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Ann Mellburn (Born) MP (1593 - 1648)

Ann BORN Birth 20 Nov 1593 in Berkley, Somerset, England Death Nov 1648 in Somerset, England Married Thomas MELBURN (1591 – ) Child Grace MELBURN (1617 – 1700) married Robert Andrews

Ann Bowen (Born), of Wales MP (c.1593 - 1648) Ann (Bourne) Bowen (abt. 1590 - abt. 1648) Ann (Bourne) Bowen's Profile Family Tree & Genealogy Tools Ann Bowen formerly Bourne Born about 1590 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales Daug...

Anna Maria Born (Alt) MP (1633 - 1720)

Bertrand "le Troubadour" de Born, seigneur de Hautefort MP (c.1140 - 1220)

Bertran de Born (1140s – by 1215) was a baron from the Limousin in France, and one of the major Occitan troubadours of the twelfth century. Bertran de Born was the eldest son of Bertran de Born, lo...

Gustav Jacob Born, Prof. MP (1850 - 1900)

Gustav Born, was the eldest and brightest of Marcus's children. At the time of his father’s death Gustav had completed his medical studies and accepted a position as assistant at the Anatomical Insti...

Joan Gilbert (born prematurely, died), Twin MP (c.1603 - d.)

Johann Peter Born MP (1726 - 1799)

Johanna Sophia van der Spuÿ Brink (born Brink) MP (1839 - 1922)

Johanna Vander Spuÿ Brink in South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970 Birth: Feb 14 1839 Baptism: Sep 5 1839 Stellenbosch, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa Father: Marthinus Cornel...

Johanna Margaretha Brink (born Brink) MP (1829 - 1913)

Johanna Kornelia Zimmermann (Born) MP (c.1712 - 1759)

Katharina Mohr (Born) MP (1574 - 1625)

Martin Born MP (1640 - 1691)

Mary Martin (Born) MP (1678 - c.1741)

Mary Gilbert (born prematurely, died), Twin MP (c.1603 - d.)

Max Jacob Born, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1954 MP (1882 - 1970)

Max Born received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1954 for his work on Quantum Mechanics. (Family name was originally Buttermilch but was changed in 1842 to Born) "The wide–ranging family histor...

unknown father of Ann Born MP (c.1570 - c.1629)

unknown mother of Ann Born MP (c.1570 - c.1622)

Wolfgang Born MP (1893 - 1949)

Wolfgang Born (born October 2, 1893 Breslau, Germany - died New York, NY June 15, 1949). Wolfgang was a Byzantine and Russian art specialist, later historian of 19th- and 20th-century painting (U.S. ca...

Still-Born MP (1906 - 1906)

ex regia Caroli magni sanguine orta "born of the blood of the great, Charles"/ MP (deceased)

Diann Mary Smith (born Reichlin) 1947 MP (deceased)

Marcia Ann Sypniewski (born Smith) 1956 MP (deceased)

Hedvig Brunström (born Mickelsdotter) MP (1791 - 1837)

Gerrit Cornelisz (Gerardus) van den Born MP (deceased)

(?) Born MP (deceased)

Lady (Miss) von Born (von Looz / Loon) MP (deceased)

Reference Source 1) Detlev Schwennicke, Europaische Stammtafeln, New Series, Vol. XXVI, Tafel 108.

(Netsi Jüri) Mari Born (Jurikas) MP (1838 - 1859)

sünd - personaalraamat - 1834 - personaalraamat - 1852 - personaalraamat -

--- Hosking (born Sobey) MP (deceased)

--- Mayfield (born Mayfield) MP (deceased)

--- Settler (born Settler ???) MP (deceased)

--- Offenbacher (born Nn-061) MP (deceased)

--- Siegel (born Siegel) MP (deceased)

... von Busse (born dead) MP (deceased)

1 NN born Siegel MP (deceased)

1. tütar Born MP (1914 - 1914)

1.Sünd-1914- ?

