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??? bint Salūl b. Ṣaʿṣaʿa al-Hawāzin (al-Hawāzin) MP (deceased)

Salūl, the name of two tribal groups in northern Arabia: a branch of Ḵh̲uzāʿa [q.v.] and a branch of the so-called Northern Arabian federation Ḳays ʿAylān [q.v.], more precisely, the Hawāzin [q.v.]1. T...

[3] Aishah as-Siddiqah Mother of the Believers MP (c.610 - 678)

Aisha was one of Muhammad's wives. She is quoted as source for many hadith, sacred traditions about Muhammad's life, with Muhammad's personal life being the topic of most narrations. She narrated 2210 ...

Abu Abdullah "Hanemel" ben Nehemiah II (ibn Abi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir), 36th Exilarch Shallum al-Farsi MP (c.594 - c.657)

According to Zev Golan, Hanemel was sold as a slave. He accepted the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and became Prophet Muhammad's top Wazir named Solomon al-Farsi.Solomon al-Farsi led an army of...

Abu ’l-Hasan ʿAlī ben al-Sh̲aybānī al-Kātib al-Mag̲h̲ribī al-Qayrawānī Ibn Abi ’l-Rid̲j̲āl MP (c.968 - c.1049)

abu ’l-ḥasan ʿalī al-s̲h̲aybānī al-kātib al-mag̲h̲ribī al-ḳayrawānī , was the tutor and astrologer of the Zīrid prince, al-Muʿizz b. Bādīs (407-54/1016-62), who held his court at Ḳayrawān till 449/1057...

Abū Harūn Moses Ibn Abī ʾl-ʿAysh (HaNasi), Qadi al-calat al-Yahud al-Zaragoza MP (c.1049 - c.1120)

bn Abī ʾl-ʿAysh, Moses (Abū Harūn)Almost nothing is known about the poet Moses ibn Abī ʾl-ʿAysh. The only reference to him is made by Moses ibn Ezra in the Kitāb al-Muḥāḍara wa ʾl-Mudhākara (ed. Halkin...

Abū ’l Ḥasan Me'ir Ibn Qamni’el (Ibn Abī ʾl-ʿAysh), haRoffe al-Maraqesh MP (c.1051 - 1106)

Me’ir (Abū ’l Ḥasan) ibn Qamni’el, born in Saragossa, belonged to one of the foremost Jewish families of Seville. What little information there is about his life comes largely from poems dedicated to h...

Aisha bint 'Uthman ibn 'Affan MP (c.617 - d.)

al-Hakam bin Abu al-ʻAs ibn Abi al-'As MP (c.599 - d.)

Original name Hakam ibn Wa'il . Also known as al-Hakam ibn Abi al-'As .Source 1: ibn Abi al- As ibn Umayyah (Arabic: الحكم بن أبي العاص‎ / ALA-LC: al-Ḥakam bin Abī al-‘As) was the father of the Umayyad...

al-Malik al-Ṣāliḥ ʿImād al-Dīn Ismāʿīl bin al-Malik al-Adil Sayf al-Din Abu-Bakr ibn Ayyūb MP (c.1202 - 1250)

al-Malik al-Ṣāliḥ ʿimād al-dīn ismāʿīl, son of Sulṭān al-Malik al-ʿĀdil Abū Bakr, son of Aiyūb, was born in the year 598 (1202). Ismāʿīl was killed in Cairo in the year 648 (1250) when fighting with Su...

Al-Rabi ibn al-Rabi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir (ibn Abi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir) MP (c.585 - c.614)

Qur'an says the Jews of Yathrib thought that Ezra was the "son of God". Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, Director of ISraeli Rabbinate's "Committee for Historical Research in Islam and Judaism" argues, and I agre...

Ar-Rabī' "Hushiel" ibn Abi' l-Huqayq al-Nadir, 35th Exilarch MP (c.570 - c.609)

Ar-Rabī' bin Abī 'l-Huqayq (Arabic: الربيع بن أبي الحقيق‎) was a Jewish poet of the Banu al-Nadir in Medina, who flourished shortly before the Hegira (622). His family was in possession of the fort Qam...

Azariah ben Daniel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen MP (c.1190 - d.)

Azariah (mentioned by Eleazar ben Jacob; see van Bekkum, p. 46, l. 24) Bibliographyvan Bekkum, Wout Jac (ed.). The Secular Poetry of El‘azar ben Ya‘aqov ha-Bavli (Leiden: Brill, 2007).

