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Archibald Hugh Bogle, CBE MP (1883 - 1972)

One of four brothers who served in WW1, three died. His wife also had three brothers who died in WW1. 2nd Lieutenant Archibald Hugh Bogle known as Archie served with the New Zealand Engineers. A Civil...

Brandon Cutler MP

Brandon Bogle is an American professional wrestler currently known by the ring name Brandon Cutler. He is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling as both a talent and as an executive producer.

Denise Cutler MP

Denise Bogle (also known as Denise Cutler) is a seamstress for All Elite Wrestling.

Elisabeth Beike (Bögle) MP (1855 - 1915)

Elizabeth Bogle, secundus MP (bef.1674 - d.)

ELIZABETH BOGLE Elizabeth Bogle (1696) Elizabeth Bogle (1698) Elizabeth Bogle (1701) Elizabeth Bogle (1702) Elizabeth Bogle (1704) Elizabeth Boggle (1707) Elspeth Boggle (1709) Elizabeth Boggil (17...

Eric Bogle MP (c.1918 - d.)

George Bogle MP (b. - 1707)

GEORGE BOGLE OF DALDOWIE George Bogle possessed considerable property both in the city of Glasgow and the neighbourhood. East End Glasgow History: Daldowie Death and Burial George Bogle died in ...

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George Stafford Bogle MP (1889 - 1915)

Lieutenant George Stafford Bogle attended lectures in 1906-8 was studying Engineering. He played football for the Junior fifteen. When war broke out he enlisted from Canada, and went to England with th...

Georgie Isabella Dunlop (Bogle) MP (deceased)

Gilbert Vere Bogle MP (1884 - 1916)

Captain Gilbert Vere Bogle came to Victoria College from Napier Boys' High School in 1901, graduating B.A. in 1908. During his first years he was a cadet in the Government, later obtaining a mastership...

Gordon Kennedy Bogle MP (1888 - 1917)

Gordon Kennedy Bogle was an architect before enlisting on 20 September 1915 at Lismore, New South Wales, Australia where he lived. He embarked on 28 March 1916 with the 26th Battalion, 10th Reinforceme...

John Bogle of Bogleshole, WS MP (b. - 1743)

JOHN BOGLE OF BOGLESHOLE Writer to His Majesty's Signet The father of John Bogle of Bogleshole, here treated, has not been identified. The chronology of the family suggests that he may be a son of ...

John C. Bogle MP (1929 - 2019)

John Clifton "Jack" Bogle is the founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group. His 1999 book Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor became a bestseller and is con...

John Bogle of Hamilton's Farm MP (b. - 1778)

JOHN BOGLE OF HAMILTON'S FARM John Bogle of Hamilton's Farm is the son of Patrick Bogle of Hamilton's Farm and his wife, the Honourable Graham Christian Crawford. He was born on 22 January 1748 and h...

Kathleen Veronica Bogle MP (1925 - 1999)

Loris King MP (1907 - c.1987)

Oral history obtained from a descendant of William Henry King, was that Loris biological father was Arthur King one of William's sons. Her death certificate identifies her fathers name as Arthur.

Margaret Bogle, secundus MP (1726 - bef.1807)

MARGARET BOGLE (OTHERWISE MARGARET BOAGLE) secundus Margaret Bogle is the daughter of John Bogle of Bogleshole, W.S., and his wife, Isobel Henderson. She was born on 12 August 1726 and her baptism was...

Margaret Bogle, primus MP (1720 - bef.1726)

MARGARET BOGLE primus BOGLE MARGARET JOHN BOGLE/ISOBELL HENDERSON FR4500 (FR4500) F 21/03/1720 685/1 160 352 Edinburgh

Marion Bogle MP (1725 - 1763)

MARION BOGLE Marion Bogle, here treated, is the daughter of John Bogle of Bogleshole, WS, and his wife, Isobel Henderson. She was born on 28 January 1725 and her baptism was registered at Edinburgh i...

Martha Bogle MP (c.1716 - c.1768)

MARTHA BOGLE Martha Bogle is the daughter of John Bogle of Hamilton's Farm, Dunlop of Garnkirk and the sister of Patrick Bogle of Hamilton's Farm. [National Records of Scotland, Particular Register o...

Patrick Bogle of Hamilton's Farm MP (bef.1721 - 1763)

PATRICK BOGLE OF HAMILTON'S FARM Merchant in Glasgow: Burgess and Guild Brother of Glasgow Patrick Bogle of Hamilton's Farm is the second son but ultimately the oldest surviving son of John Bogle o...

Polly Moore (Bogle) MP (1773 - 1860)

Stephen Adolphus Bogle MP (deceased)

Thomas Bogle of Bogleshole MP (deceased)

THOMAS BOGLE OF BOGLESHOLE Mason in Glasgow Thomas Bogle, here treated, is the son of John Bogle of Bogleshole. On 26 November 1670 he was indentured for seven years as an apprentice with John Hunt...

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William Bogle of Bogleshole MP (bef.1728 - 1756)

WILLIAM BOGLE OF BOGLESHOLE (1728-56) Merchant in Glasgow William Bogle, here treated, may be identified as William Boyle in his baptismal record. He was born before 31 May 1728, the date upon whic...

Bogle (deceased)

Bogle (1843 - 1843)

! Bogle (deceased)

"Dillie" Bogle (deceased)

(Billy) William Bogle (deceased)

? Bogle (deceased)

?? (papa) Bogle (deceased)

?John Bogle (1858 - d.)

