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Joseph Groves Boxhall MP (1884 - 1967)

Joseph Groves Boxhall Boxhall was born in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, the second child of Miriam and Captain Joseph Boxhall sr.. He was born into an established seafaring traditi...

Boxhall (deceased)

????? Boxhall (deceased)

Ada Bradford (Boxhall) (deceased)

Albert Edward BOXHALL (1883 - d.)

Alfred Boxhall (deceased)

Alice Margaret Boxhall (Thompson) (1864 - 1940)

Ann Keegan (Boxhall) (1840 - d.)

Ann KEYGAN (BOXHALL) (deceased)

Barbara Rose Boxhall (1938 - d.)

Benjamin Boxhall (deceased)

Charles Frederick Boxhall (1848 - d.)

Claude Boxhall (deceased)

Clifford Frederick Boxhall (1906 - 1907)

Daphne Vera Booth (Boxhall) (1908 - 1973)

1931/1936/1949-Daphne was recorded as residing in Newmarket. 1949-recorded as residing in Essendon West/ Maribyrnong.

DEREK BOXHALL (deceased)

Donald William Boxhall (1904 - 1990)

1943: Donald lived in the Melbourne suburb of Newmarket.

Effie May Boxhall (c.1911 - 1992)

Eliza Boxhall (deceased)

Ellen Boxhall (deceased)

Ellen Boxhall (Whitely) (1842 - 1901)

Elvira Mary Robinson Boxhall (Ramskill) (deceased)

Emily Boxhall (deceased)

Emma Eliza Boxhall (1861 - d.)

Emma Boxhall (Curtis) (1841 - d.)

Emma Boxshall (Boxhall) (1866 - d.)

Florence May Boxhall (Frost) (1881 - 1930)

Gertrude (Peg) Boxhall (deceased)

Glanville Thomas Boxhall (1920 - 1976)

ON H.M.A.S. STUART Glanville Boxhall, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boxhall. of Westbury, is a wireless operator on t h e H.M.A.S. Stuart. The Stuart took part in the sinking of an Italian sub ma...

Henri Boxhall (deceased)

Henry Boxhall (deceased)

Hilda Elsie Irene Boxhall (Rushton) (1918 - 1996)

Isaac Boxhall (Boxall) (1811 - 1860)

Dorking to Van Diemen's Land ISAAC BOXSHALL Isaac was a younger brother of William and James, he was the first of the three brothers to come to Australia, although not of his own choice. He was the...

James Boxhall (deceased)

James Peter Boxhall (1841 - 1897)

James Boxshall (Boxhall) (1868 - d.)

Jean Boxhall (deceased)

Jillian Comport (Boxhall) (deceased)

John Boxhall (deceased)

john boxhall (deceased)

Captain Joseph Boxhall (1858 - d.)

Joseph Boxhall (deceased)

Lauren Boxhall-Smith (deceased)

Margaret Goss (Boxhall) (deceased)

Margaret Boxhall (1856 - d.)

Margaret Boxhall (Penna) (deceased)

Marjory Boxhall (Beddells) (deceased)

Martha Hodgetts (Boxhall) (deceased)

Mary Boxhall (Longhurst) (1680 - 1696)

Mary Boxhall (deceased)

Mary Taylor (Boxhall) (1845 - 1914)

Mary's husband William died on the 12th October, 1914 followed, very sadly, by the death of her daughter, Christina on the following day.

Mary Ann Elizabeth Martin (Boxhall) (c.1876 - 1938)

mary ann ANNE Boxhall (Studsor) (1857 - d.)

matilda boxhall (deceased)

Miriam Boxhall (deceased)

Myrtle Ivy Boxhall (1900 - 1902)

POLLY BOXHALL (deceased)

Raymond Frost Boxhall (1920 - 1989)

1943 & 1954 : Raymond was recorded living in the Melbourne suburb of Newmarket.

Reginald Boxhall (deceased)

Royce Vaughtin Boxhall (1913 - 1983)

Selwyn Guy Boxhall (1913 - 1993)

1937 & 195- Selwyn was recorded as living in Newmarket, Victoria.

Susan Anne Wynwood (Boxhall) (1864 - 1922)

Thomas Boxhall (deceased)

Thomas Boxhall (1882 - 1946)

Thomas Joseph Boxhall (1869 - d.)

Trevor John Boxhall (1916 - 1945)

Pte Trevor Boxhall (# QX37469) was killed in action.(died of wounds) and is buried in Bomana (Port Moresby) War Cemetery, New Guinea. See: Australian War Memorial Roll Of Honour

William Henry Boxhall (1866 - 1941)

Florence, William's wife is a near blood relative to him. I think Florence is his niece. L.B.

William Boxhall (1839 - 1920)

William Boxhall (1815 - d.)