Christine Nessobikwe Sunday (Abi) MP (c.1846 - d.)

Mrs. Christine Sunday is # 1788 on the 1907 Wooster Roll where she is identified as head of a family and sister of 90 year old William Abi # 1784. Christine's traditional name isrecorded as "Nessobikwe...

Dahiyya al-Kahina bint D̲j̲arāwa al-Zanāt MP (c.645 - c.693)

al-Kahina bint D̲j̲arāwa al-Zanāt Dihya ديهيا, (early 7th century - late 7th century) Wikipedia al-Kāhina (“the Sorceress”) was the guiding spirit of Berber resistance to the Arab invaders led by Ḥassā...

Daniel ben Shmuel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1163 - c.1250)

Daniel ben Samuel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen succeeded Isaac ben Israel in 1248 as gaon of the main Babylonian yeshiva in Baghdad and continued in office until his death in 1250/51. The Arabic historian...

David Wewindessamosug Abi MP (c.1858 - d.)

David Abi is # 1785 on the Wooster Roll where he is identified as the son of William Abi # 1784. David's traditional name is recorded as "Wewindessamosug" meaning "Coming together" but that name, its s...

Fatimah bint al-Hasan MP (c.660 - d.)

Wilaadat (Birth):* Wafaat (Death):Source 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

Fatimah bint Muhammad MP (614 - 632)

Fatimah (Arabic: فاطمة‎; fāṭimah c. 605[1] or 615[2] –632) was a daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad from his first wife Khadija.[1] She is regarded by Muslims as an exemplar for men and women.[3]...

By F.G.O. Stuart (1843-1923) -, Public Domain,

Gerios Youssiff (Abi Saab) MP (c.1867 - 1912)

Gerios Yousseff (Abi Saab)==* Age: 45 years * Last Residence: in Hardin Lebanon * Occupation: Shoemaker * 3rd Class passenger * First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912 * Ticket No. 2628 ...

Hind bint Zayd-Manāt ibn Zayd-Allah al-Ghassani MP (c.425 - c.465)

Iman Al Hashimi (Bint Abdullah) MP

Iman bint Abdullah (Arabic: إيمان بنت عبدالله‎‎; born 27 September 1996) is the second child and eldest daughter of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan. {{🀄[]}}

Saidatina Khadijah bint Khuwaylid MP (565 - 620)

Khadija bint Khuwaylid en* Chadidża plKhadijah bint Khuwaylid was the first wife of Muhammad and the first person to accept Islam. She is revered amongst Muslims as a "mother of the believers".

Laylā binte Abi Murrah at-Thaqafi MP (deceased)

Notes by Mulla Saadullah Saheb:...Imaam e Husain's wife Laila binte Abu Murrah is known by awaam as umme Laila . which is not true . her name was Laila ,----umme Sayyidna Ali e Akbar ,who achieved hiss...

Liza Jane Nigenanakwadokwe Assance (Abi) MP (c.1864 - d.)

Mrs. Liza Jane Nigenanakwadokwe Assance (nee Abi) is # 1808 on the 1907 Wooster Roll where she is identified as the daughter of William Abi # 1784. Liza Jane's traditional name is recorded as "Nigenana...

Marwân I ibn al-Hakam al-Qurayshi MP (623 - 685)

4th Umayyad Caliph * Reign: 684 – 685 ADSource 1: 2: 3: ibn al-Hakam (623–685) (Arabic: مروان بن الحكم‎) was the fourth Umayyad Caliph, who took over the dynasty after Muawiya II abdicated in 684. Marw...

Mawiyah bint al-Hakam, {Unsourced} MP (c.950 - d.)

No evidence she was a daughter of al-Hakam II, Caliph of Córdoba .

Na'ila bint al-Furafisa MP (deceased)

Wikipedia == Nāʾila bint al-Furāfiṣa (Arabic: نائلة بنت الفرافصة‎‎) was the wife of Uthman, the third Caliph of the Islamic Empire. She was born into a Christian family in Kufa but was converted to Isl...

NN Abi (Ahbi) MP (deceased)

NN Abi does not have a clearly numbered identification on the 1907 Wooster Roll but is identified as the sister of Mrs. Mary Jane King # 1680. The lack of a Wooster number seems to be an oversight by W...

