 14, 1944) is an American investigative journalist who, at The Washington Post, teamed up with Bob Woodward; the two did the majority of the mos...

Clare Elfman (Bernstein) MP

Clare "Blossom" Elfman (née Bernstein) is an American novelist. Elfman was born in New York City. Adaptations of Elfman novels 'The Girls of Huntington House' was produced as a film and 'I Think I'...

Debora Bernstein (Heller Lipman), [d.#12 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (1620 - 1641)

Elsa Porges-Bernstein MP (1866 - 1949)

b. Vienna 28/10/1866 d. Munich 12/07/1949 (source : ) Pseudonym : Ernst Rosmer, German playwright Daughter of Heinrich Porges. An affliction of the eyes forced her to retire, she thenceforth devoted ...

Esther Falkenstein (Bernstein) MP (1898 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Falkenstein, Esther geborene Bernstein geboren am 10. Oktober 1898 in Suwalki / Suwalki / Russland wohnhaft in Pößneck Deportationsziel: ab Leipzig 20. Se...

Felix Bernstein MP (1878 - 1956)

) Felix Bernstein (24 February 1878, Halle, Germany – 3 December 1956, Zurich, Switzerland) was a German Jewish mathematician known for developing a theorem of the equivalence of sets in 1897, and le...

Hans Josef Bernstein MP (1907 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bernstein, Hans Josef geboren am 23. Juli 1907 in Berlin / - / Stadt Berlin wohnhaft in Osnabrück Inhaftierung: bis 06. November 1942, Westerbork, Sammell...

Ida Shoolberg (Bernstein) MP (1847 - 1915)

records from Lithuania from Merkine: 1858 Revision Lists family of David Zirilstein David son of Itsko age 40 Izrael son of David age 14 Kelia (sic Keila) daughter of Mordkhel age 41 Itka...

Isaac Joel Bernstein, Rabbi & Prof. MP (1939 - 1994)

Isaac Bernstein (November 12, 1939 - August 29, 1994) was an Irish Orthodox rabbi well known for being a great orator of Jewish law and philosophy. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Bernstein gradu...

Joseph Bernstein MP

Professor Joseph Bernstein - Иосиф Наумович Бернштейн - פרופסור יוסף ברנשטיין יוסף ברנשטיין באתר מקבלי פרס ישראל בשנת תשס"ד ___________________________________ Joseph Bernstein (sometimes spelled I. N....

Chess master Dr. Joseph Bernstein of Moscow and Paris MP (1882 - 1962)

According to the attached copy of marriage record, in Russian: July 01, 1908 [Julian calendar, that is July 14, 1908 Gregorian calendar] in the city of Vilna [currently Vilnius, Lithuania] married:" ...

R' Judah Aryey Leib Berenstein of Brody, A.B.D. Zbaraz MP (1708 - 1788)

Julius Bernstein MP (1839 - 1917)

Julius Bernstein (December 18, 1839 – February 6, 1917) was a German physiologist born in Berlin. He studied medicine at the University of Breslau under Rudolf Heidenhain (1834-1897), and at the Un...

Käthe Bernstein (Erle) MP (1871 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bernstein, Käthe Kaethe geborene Erle geboren am 14. November 1871 in Ärzen / Hameln-Pyrmont / Hannover wohnhaft in Osnabrück Inhaftierung: 03. Dezember...

Leonard Bernstein MP (1918 - 1990)

Candide Overture: Leonard Bernstein conducting , Symphonic Dances - Part 1 (from West Side Story) , Symphonic Dances - Part 2 (from West Side Story) , Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein (pronounce...

Liesel Friedlander (Bernstein) MP (deceased)

Liesel and Ann Bernstein were sisters. Werner Frienlander first married Liesel, after her early death he then married the sister Ann Bernstein.

Marie Ehrlich (Bernstein) MP (1883 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Ehrlich, Marie geborene Bernstein geboren am 12. Juni 1883 in Posen (poln. Poznan) / - / Posen wohnhaft in Berlin Deportationsziel: ab Berlin 02. März 1...

