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? Blecher (deceased)

? Blecher (deceased)

? Blecher (deceased)

? Blecher (Lipshitz) (deceased)

? Feinstein (Blecher) (deceased)

? Blecher (deceased)

? BLECHER (c.1725 - d.)

???? Blecher (deceased)

Abe Blecher (1893 - d.)

Abe Blecher (deceased)

Abraham Blecher (deceased)

Abraham Blecher (b. - c.1971)

Abraham Blecher (deceased)

Abram Blecher (deceased)

Abram Blecher (b. - 1941)

Abram Meier Shilinsky Blecher (1870 - d.)

Ada Blecher (deceased)

Adel Scop (Blecher) (b. - 1967)

Aidle BLECHER (GREENBERG) (c.1870 - c.1942)

Albert Max Blecher (1867 - 1915)

Alice Blecher-Schull (Robison) (deceased)

Allan Blecher (1921 - d.)

Ana Diringer (Blecher) (b. - 1942)

Anita (Blecher) Boxer (deceased)

Anita Blecher (Avruzky) (deceased)

Ann Isserles (Blecher) (deceased)

Ann Blecher (deceased)

Anna Catherine Blecher (1692 - d.)

born in the Kingdom of Prussia

Anna Blecher (Goldsmith) (deceased)

Anna Boxer (Blecher) (1892 - 1985)

Anna Blecher (Taub (Talberetzky)) (b. - c.1918)

Anna "Nachama" Charam (Blecher) (deceased)

Anne Blecher (deceased)

Annie Blacker or Blecher (deceased)

Antonio Blecher (deceased)

Augustee (Blecher) Kienast (deceased)

Avraham Blecher (deceased)

Avraham Blecher (deceased)

Avraham Yitzchak Blecher (1906 - 1924)

Avraham "Yitzhak" Blecher (deceased)

Avram Blecher (1818 - 1878)

Avram Bloch (Blecher) (deceased)

Avram Mayer Blecher (deceased)

Bailee Molly Blecher (Gurvevitz) (deceased)

Barbara Sweet (Blecher) (deceased)

Barbara Blecher (deceased)

Baruch David Blecher (deceased)

Bassa Podolsky (Blecher) (deceased)

Basya Blekher (Blecher) (c.1853 - d.)

Batia Gutman (Blecher) (deceased)

Beba (Berta) Blecher (Menis) (1916 - d.)

Beila Blecher (Vital) (1890 - d.)

Beile Blekher (Blecher) (Blecher) (c.1842 - d.)

1858 Novopoltavka, Kherson, Russian Empire Revision List Beila daughter of Yosel age 16

Bella Singer (Blecher) (c.1926 - c.2006)

Bella Blecher (Servetz) (deceased)

Bella Kamener (deceased)

Ben Blecher (deceased)

Ben Tzion Blecher (deceased)

Benjamin BLECHER (1893 - 1985)

Benjamin Blecher (deceased)

Benjamin Blacker or Blecher (deceased)

Benjamin Blecher (1909 - 1998)

Bernie Blecher (deceased)

Bertha Blecher (deceased)

Bertha Levy (Blecher) (deceased)

Bertha Blecher (1909 - 1998)

Bertha Swetow (Blecher) (deceased)

Bess Blecher (Heller) (1898 - 1994)

Yiddish name: Pesha

Bessie Blecher (deceased)

Bessie Blecher (deceased)

Bessie Blecher (deceased)

Betty Blecher (deceased)

Betty Blecher (deceased)

Beverly Ann Church (Blecher) (1935 - 2014)

Biba Blecher (c.1938 - c.1941)

Biba Blekher [b.c. 1936] was born to Srul. She was a child. Prior to WWII she lived in Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine (USSR). During the war she was in Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine (USSR). Biba was murdered in Dzerzhinsk,...

Bilha Blecher (Olkenitzki) (1914 - d.)

Binyamin Blecher (deceased)

Bluma Blecher (deceased)

Boaz Blecher (b. - 1949)

בית עלמין סגולה

Bozi Blecher (1905 - d.)

She was married with 2 children according to the Yad ve-Shem testimony. You will find her in the Yad ve-Shem database if you search on "Blecher" or "Blekher". His brother Eliahu (Elias) gave the test...

Brana Blecher (1866 - 1930)

Byron Blecher (deceased)

Caroline Blecher (Krug) (deceased)

Caroline Blecher (Platzman) (deceased)

Catherine Hoffa (Blecher) (1793 - 1861)

Catherine Groff (Blecher) (deceased)

Catherine Blecher (1795 - 1861)

Celia Gross (Blecher) (deceased)

CHAIKEL Blecher (deceased)

Chaim Alter Blecher (1854 - 1935)

Great new article in Wikipedia about Moisés Ville and the early Jewish settlers of Argentina, sent by Baron Hirsch, including a reference to our ancestors!! And in 1905 a group from Kherson ...

Chain Irsch Blecher (deceased)

Chana BLECHER (deceased)

Chana Dina Blecher (Zetcher) (1895 - 1941)

Chana Blecher (1905 - 1988)

Chana Bluma Maccoby (1852 - d.)

Charlie Blecher (deceased)

Charlotte Schneider (Blecher) (deceased)

Charlotte Blecher (deceased)

Chaya Rivka Travitzky (Blecher) (deceased)

Chaya Ida Blecher (1864 - 1936)