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Margaret W Wyche (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Margaret Bryan (Bourchier), Lady Bryan MP (1468 - 1552)

Margaret, Lady Bryan born 1468, died c. 1551/52) Margaret, Lady Bryan was Lady Governess to Henry VIII's children: Princess Mary, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Edward. The position of Lady Governess ...

Margaret Elizabeth Sutherland (Bryan) MP (c.1771 - 1845)

Margaret W. Bryan (Pitchlynn) MP (c.1878 - d.)

Margaret Bryan (Strode) MP (1694 - 1734)

Margaret Bryan (Bowsey) MP (1442 - 1502)

Margaret Bryan (Watson) MP (1724 - 1804)

Margaret's Sister Martha married Morgan Bryan who was the son of Sir Francis Bryan and Sarah Brinker and out of thier 10 children they had William Bryan (1734-1780) m. Mary Boone (1736-1819), sister ...

Margaret Bryan MP (deceased)

She was a free black woman who was Alexander Falconer's mistress.

Margaret Bryan (Veazey) MP (c.1812 - d.)

Margaret Bryan (Enochs) MP (deceased)

Margaret Kent Bryan (McGavock) MP (1814 - 1835)

Margery Allen (Bryan) MP (1768 - 1846)

Martha "Patsey" Bryan Whitfield (Hinton) MP (1775 - 1840)

Photo credit: Glenn Fields at Find A Grave. ---------------------------------------

Martha Hatchett Bryan (Strode) MP (c.1697 - 1762)

Martha STRODE Sex: F Birth: 1697 in Holland/Denmark [sic. more likely France?] Death: 24 AUG 1762 in Winchester, Grederick, Virginia Note: Joppa Cemetery, Mocksville, Rowan, North Carolina....

Martha Lou Hunsucker (Bryan) MP (1841 - d.)

Martha L. Boone (Bryan) MP (1737 - 1793)

Some alternate birth and death dates are circulating. Birth dates: 19 March 1737 Sept. 11, 1740 November 19, 1740 Death Date June 23, 1793 October 6, 1780 October 16, 1780 A Patriot of the American...

Martha Elizabeth Bryan (Battle) MP (deceased)

Martha Bryan (Menefee) MP (c.1760 - d.)

6. Martha Menefee married Josiah Bryan. sources

Martha Bryan MP (deceased)

Mary Boone van Hoose (Bryan) MP (1769 - 1847)

Mary Martha Bryan MP (c.1731 - 1742)

Mary Jane Bryan (Martz) MP (1819 - 1908)

Mary Bryan (Robison) MP (1744 - d.)

Mary Bryan (Bryan) MP (1791 - 1842)

Mary Bryan (John4, John Andrew3, William2, Francis1), 6112, F. Born on 7 Oct 1791. Mary died in Green Co., OH, in 1843; she was 51. On 12 Nov 1818 when Mary was 27, she married Thomas Bryan (140) ,...

Mary Bryan (Pantry) MP (1629 - 1679)

Richard Bryan was married first in 1649 to Mary Pantry, the daughter of William and Margaret Pantry, who had come from England to Cambridge in Massachusetts in 1634, before settling in Hartford, Connec...

Mary Bryan (Story) MP (1708 - 1741)

Mary Rachel Bryan MP (1937 - d.)

The : Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance Missing Since: May 10, 1941 from Carolina Beach, North Carolina Classification: Endangered Missing Date of Birth: July 14, 1...

Mary Chastain (O'Bryan) MP (c.1744 - 1790)

John married Mary O'Bryan (ca 1765-ca 1797) from Ireland around 1763, and they had 11 children who survived to adulthood. After Mary O'Bryan died, John married Mary Robertson (ca 1759-1847). John die...

Mary Ann King (Bryan) MP (1803 - 1894)

Mary Bryan MP (deceased)

Mary L. D. Bryan MP (1822 - 1834)

Mary Bryan MP (deceased)

Mary Wimberly (Bryan) MP (1787 - 1875)

Family members Parents: Blake Bryan 1757 - 1820 Elizabeth Bryan (Blackshear) 1765-1820 Children: Betsy Bryan Croker (born Wimberly) 1810 - 1896 Cloa Frances Wimberly 1812 - 1813 Martha Howard (born...

Mary Williams Sheppard MP (1801 - 1881)

Mary Bryan MP (deceased)

Source says she "died single."

Mary Catherine Bush (Bryan) MP (1710 - 1772)

Notes for MARY BRYAN: MARY'S 1SI. COUSIN ONCE REMOVED (REBECCA BRYAN) WAS DANIEL BOON'S WIFE. Here is Marys pedigree as follows This is the pedigree of Mary Bryan, wife of Philip Bush of Orange C...

Mary Sarrazin Bryan (Prioleau) MP (1722 - 1760)

Mary "Polly" Bryan (Boone) MP (1736 - 1819)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor #A016269 Mary Boone Bryan, 1736-1819 Written in 1963 by Lillie Dale Baker Smith Mary Boone was born November 3, 1736, the daughte...

Mary Mitchenor (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Mary Bryan MP (deceased)

Mary Bryan MP (deceased)

Mary "Polly" Bryan (Bryan) MP (1816 - 1856)

Mary Tooley (Bryan) MP (c.1752 - d.)

Mary "Polly" Rains (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Mary Croom (Bryan) MP (1775 - 1807)

Mary Bryan MP (deceased)

Mary Bryan (Morrison) MP (1714 - 1810)

The name Morrison in Ireland is often of immigrant origin having been brought to the Province of Ulster by settlers from England, especially during the seventeenth century. The native Gaelic O'Muirghea...