By F.G.O. Stuart (1843-1923) -, Public Domain,

Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-Al-Munà MP (1884 - 1962)

Name: Mr.Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-Al-Munà * Titanic Survivor* Born: Monday 29th September1884 in Shānā, Syria, Ottoman Empire* Age: 27 years 6 months and 16 days (Male)* Last Residence: in Shānā, Syria, Ottoman...

Saʿadyā ben Yōsēf Gaon of Sura MP (c.882 - 942)

Saʿadyā Ben Yōsēf, saʿīd ( abī) yaʿḳūb yūsuf al-fayyūmī (269-331/882-942), Jewish theologian, philosopher and philologist who wrote in Arabic, considered through his independence and breadth as the ini...

Sarah Abi (Johnson) MP (c.1860 - d.)

Sarah Abi (nee Johnson) is # 1786 on the 1907 Wooster Roll where she is identified as the wife of David Abi # 1785 (born circa 1858) and the granddaughter of Kamiskwassige who Wooster reports to be Sar...

Sayyidina Ali ibn Abi Talib MP (598 - 661)

see also: was the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and ruled over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661(40 hegira). Sunni Muslims consider Ali the fourth and final of the Rightly ...

Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 23 November 2019), memorial page for Shawneene George (1874–1947), Find A Grave Memorial no. 86438612, citing Saint Marys Cemetery, Hermitage, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA ; Maintained by Find A Grave (contributor 8) . Added by: Robert Ottmers on 16 Aug 2014

Sha'nīnah (Jirjis) Shahin Yūsuf Wihbah (Abī Sa'b) MP (1874 - 1947)

Mrs. Sha'ninah Abi Sa'b - Shawneene George Whabee (Abi-Saab) Name:Mrs Shawneene George Whabee (née Abi-Saab)* Titanic Survivor* Born: Sunday 29th March 1874 in Thoum, Batroun, Syria, Ottoman Empire* Ag...

Shmuel ben Daniel ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen, Gaon of Yeshiva Geʾon Yaʿaqov MP (c.1195 - d.)

Shmuel ben Yaḥyā HaKohen ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen MP (c.1130 - d.)

Susu bint Uthman MP (c.731 - d.)

Seen as wife of Guillaume I, count of Razès (Fictitious Person) Susu de Cordoba (Bint Uthman) b. 731 Person:114691 Full Tree Descendants (Inventory) Lineage Bani Umayyah Sex Female Full n...

Umm bint Uthman MP (731 - d.)

Father: Uthman ibn Abu-Musa Emir of CORDOBA b: ABT 675 in Egypt Mother: Lampade (Lampagie) Princess OF AQUITAINE b: ABT 700 in AquitaineMarriage 1 Sigisbert V Count of RAZES b: ABT 710 in Razès (Razes)...

Umm bint Marwan MP (648 - d.)

Umm Bint Marwan b. 648 Lineage Banu Umayyah Full name (at birth) Umm Bint Marwan Parents ♂ # Marwan ibn al-Hakam [Banu Umayyah] b. 28 March 623 d. 7 May 685 ♀ Aisha Bint Uthman (Al-Umayyah) [Bani U...

William Getigang Abi MP (c.1817 - d.)

William Abi is # 1784 on the Wooster Roll which states that he "took part in treaty" and has a reported birthdate of 1817 so would have been age 16 at the time of the 1833 Treaty of Chicago. He was 25 ...

Zahna Zauja-e-Assad bint* Imaam Hashim (bat Hophni Gaon) MP (deceased)

The mother of Maulaatena Fatimah binte Assad bin Imaam Hashim is Zahna daughter of the Exilarch Kaphnai of Baghdad, Iraq; a descendant of King David ( Nabi Dawood alaihissalaam ) of Jerusalem.Source:

Āmina bint Wahb MP (c.530 - 577)

Āmina bint Wahb (d. 46 before hijra/577), was the mother of the Prophet and one of the most eminent women of Quraysh. Her parents were distant cousins from an illustrious Qurayshī family: her father wa...

ʿIṣmat ad-Dīn Khātūn bint Mu'in ad-Din Unur MP (deceased)

Iṣmat ad-Dīn Khātūn (Arabic: عصمة الدين خاتون‎; died January 26, 1186), also known as Asimat, was the daughter of Mu'in ad-Din Unur, regent of Damascus, and wife of two of the greatest Muslim generals ...

