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? Blecher (Lipshitz) (deceased)

? BLECHER (c.1725 - d.)

? Blecher (deceased)

? Blecher (deceased)

? Feinstein (Blecher) (deceased)

? Blecher (deceased)

? Blecher (deceased)

???? Blecher (deceased)

Abe Blecher (1893 - d.)

Abe Blecher (deceased)

Abraham Blecher (deceased)

Abraham Blecher (deceased)

Abraham Blecher (b. - c.1971)

Abram Blecher (b. - 1941)

Abram Blecher (deceased)

Abram Meier Shilinsky Blecher (1870 - d.)

Ada Blecher (deceased)

Adel Scop (Blecher) (b. - 1967)

Aidle BLECHER (GREENBERG) (c.1870 - c.1942)

Albert Max Blecher (1867 - 1915)

Allan Blecher (1921 - d.)

Ana Diringer (Blecher) (b. - 1942)

Anita (Blecher) Boxer (deceased)

Anita Blecher (Avruzky) (deceased)

Ann Isserles (Blecher) (deceased)

Ann Blecher (deceased)

Anna Catherine Blecher (1692 - d.)

born in the Kingdom of Prussia

Anna Boxer (Blecher) (1892 - 1985)

Anna Blecher (Goldsmith) (deceased)

Anna Blecher (Taub (Talberetzky)) (b. - c.1918)

Anna "Nachama" Charam (Blecher) (deceased)

Anne Blecher (deceased)

Annie Blacker or Blecher (deceased)

Antonio Blecher (deceased)

Augustee (Blecher) Kienast (deceased)

Avraham Yitzchak Blecher (1906 - 1924)

Avraham Blecher (deceased)

Avraham Blecher (deceased)

Avraham "Yitzhak" Blecher (deceased)

Avram Bloch (Blecher) (deceased)

Avram Blecher (1818 - 1878)

Avram Mayer Blecher (deceased)

Bailee Molly Blecher (Gurvevitz) (deceased)

Barbara Blecher (deceased)

Barbara Sweet (Blecher) (deceased)

Baruch David Blecher (deceased)

Bassa Podolsky (Blecher) (deceased)

Basya Blekher (Blecher) (c.1853 - d.)

Batia Gutman (Blecher) (deceased)

Beba (Berta) Blecher (Menis) (1916 - d.)

Beila Blecher (Vital) (1890 - d.)

Beile Blekher (Blecher) (Blecher) (c.1842 - d.)

1858 Novopoltavka, Kherson, Russian Empire Revision List Beila daughter of Yosel age 16

Bella Blecher (Servetz) (deceased)

Bella Singer (Blecher) (c.1926 - c.2006)

Bella Kamener (deceased)

Ben Blecher (deceased)

Ben Tzion Blecher (deceased)

Benjamin BLECHER (1893 - 1985)

Benjamin Blecher (deceased)

Benjamin Blacker or Blecher (deceased)

Benjamin Blecher (1909 - 1998)

Bernie Blecher (deceased)

Bertha Blecher (deceased)

Bertha Levy (Blecher) (deceased)

Bertha Swetow (Blecher) (deceased)

Bertha Blecher (1909 - 1998)

Bess Blecher (Heller) (1898 - 1994)

Yiddish name: Pesha

Bessie Blecher (deceased)

Bessie Blecher (deceased)

Bessie Blecher (deceased)

Betty Blecher (deceased)

Betty Blecher (deceased)

Beverly Ann Church (Blecher) (1935 - 2014)

Biba Blecher (c.1938 - c.1941)

Biba Blekher [b.c. 1936] was born to Srul. She was a child. Prior to WWII she lived in Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine (USSR). During the war she was in Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine (USSR). Biba was murdered in Dzerzhinsk,...

Bilha Blecher (Olkenitzki) (1914 - 1991)

Binyamin Blecher (deceased)

Bluma Blecher (deceased)

Boaz Blecher (b. - 1949)

בית עלמין סגולה

Bozi Blecher (1905 - d.)

She was married with 2 children according to the Yad ve-Shem testimony. You will find her in the Yad ve-Shem database if you search on "Blecher" or "Blekher". His brother Eliahu (Elias) gave the test...

Brana Blecher (1866 - 1930)

Brile Blecher (Olkenitzki) (deceased)

Byron Blecher (deceased)

Caroline Blecher (Krug) (deceased)

Caroline Blecher (Platzman) (deceased)

Catherine Hoffa (Blecher) (1793 - 1861)

Catherine Groff (Blecher) (deceased)

Catherine Blecher (1795 - 1861)

Celia Gross (Blecher) (deceased)

CHAIKEL Blecher (deceased)

Chaim Wolf Blecher (deceased)

Chaim Alter Blecher (1854 - 1935)

Great new article in Wikipedia about Moisés Ville and the early Jewish settlers of Argentina, sent by Baron Hirsch, including a reference to our ancestors!! And in 1905 a group from Kherson ...

Chain Irsch Blecher (deceased)

Chana Blecher (1905 - 1988)

Chana Bluma Maccoby (1852 - d.)

Chana BLECHER (deceased)

Chana Dina Blecher (Zetcher) (1895 - 1941)

Charlie Blecher (deceased)

Charlotte Schneider (Blecher) (deceased)

Charlotte Blecher (deceased)

Chaya Ida Blecher (1864 - 1936)