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Allen Breed (Bread), Jr MP (bef.1630 - 1706)

Allen Bread (the best evidence for the spelling reports it was "Bread" until the 1700's)[1][2][3]There were three Allen Bread or Allen Breed in the 1600's to early 1700's in Lynn, Essex Co., MA: 1) All...

Elizabeth Smallwood (Bread) MP (1681 - 1705)

Jane Bread (Cockshutt) MP (1632 - 1693)

John Bread MP (1645 - 1710)

Mary Elizabeth Breed (Sargent) MP (1636 - 1671)

Breed formerly Sargent aka BreadBorn before 22 Jan 1637 in All Saints Parish, Northamptonshire, EnglandDaughter of William Sargent and Marie (Unknown) SargentSister of Susanna (Sargent) Haddon [half], ...

Agnes Bread (c.1587 - d.)

Agnes Pratchett (Bread) (1553 - 1583)

Agnes Breed (Pratchet) (1564 - 1639)

The date of baptism of Agnes Pratchat has been suggested to be as 1564 in Flitton Bedfordshire, England, but the existing parish registers of Flitton start in 1581. So it appears that the date is an es...

Alice Dave (c.1540 - d.)

Almeda Horton Bread (deceased)

Ann Bread (c.1590 - d.)

Celicia Cornelius (Bread) (1845 - 1923)

Oneida/ Turtle Clan Married Adam Poe Cornelius on October 26, 1867 in Oneida, Brown, Wisconsin Their children: Chester, Alice, Lillian, Laura and Frank Cornelius "Laura Cornelius Kellogg...

Charles Thomas Bread (1890 - 1978)

Christian Bread (1714 - d.)

Christian Bread (1747 - d.)

Christina Wilson (Bread) (1747 - 1795)

Clemens Elizabeth Bread (Clements) (c.1534 - 1577)

Death, 25 September 1577, of "Clemens” Breade of Westoning, possibly John's Bread's first wife. The profile suggests that Clement's parents were John Mathew Clements and Susanna Clements, but the first...

Constance Bread (Lawman) (b. - 1579)

Chief Daniel 'De-how-ya-di-lou' Bread (1800 - 1873)

Oneida/ Bear Clan De-how-ya-di-lou "Great Eagle" Principle Chief of the Wisconsin Oneidas, 1832-1873 Death bed quote: "I am an aged hemlock. The winds of a hundred winters have whistled through my bran...

Dinah Bread (Skenondoah) (1775 - 1835)

Oneida Married 1st: Unknown Williams, Oneida Their son: Daniel Married 2nd: Peter or Cornelius Bread, adopted Daniel

Dinah Hill (Bread) (deceased)

Oneida Married Chief/Rev Cornelius Hill on May 4th, 1856 in Oneida, Brown, Wisconsin Their child: Mary Ann Hill

Edna Marie Devoe (Bread) (c.1914 - aft.1930)

Elaine Walters (c.1505 - 1580)

Elder Bread Seller (deceased)

Electa Bread (deceased)

Elizabeth Longworth Bread (deceased)

Elizabeth Bread (b. - 1714)

Elizabeth Bread (1833 - d.)

Oneida Daughter of Daniel and Electa Bread

Elizabeth Skenandore (Bread) (1844 - 1923)

Oneida/Turtle Clan Married Solomon Skenandore on February 9, 1861 in Oneida, Brown, Wisconsin Their children: Sophia, Isaac, Ida, Electa, Amelia, Louisa, Elsie, Willard, James Shepherd and Ella S...

Elizabeth Longworth Wheeler (Bread) (1567 - 1643)

From WFT Volume 13, Pedigree #3540:The following information and the family page came from "Wheeler Genealogy - Family History - Historical Background" located in the New England Historical Genealogica...

Eva Powless (Bread) (1825 - 1902)

Oneida Daughter of Daniel and Electa Bread Married Paul Powless on March 5, 1843 in Oneida, Brown, WI Their children: Henry, Augusta, Elizabeth, John D., William and Melinda Powless United ...

Hannah Mitchener (Bread) (deceased)

Ieva Briedis (--) (1806 - d.)

Jane Bread (Waldock) (1679 - d.)

Jane Bread (Cornelius) (1813 - 1848)

Oneida/Turtle Married Chief Daniel Bread Their children: Elizabeth, Thomas and Cecilia Bread

Jennie Bell Lawrence (1893 - 1985)

Jerusha Bread (1836 - 1836)

Oneida Daughter of Daniel and Electa Bread

John Breed (Bread) (1480 - 1540)

John Breed (Bread) (c.1564 - c.1616)

The parish registers of Westoning do not list the baptism of a John Brede (Bread, etc.) prior to the will of John Brede (Sr.) in 1585, but there is a John Brede son of John Brede baptized on 20 Dec. 15...

John Breed (Bread) (1535 - 1585)

John Bread of Westoning, who died in 1585, appears to have had three wives based on the Parish Registers of Westoning:1) 25 September 1577, death of "Clemens” Breade of Westoning, possibly John's first...

Junior Bread Seller (deceased)

Katrīne Briedis (--) (1805 - d.)

Lucinda Bread (1838 - 1850)


Lucy Bread (1841 - 1890)

Lydia Smith (Bread) (1842 - 1920)

Margaret (Helen) Inglis (Bread) (b. - c.1728)

Margaret Bread (1609 - d.)

Margaret Bread (b. - 1844)

Margery Bread (1638 - 1639)

Martha Bread (Colwell) (1615 - d.)

Mary Bread (c.1602 - d.)

Peter Bread/Brend (Briedis) (1803 - d.)

DvR 1834 Kawershof, nr.47 "Ohsoling". Pētera ģimene (ģ 114). 47. DvR 1858 Kawershof, nr.41 "Ohsoling" Mirušā Pētera ģimene (2. sieva Katrīne un dēli Andrejs un Jānis) (ģ 70.

Rosie Breed (Clemmons) (c.1480 - 1540)

Susan Bread (1557 - 1583)

Thomas Bread (1637 - d.)

Thomas Bread (deceased)

William Bread (aft.1815 - 1854)

Oneida William Bread - 'Wet Shoe' Married Phoebe John Their children: Dolly, Dinah, Daniel and Peter Bread Ryan, Thomas H. History of Outagamie County, Wisconsin: Including a History of ...

William Bread (deceased)