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Jon Jon Briones MP

Ernesto Cloma Briones, Jr.,[1] known as Jon Jon Briones (born August 7, 1965)[2] is a Filipino-American actor, best known for his work in musical theatre. He was born in Quezon City, Philippines and be...

Isa Briones MP

Isabella Camille Briones (born January 17, 1999) is a British-born American actress.

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Jose Briones MP (1916 - aft.1969)

Wikipedia The Philippine Officials Review Marriage register

Official photograph of Leonor Magtolis Briones, Secretary of Education of the Philippines Source: Department of Education

Leonor Briones MP


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Manuel Briones MP (1893 - 1957)

Wikipedia Death certificate Official Directory of the House of Representatives (1921, p. 48-49) Official Directory of the House of Representatives (1923, p. 72-74)

Teo Briones MP

Teo was born Mateo Justis Briones in Oxford, England while his parents were on tour. His father is the Filipino actor/singer Jon Jon Briones and his mother is an American actress/singer. His sister Isa...

Unknown (Briones) Jones, Chicasacommack MP (deceased)

Birth name: Kearsey? or Briones? Calvert Trade Island at the mouth of the York River. Kensey Family had a Hugh Kensey; m. Margaret; d. 1667 who resided at the Cliffs, Calvert Co., MD. tied to the Quake...



Doña Figuracion Miel Briones-Medalle (deceased)

"" Briones (deceased)

"Juan Domingo" Briones Morales (1723 - d.)

"Rosa" Briones Venenoso (Briones) (deceased)

? Briones (deceased)

? Lacayo de Briones Marenco (c.1767 - d.)

? Briones (deceased)

? Sebastian (Briones) (deceased)

Abelardo Briones (deceased)

Adela Astray González de Briones (deceased)

Adela BRIONES (1942 - 1992)

Adelina Llanos Briones (deceased)

adriana briones (deceased)

Adriana Briones Villasenor (Briones) (deceased)

adriana auristela briones figueroa (deceased)

Adriana Briones (deceased)

Adriana Briones (deceased)

Agnes Ignacio (Briones) (deceased)

Agripino (Pinoy) Briones Remo (deceased)

Agueda Briones (deceased)

Agueda Briones (Bercadez) (deceased)

Agustin Briones (deceased)

Agustina de Briones Ravines (deceased)

Agustina Armijo (deceased)

Agustín Marín Briones (1860 - d.)

Aida Briones (Fabro) (deceased)

Albertina Briones (deceased)

Alberto Briones (deceased)

Alberto Cristobal Ramirez Briones (deceased)

Alberto Briones (1885 - d.)

Alda G Garza (Alda G Briones) (1946 - d.)

Alda Garza (Briones) (1946 - 2005)

This information came directly from Alda in 2000 via letter to Carrie Ann (Briones) Hickey:Alda was 17 when she met Luis. He was 20. They met on March 15, 1963. They lived most of their married lives t...

Aldo Briones (deceased)

Alejandra DallÖrzo Briones (deceased)

Alejandra Briones Briones (deceased)

Alejandra Briones (Enriquez) (1869 - 1891)

Alejandro Briones (deceased)

Alejandro Briones (deceased)

Alejandro Marín Briones (1860 - c.1912)

Abogado, Notario en San Fernando. Partida de matrimonio con Luisa Achurra: de matrimonio con Concepción Achurra:

Alejandro Briones Briones (deceased)

Alejandro Briones (deceased)

Alejandro Briones Gorostiaga (1916 - c.1994)

Alessander Briones (deceased)

Alexandra Briones (Alvarez) (deceased)

Alfodín Briones (deceased)

Alfodín Briones (deceased)

Alfonso Briones (deceased)

Alfonso Briones (deceased)

Alfonso Cepeda Briones (deceased)

alfonso torres briones (deceased)

alfonso torres caselin (deceased)

Alfonso Briones (1928 - 2002)

Alfonso Briones (1896 - d.)

alfredo briones (deceased)

Alfredo Valenzuela Briones (1901 - d.)

Alfredo Briones Searle (deceased)

Alfredo Merino Briones (deceased)

Alicia Ros Briones (deceased)

Amada Briones Martillo (deceased)

Amado Briones (deceased)

Amado Briones (deceased)

Amador Briones Valenzuela (deceased)

Amalia Briones (1933 - 1995)

Amalia Marín Briones (deceased)

Amalia Briones Soto (deceased)

Amanda Raquel Milla Briones (1921 - 1982)

Ambrocio Briones (c.1880 - d.)

Ambrosio Briones (deceased)

Amelia Briones Carrasco (1869 - 1906)

Amy Sese (Briones) (deceased)

Ana Briones (deceased)

Ana Mesquida Brionés (1711 - d.)

Ana Brionés Sales (1665 - d.)

GEDCOM Source ===MH:S963 Romain Laurent Laurent (Kindo) : Laurent (Kindo) ORFILA - 24122009 === GEDCOM Source ===MH:SC657 Mariana BRIONES Mariana BRIONES Smart Matching 4008121 15 SEP 2011 3

Ana Luisa Aguilar Briones (deceased)

Ana María Briones Rojas (1864 - d.)

Ana María Briones Lea-Plaza (b. - 1982)

Ana María de Briones Ravines (deceased)

Ana de Quintanilla Andrade Quintanilla y Briones (deceased)

Anacleto Briones (1892 - d.)

Anastasia BRIONES (1940 - 2007)

ANATALIA BRIONES (1933 - 1987)

Andike Briones (deceased)

Andrea Briones (Santos) (b. - c.1959)

Andrea Briones (Naniong) (deceased)

Andrea Lutgarda Briones (1797 - d.)

Andres Briones (c.1921 - 1922)

Andres Briones (deceased)

Andres Briones Molina (deceased)

Andres Lang Briones (deceased)

Andres Briones (deceased)

Andres Briones (deceased)