A Bogle (deceased)

Abigail Hill (Bogle) (deceased)

Abraham F Bogle (deceased)

Absalom Ray Bogle (1840 - d.)

Absey Clyte Bogle (1853 - d.)

Absolam Ray Bogle (1840 - 1901)

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ADA BOGLE (1882 - 1967)

Ada Bogle (deceased)

Ada Susan Bogle (Herschfeldt) (deceased)

Ada Laura Grant (Bogle) (c.1881 - 1956)

Adaway (Adie) L Clark (Bogle) (deceased)

Addie Stickel (Bogle) (deceased)

LostGeneration, Source:

Adelaide Bogle (Bailey) (1828 - 1896)

Daughter of Henry BaileyWife of Robert Bogle* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Aug 14 2018, 13:00:17 UTC

Adelaide Ann "nannie" Bogle (deceased)

Adele (Molly) Edna Bogle (1913 - 2005)

Adina Bogle (deceased)

Adina Bryan (Bogle) (deceased)

Adina Bogle (1897 - 1974)

Agatha Bögle (1739 - d.)

Agnes Bogle (Dahl) (1896 - d.)

Agnes Bogle (1759 - d.)

AGNES BOGLE Agnes Bogle is the daughter of Archibald Bogle and his wife Janet Cathcart. She was born on 27 June 1759 and her baptism was registered on 4 July 1759, at Glasgow in Lanarkshire, Scotland....

Agnes Bogle (bef.1725 - d.)

Glasgow 19 January 1725 [Scotland, Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950, index, FamilySearch]

Agnes Bogle (1681 - 1720)

Agnes Bogle (1681 - 1720)

Strathendrick, pp. 354-56

Agnes Bogle (c.1734 - d.)

Agnes Bogle (c.1737 - d.)

Agnes Bogle (deceased)

Agnes Bogle (1757 - d.)

AGNES BOGLE 19 July 1757 15 September 1757 Glasgow Scottish Baptisms

Agnes Bogle (deceased)

Agnes Bogle (1773 - 1843)

BOGLE AGNES MICHAEL BOGLE/JANET SCOT FR919 (FR919) F 13/10/1773 644/1 160 50 Glasgow

Agnes Bogle (bef.1702 - d.)

BOGLE AGNES ROBERT BOGLE/MARY MILLAR F 25/08/1702 644/1 80 147 Glasgow

Agnes Bogle (bef.1807 - d.)

AGNES BOGLE BOGLE AGNES HUGH BOGLE/AGNES BOGLE FR111 (FR111) F 12/11/1807 627/ 10 186 Cambuslang

Nancy Bogle (c.1913 - c.1975)

Agnes Bogle, primus (bef.1635 - bef.1638)

AGNES BOGLE (aka AGNESS BOGILL) primus Agnes Bogle is the daughter of Robert Bogle of Daldowie and his wife Janet Luke. She was born before 24 April 1635, the date upon which her baptism was registere...

Agnes Bogle (1859 - 1937)

Agnes Bogle, secundus (bef.1638 - d.)

AGNES BOGLE (aka AGNES BOGILL) BOGILL AGNES ROT. BOGILL/JONET LUK F 16/03/1638 644/1 30 200 Glasgow [OPR.644/1 30 200]

Aimee Bogle (deceased)

Albert G Bogle (1817 - 1858)

Albert Murl Bogle (1919 - 1974)

Alexander Bogle (c.1630 - 1706)

Alexander appears to be another Scots Battle of Dunbar POWs indentured to the colonies

Alexander Bogle (bef.1728 - d.)


Alexander Bogle (bef.1630 - bef.1642)

ALEXANDER BOGLE BOGELL ALEXANDER ROT. BOGELL/JONET LUKE M 22/12/1630 644/1 20 319 Glasgow [Testament Dative of Alexander Bogle son lawful to Robert Bogle, merchant burgess of Glasgow, by Janet Louk, ...

Alfred Clement Bogle (1886 - 1970)

Alfred Bogle (deceased)

Alice Bogle (c.1778 - 1845)

Alice Bogle (Nichols) (c.1880 - 1909)

Alice E Bogle (Hoge) (1852 - 1892)

Alison Swan (Bogle) (c.1826 - d.)

Alison Bogle (White) (deceased)

Allan Bogle (deceased)

Genealogy East End Glasgow History: Daldowie

Allan Bogle (bef.1756 - d.)

BOGLE ALLAN ROBERT BOGLE/MARY WOOD M 15/08/1756 644/1 121 199 Glasgow

Allan Palmer Bogle (deceased)

Allan Palmer Bogle (b. - 1976)

Alma Bogle (deceased)

Alma Ruth Bogle (King) (1918 - 1996)

Almira A. Bogle (deceased)

Alois Bögle (1924 - d.)

Aloisia Bögle (Baur) (1925 - 1993)

Alonzo Blair Bogle (deceased)

Aloysha Aaron Bogle (1974 - 1987)

Altie Elizabeth Blanton (Bogle) (deceased)

Alton Bogle (1921 - 1999)

Alva R Bogle (1908 - d.)

Amanda M Bogle (Collins) (c.1849 - d.)

Amanda Emmaline Deal (Bogle) (deceased)

Amanda Chrestiana Mcintosh (Bogle) (deceased)

America Bogle (Waldo) (1844 - 1903)

From Wikipedia : America Waldo Bogle (June 2, 1844 – December 28, 1903) was a pioneer in the Oregon Territory. She and her husband, Richard Arthur Bogle, were among the first Black settlers in Walla W...