Ḥusayn ibn ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib MP (626 - 680)

Husayn was a grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad . Son of Ali (the fourth Islamic caliph) and Fatimah (daughter of Muhammad), he is especially revered by Shiʿa Muslims as the third imam (after Ali...

Abi-Chahin (deceased)

Abi (deceased)

"Abu Ateeq" Muhammad bin 'Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr (deceased)

From Banu Taym Tribe (Part of Banu Quraysh Tribe).* Wilaadat (Birth): * Wafaat (Death): Source:

"Al-Amira" Al-Sharifa Rahma bint Aly (deceased)

"Al-Amira"Al-Sharifa Rahma Bint Aly (deceased)

"Ummu Salamah" Hind binte Abi Umayyah (596 - 683)

Source: Banu Makhzum Tribe.

"Yudit" Fatimah (c.651 - d.)

Wilaadat (Birth):* Wafaat (Death): Source:

'Abd ibn Abu Bakr (deceased)

'Abd-Allah ibn Abu Bakr (deceased)

'Abdullah al-Bakri bin 'Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr (deceased)


'Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr (deceased)

Wilaadat (Birth): * Wafaat (Death):

'Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr (c.614 - 666)

From Banu Taym Tribe (Part of Banu Quraysh Tribe).* Wilaadat (Birth): * Wafaat (Death): Source: Banu Azd Tribe.Source 1: 2: Banu Azd Tribe.Source:

'Arab Khatun bint Al-Muqtafi (deceased)

She is named as the wife of Mas'ud on page 390 of Ann K.S. Lambton's Continuity and Change in Medieval Persia.

'Atika bint Abdullah (deceased)

'Umar bin Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas (620 - 686)

Umar ibn Sa'ad (Arabic: عمر بن سعد‎) (fl. 620–686) was the son of Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqqas. He was a clergyman, and took orders from Ibn Ziyad. He led the troops that murdered Husayn ibn Ali in the Battl...

'Umar bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr (deceased)

Wilaadat (Birth): * Wafaat (Death):

? bint Khalid ibn Jabalah al-Ghassani (c.505 - d.)

Aaron Ibn Abī ʾl-ʿAysh "ibn Yahya" (Ibn Abī ʾl-ʿAysh) (deceased)

Abayd Abi Chahine (deceased)

Abboud Abi Ramia (deceased)

Abd Al Aziz Abd Al Maged (deceased)

Abd Al Hameed Abd Al Maged (deceased)

Abd al-Hadi Abu Bakr (deceased)

Abd al-Rahman bint Faysal bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud (deceased)

Abdalla Abi Chahine (deceased)

Abdalla Abi Chahine (deceased)

Abdallah Al-Bakr (deceased)

Abdallah bint Turki bin Nasir Al Saud (deceased)

Abdel Malik Bint Marwan Omeyida (aft.646 - 705)

Abdelmassih Mikhael Abi Fadel (deceased)

Abderrahmán Bint Mu'awiya Bint Hisham iben Abdel Malik (731 - 788)

Abdiwaxid Hussein Abi (deceased)

Abdiwaxid Hussein Abi Elmi (deceased)

Abdo Abi Moussa (deceased)

Abdo Abi Abdallah (deceased)

Abdul Rahim bin Abu Bakr Nur ud-din (deceased)

Abdulkarim Bakr (b. - 2009)

Abdullah bin Abu Bakr (deceased)

Abdullah Shaleh (Abi) (1942 - 2006)

Abdulrahman Al-Bakr (deceased)


Abdur Saeed el Haj Ahmed Abi Lamah (deceased)


Abir bint Saad bin Abdallah Al Jiluwi (deceased)

Abir bint Turki bin Muhammad Al Saud al-Kabir (deceased)

Abir bint Faysal bin Turki (II) Al Saud (deceased)

Abir bint Badr bin Muhammad (deceased)

Abir bint Muhammad bin Abd al-Aziz (deceased)

Abir bint Turki bin Muhammad Al Saud (deceased)

Princess Abir bint Turki (II) bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud (deceased)

Abir bint Turki bin Nasir Al Saud (deceased)

Abir bint Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud (deceased)

Abla BINT MUHAMMAD (deceased)

Abo Bakr Abd Al Khalik (deceased)

Aboobaker (deceased)

He is buried in Janat-ul-Baqi near Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) the son of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) Was a religious person.An interesting information about him was that he had a Jinn who used to be his compani...

Abu Bakr (deceased)

Abu Amir Muhammad Ibn Abi "Almanzor" (b. - 1002)