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Harry Braslovsky (Braudo) MP (c.1894 - 1956)

Lithuanian immigrants to Rhodesia. Their daughter went by the surname Braudo. Reported to be "observant Jews" who lived on a farm in the bush in Gweru (known as Gwelo until 1982). Muriel (Murial) Cle...

Alfreda Braudo (deceased)

Anne Braudo (Freedman) (1899 - 1992)

Cecil Braudo (deceased)

Cecil Braudo (deceased)

Elena Marshak (Braudo) (deceased)

Esther Braudo (deceased)

Evgeniy Braudo (deceased)

Girsh Braudo (deceased)

Ienta Braudo (Bushakevich) (1827 - 1908)

Isabella Braudo (deceased)

Joseph Braudo (deceased)

Joseph Mordecai Braudo (deceased)

Lev Braudo (deceased)

Mihail Braudo (1931 - 2010)

Monty Braudo (deceased)

Naomi Braudo (Skobleonok) (deceased)

Rae Braudo (deceased)

Simon (Simelis) Ya'aqov Braudo (Bizaude) (deceased)

Solomon Braudo (1892 - 1950)