1st Name Unknown Brown (born Brittain) MP (deceased)

1st Wife Maduray 24920 Born India MP (deceased)

2 NN born Rothschild MP (deceased)

2 NN born Siegel MP (deceased)

2nd wife Maduray 24920 Born India MP (deceased)

3 NN born Rothschild MP (deceased)

3 x private Gilinsky - Børn MP (deceased)

4 NN born Rothschild MP (deceased)

5 NN born Rothschild MP (deceased)

6 other siblings born between 1801-1818 MP (deceased)

7 Børn MP (deceased)

Hans og Karen får 7 børn - hvoraf en drend dør som spæd. Den yngste af de 6 levende børn (2 drenge og 4 piger) hedder gerda helene Hansen (1875 - ?).

9 sons- James, Eli, Thomas, Elisha, Samuel, Daniel, John, Chipman GRIFFIN (all born in Canada) MP (deceased)

<privat> Simmons (born Breivik) MP (deceased)

<Private> Sr. (born Studdard) MP (deceased)

<Private> Frydenberg (born Bjørge) MP (deceased)

? Born in NY MP (deceased)

? Born in Massacheusetts MP (deceased)

? Born in Massacheusetts MP (deceased)

? Born MP (deceased)

? Netter (born?) MP (deceased)

? Born MP (b. - 1863)

? Rybinski (von Born) MP (c.1660 - d.)

? Jastrzębska (von Born) MP (deceased)

? born Charif MP (deceased)

? Nyman (Born Back) MP (deceased)

? Soderholm (Born Back) MP (deceased)

? Born MP (deceased)

? Berg (Born Hoddø) MP (deceased)

? Blankenborg (Born Hoddø) MP (deceased)

? Mørk (Born Hoddø) MP (deceased)

Lady ? von Born MP (deceased)

? von Concius (born Mallard) MP (deceased)

?? ?- Born In Kentucky MP (deceased)

?? Born MP (deceased)

(adopted by wealthy businessman in Bloemfontein who married a very blond woman MP (deceased)

??? von Born (von Waldau) MP (deceased)

????? McGlynn (born/died 1950) MP (deceased)

?Mary? Kelley born Reynolds MP (deceased)

?NN Glässner ((born ?NN) MP (deceased)

[Kärdi Jaago] Hans Born MP (1825 - 1902)

sünd 1825: Rapla khk personaalraamat: 1853-1867 Rummu: Abielu 1856:

[Kärdi Jaago] Hans Born MP (1779 - 1842)

sünd 1779: Rapla khk hingerevisjon 1795: surmaakt 1842:

[Kärdi Jaago] Juhan Born MP (1822 - 1858)

sünd 1822: surmaakt 1858: Rapla khk personaalraamat:

Tõntsu Mart MP (1767 - 1817)

Rapla khk Kuusiku (Saage) hingerevisjonid: 1795: 1816: 1834: Rapla khk personaalraamat: poja pere Rapla personaalraamatus:

[Tõntsu] Ottepa Jaan {Born} MP (1775 - d.)

sünd 1775: Rapla khk hingerevisjon 1795: Rapla khk personaalraamat:

_ Peters (Born) MP (deceased)

_ Born (Peters) MP (deceased)

Aaltje van den Born MP (1901 - 1996)

Aaltje van den Born MP (1835 - 1875)

Aaltje van den Born MP (1833 - 1870)

Aaltje van den Born MP (deceased)

Aaltje van den Born MP (deceased)

Aaron Bloom born Hemmingson MP (deceased)

Aaron "Kershen" Kirschner (born Kachinovitch or Kirschnovitch} MP (deceased)

Aavo Kalda (born Klein) MP (1934 - d.)

Abraham Heinrich K Born MP (deceased)

Abraham Peter Born MP (deceased)

Abraham Gotkin born Yossel (Harry) Greenfield Born Yossel Greenfield MP (c.1901 - 1977)

Abraham Nechemia Becker (born Zlapac) MP (c.1875 - 1949)

According Kride Yankelovana to Estersonn her name was Rachel? born MP (1876 - d.)

Aceh Lady (Simbok) born & demise in Aceh MP (deceased)

Ad Born v/d MP (1921 - 2014)

Ada Pasha (born Backchurch) MP (1919 - 1996)

Ada Born (Crook) MP (1881 - 1939)

Ada Treadwell (born Baker) MP (1900 - d.)

Ada Ruth McDonald (born Pick) MP (deceased)