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Bartholomew Bride [Convict "Isabella" 1823] MP (1803 - d.)

Bartholomew BRIDE was born c1803 Cork, Ireland He was convicted of larceny and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Bartholomew arrived in Sydney Cove on 16/12/1823 on "Isabella" On 9/10/1832 at ...

Ellen (Toomy) Bride [Convict "Edward" 1829] MP (1811 - 1897)

Ellen TOOMY (aka TWOMEY/TOOHEY) was born c1811 Ireland Ellen was convicted of vagrancy and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/4/1829 on "Edward" In 9/10/1832 she ...

Shirley Cyrus Mc Bride MP (1892 - 1959)

Military draft registration : Between 1917 and 1918 - Summit County, Tooele County, Uintah County, Utah, United States* Residence : 1892 - Park City, Summit, Utah, United States* Residence : 1900 - ED ...

??? Mc Bride (Tribbett) MP (deceased)

[-?-] Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Adeline Victoria Preston (Bride) MP (1844 - 1909)

Albert Mac Bride MP (deceased)

Alexander Mc Bride MP (1730 - 1810)

Alexander mc Bride MP (deceased)

Alexander mc Bride MP (deceased)

Alice Eloise Mc-Bride-Elliot (Fadely) MP (1906 - d.)

Allen Mc bride MP (deceased)

Alta Mc Bride Bachman MP (1910 - 1910)

Amanda C Mc Bride (Swensen) MP (deceased)

Amanda Rupert (BRIDE) MP (1808 - d.)

Andy Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Angelina Lynes (Mc Bride) MP (1815 - d.)

Residence : 1850 - Callaway county, Callaway, Missouri** Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Mar 6 2016, 19:49:47 UTC

Ann Mc Bride (Dixon) MP (deceased)

Ann Bride (Waddup) MP (deceased)

Ann Bride (Haggerty) MP (1853 - 1925)

Ann Mc Bride MP (1925 - 2011)

Ann Mc Bride MP (1858 - d.)

Ann Breen-Lyons (Bride) MP (deceased)

ann groves (mc bride) MP (deceased)

Anna Sturm (Bride) MP (deceased)


Anne Staniforth (Bride) MP (1756 - 1815)

Annie Mc Bride (Mc Guigan) MP (deceased)

Born 11/10/1901

ANNIE MC BRIDE MP (deceased)

Annie Mc Bride (Mc Guinness) MP (deceased)

Annie Price (Mc Bride) MP (deceased)

annie McCallion (mc bride) MP (deceased)

apolonia aan de wiel (briede/bride) MP (deceased)

Appolonius Jacob Briede (Bride) MP (deceased)

ARMAND Marie-Therese Evelie BRIDE MP (deceased)

Arthur JR Bride MP (1874 - 1962)

Arthur JL Bride MP (1852 - 1921)

Augusta Clara Jarvis (Bride) MP (1857 - 1889)

Bartholomew Bride MP (1836 - 1897)

Benjamin Bride MP (deceased)

Bernard Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mc Bride celebrate their 50th anniversary in Viele. She was Margaret MEER. They were married January 1850 in Brandywine, Delaware; in 1851 they went to Kentucky and in 1855 came to...

Bernett Rosswell Mc Bride MP (c.1874 - 1928)

Census : 1880 - Glasgow, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA* Residence : Glasgow, Tuscarawas, Ohio, United States - 1880** Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via brother James Garfield Mcbride by SmartCopy : Jul ...

Bertha Mc Bride (Monast) MP (c.1889 - d.)

Bertha Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Betty Mac Bride MP (deceased)

Bill Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Bobby Mac Bride MP (deceased)

Bridget O'Neill (Mc Bride) MP (deceased)

Carlo BRIDE MP (deceased)

Carlton Daniel Bride MP (1956 - 2009)

Carlton Bride MP (deceased)

Catharina Bridé MP (deceased)

Catharine Mc Bride MP (1853 - d.)

Catharine Amelie Bride MP (deceased)

Kate Pye (Bride) MP (1876 - 1927)

Catherine Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Catherine Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Catherine rudkins (Mc Bride) MP (deceased)

Catherine "Kay" Bride (Shaw) MP (1909 - 1993)

Catherine Bride MP (1871 - 1880)

Catherine Imelda Bride (Coghlan) MP (1867 - d.)

Cathrine Maher (Bride) MP (1848 - 1901)

Marguerite Bride MP (c.1887 - d.)

Charles George Jarvis (Bride) MP (1855 - d.)

Charles BRIDE MP (deceased)

charlie mc bride MP (deceased)

Christine Petrie Bride MP (1914 - 2011)

Clara Ertl Woody Bride MP (deceased)

Clementina Bride (Petrie) MP (1884 - 1961)

Consuelo Mc Bride Miller MP (deceased)

Cornelius Bride MP (1835 - d.)

Daedhelis (Horror of Shadow Bride) MP (deceased)

Daniel Bride MP (1976 - 2012)

Daniel Lee Mc Bride MP (deceased)

David E Bride MP (1938 - d.)

Deceased infant bride MP (deceased)

Delores Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Doris Bride (Gill) MP (deceased)

Dr Thomas Bride MP (deceased)

dutch ann mc bride MP (deceased)

Edmund Bride MP (1718 - 1796)

Edmund Bride MP (c.1853 - d.)

Edna McBride MP (deceased)

Edward Bride MP (1880 - 1919)

Edward Mc Bride MP (1865 - d.)

edward mc bride MP (deceased)

Edward E Bride MP (1911 - 1993)

Edwin Leslie Bride MP (c.1878 - 1945)

Eileen Daly (Bride) MP (deceased)

Elbert (Stub) Day Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Elden Ver Dean MC BRIDE MP (1905 - 1934)

Eleanor Maude Bride (Jollymore) MP (1870 - 1947)

Elisabetha Bride MP (deceased)

Elisha Bride MP (deceased)

Eliza Bride MP (deceased)

Eliza Jane (Brown) Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Sample (Mc Bride) MP (1762 - 1807)

Elizabeth Mc Cusker (Mc Bride) MP (1904 - 1984)

Elizabeth Mc Bride MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Margaret Bride MP (1847 - 1915)