Miriam Bernstein-Cohen MP (1895 - 1991)

Miriam Bernstein-Cohen (Russian: Мария Яковлевна Бернштейн-Коган Hebrew: מרים ברנשטיין-כהן‎), 1895-1991, was an Israeli actress, director, poet and translator. Born in Kishinev, Russian Empire, (now pa...

Nils Bernstein MP

Nils Bernstein (born 4. January 1943 ) was 2005 - 2013 Royal. Director (ie Chairman of the Board) for Danmarks Nationalbank . He succeeded Bodil Nyboe Andersen in office and was succeeded by Lars Roh...

Olga Kohlberg (Bernstein) MP (1864 - 1935)

Paula Bernstein (Lehmann) MP (1867 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bernstein, Paula geborene Lehmann geboren am 22. Januar 1867 in Neustettin / - / Pommern wohnhaft in Berlin (Wilmersdorf) Deportation: ab Berlin 13. Augus...

Peretz Shlomo-Fritz Bernstein (ברנשטיין) MP (1890 - 1971)

Peretz Bernstein Peretz Bernstein (Hebrew: פרץ ברנשטיין‎, born Shlomo Fritz Bernstein on 12 June 1890, died 21 March 1971) was a Zionist activist and Israeli politician and one of the signatories of ...

Rosalie (Rose*) Borchardt (Bernstein) MP (1854 - 1943)

cf.: (hier Sterbedatum: 6. März 1943; andere Quellen: 15. März 1943)

Rose Treitel (Bernstein) MP (1891 - aft.1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Treitel, Rose Rosa geborene Bernstein geboren am 10.Dezember 1891 in Breslau / - / Schlesien wohnhaft in Breslau Deportation: ab Breslau 13.April 1942, Iz...

Shmuel b. Jacob Bernstein (Bassevi) MP (c.1605 - 1666)

Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added information. Should not have been created in the first place!! Should be deleted!

Sidney Lewis Bernstein MP (1899 - 1993)

From Wikipedia... Sidney Lewis Bernstein, Baron Bernstein (30 January 1899 – 5 February 1993) was a British media baron who was known as the founding chairman of the London-based Granada Group and the ...

Bernstein MP (deceased)

Bernstein MP (deceased)

Bernstein MP (deceased)

Bernstein MP (deceased)

"Big Dora" Antonoff (Bernstein) MP (deceased)

(Arro) Jaan Bernstein MP (1786 - d.)

abiellumine Hingedeloend 1811: Saaga EAA.1865.5.154:5?270,1164,902,54,0

(Arro) Jurri Bernstein MP (1788 - d.)

Hingedeloend 1811: Saaga EAA.1865.5.154:5?470,1218,698,54,0

(Bertha Bernstein) (Marks) MP (deceased)

(unknown) Bernstein MP (deceased)

***** Bernstein(Bronstein) MP (deceased)

Анюта Bernstein MP (deceased)

Сора Bernstein (Sora) MP (deceased)

- Bernstein MP (deceased)

-- ?Bernstein MP (deceased)

Casamento com Klara foi durou muito pouco. Fui anulado devido sua infidelidade.

--- Bernstein (Sachs) MP (deceased)

// Bernstein MP (c.1863 - d.)

1 NN Bernstein MP (deceased)

14 Children Bernstein MP (deceased)

1st husband of Miriam Bernstein-Cohen MP (c.1842 - d.)

1st wife Bernstein MP (deceased)

2nd wife Bernstein MP (deceased)

8 Siblings Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (c.1880 - c.1964)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (c.1904 - c.1905)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein ( ) MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (1880 - d.)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Borenstein / Bernstein (Stiehl) MP (deceased)

? Lenzer (Bernstein) MP (b. - 1892)

? (Bernstein )Bernsley MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Turker (Bernstein) MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein (Finkelstein) MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein (?) MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein (Freedman) MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? BERNSTEIN (Hacohen Rapiport) MP (deceased)

? Bernstein MP (deceased)

? Bernstein (Hönigsberg) MP (deceased)