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Eleazar Boethus, Sadducee High Priest MP (deceased)

Eleazar, second son of Simon Boethus. He succeeded his brother Joazar when the latter was deprived of that function by King Archelaus (2 A.D.) Eleazar was high priest for a short time only, the same ki...

Joazer Boethus, Sadducee High Priest MP (c.34 - d.)

Joazar, high priest for six years during the latter days of Herod the Great and the first years of Archelaus (4 B.C.-2 A.D.) .� He was the son of Simon Boethus, who owed his dignity and fortun...

Phabet ben Boethus MP (deceased)

Origins according to the Talmud Edit The post-Talmudic work Avot de-Rabbi Natan gives the following origin of the schism between the Pharisees and Sadducees/Boethusians: Antigonus of Sokho having ...

Simon ben Boethus, High Priest MP (c.-64 - -5)

Simon Boethus, Citizen of Jerusalem , according to Josephus: .Mariamne II was the third wife of Herod the Great. She was the daughter of Simon Boethus the High Priest. Josephus recounts their wedding t...

Simon Cantharus (Boethus), Sadducee High Priest MP (3 - d.)

Simon Cantharus, third son of Simon Boethus, simple priest at the time of the trial of the biblical Jesus; was afterwards made high priest by King Herod Agrippa (42 A.D.), who, however, deposed him aft...

Eleazar ben Boethus, 63rd High Priest (deceased)

Joazar ben Boethus, 62nd High Priest (deceased)

Martha daughter of Boethus (c.14 - d.)

MARTHA, DAUGHTER OF BOETHUS by Chana Safrai Martha, daughter of Boethus, was a widow from the respected Boethus family of Jerusalem who remarried a future High Priest of Israel. According to traditio...

Matthias I ben Boethus, 61st High Priest (deceased)

NN 1st husband of Martha 'daughter of Boethus' (deceased)

NN son of 1st husband of Martha 'daughter of Boethus', Priest (deceased)

Sethus Kantheras ben Boethus, 72nd High Priest (deceased)

Simon IV ben Boethus, 60th High Priest (deceased)

Wife of Fabus ben Boethus (deceased)