Mary Bryan MP (c.1690 - d.)

Mary Wylly (Bryan) MP (1726 - 1783)

Mary Marks (Bryan) MP (1736 - 1812)

Dau. of Capt. Richard Bryan & Sarah Treat; grandau. of Capt. Joseph Treat. Married Zachariah Marks, s/o Mordecai & Elizabeth (Vosien) Marks in 1753.

Matthew Bryan MP (deceased)

Captain Morgan Bryan MP (1671 - 1763)

To be resolved.. Death Location Mocksville, North Carolina, United States / Yadkin River, Rowan, North Carolina, USA - also, the "Marthas" listed above as Morgan's spouse are the same person, but cann...

Morgan Bryan, Jr. MP (1729 - c.1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A203285 Co-founder of Bryan Station an early fortified settlement in Lexington, Kentucky.

Morgrave "Margaret" Brannon Hightower (Bryan) MP (1693 - 1719)

Mary Bryan or Bryant some records show her first name as Morgrave as well as Margaret all born on the same day 5/28/1695. ? ( can someone clarify) if Margaret or Mary was her nickname? since her first ...

Nancy Whitfield (Bryan) MP (1756 - d.)

Nancy Bryan (McCullers) MP (deceased)

Nancy Ann Blandford (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Nancy Bryan MP (1793 - 1795)

Nancy Zipporah Bryan (Hinton) MP (1738 - 1803)

Nancy Lane (Bryan) MP (1781 - 1854)

If estimated birth dates (as shown), are accurate, Nancy Lane (Bryan) is possibly the daughter of the Hon. Nathan Bryan (c.1748 - c.1798) [the father of the Col. Nathan Brian]. In this case, her mother...

Nancy Bryan (Dickson) MP (deceased)

Nancy Ann Allen (Bryan) MP (1765 - d.)

Nancy Bryan (Smith) MP (c.1728 - 1760)

Nancy S. Bryan MP (deceased)

Named in the 1849 will of her brother Bythan Bryan: "I give unto my dear beloved wife Julia C. Bryan thirty of our Negroes of fair proportionate value of our family of Negroes to her and to her heirs...

Nancy Bryan MP (deceased)

Nancy Bryan (Driver) MP (1803 - 1880)

Nancy Lane Bryan MP (c.1810 - d.)

Nancy Bryan MP (deceased)

Nathan Bryan MP (1759 - 1834)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A016271

Nathan Bryan, I, Colonel MP (c.1748 - 1798)

Bryan (1748 – 4 June 1798) was a U.S. Congressman from North Carolina from 1795 to 1798.

Nathan Bryan MP (deceased)

Nathan Bryan, II, Col. MP (c.1777 - d.)

Needham Bryan, I MP (1780 - d.)

Needham Bryan, I MP (1690 - 1770)

In 1721, Needham patented 640 acres of land in Bertie County on the Moratuck River. (NC Colonial Records, II, p. 426). In 1726, he purchased 210 acres called Snowfield Plantation. He and his three wi...

Capt. Needham Bryan, Jr. MP (c.1752 - c.1787)

Needham Bryan Jr ., son of Needham Bryan and Nancy Smith , was born in 1748 or 1750 in Johnston County, North Carolina. In 1768, he married Sarah Hinton , who was born in 1750, the daughter of Col. Joh...

Col. Needham Bryan, Sr. MP (1726 - c.1784)

DAR A 016273, Col. Patriotic Service, Patriotic Service. Johnson County Militia. Justice of the Peace. Member of Provisional Congress. Needham Bryan, son of Needham Bryan and Annie Rambeau , was born...

Needham Rupert Bryan MP (1806 - 1841)

Needham Green Bryan MP (c.1795 - c.1837)

Needham Bryan, II MP (deceased)

NN Bryan MP (deceased)

Olive Croom (Bryan) MP (c.1764 - 1800)

from researcher John Croom: Hardee CROOM (Major, Daniel), b abt 1764 Dobbs Co; d Nov 1807 Lenoir County, intestate; wife predeceased husband between 1800 & 1807; no issue. It is this writer's belief ...

Patsy Elizabeth Bryan MP (deceased)

Penelope Bryan MP (deceased)

Penelope Bryan MP (c.1760 - d.)

Philemon Bryan MP (1779 - d.)

Polly Tooley (Bryan) MP (1776 - 1814)

Rachel Bryan (Heritage) MP (1782 - 1842)

Rachel Bryan (Whitfield) MP (1805 - 1882)

Rachel Bryan MP (1783 - 1842)

Rachel Heritage / Bryan / Whitfield / Blount (Whitfield) MP (deceased)

Rachel Whitfield Collier (Bryan) MP (1805 - 1882)

Rachel Whitfield (Bryan) MP (1723 - 1780)

Rachel Bryan is the daughter of Needham Bryan and Annie Rombeau. On 6 November 1741 in Bertie, North Carolina Colony, Rachel married Captain William Whitfield II. They had the following children: Wil...

Rebecca Ann Boone (Bryan) MP (1739 - 1813)

Rebecca (Bryan) Boone (June 9, 1739 – March 18, 1813) was an American pioneer and the wife of famed frontiersman Daniel Boone. She was born near Winchester, Virginia. Her parents were Joseph...

Rebecca Bryan (Little) MP (c.1760 - 1837)

Richard Bryan, U.S. Senator MP

Richard Hudson Bryan , a Senator from Nevada; born in Washington, D.C., July 16, 1937; attended public school in Las Vegas, Nev., graduated from University of Nevada, Reno, 1959; received law degree fr...

Roba Bryan MP (deceased)

Robert T. Bryan MP (deceased)

Robert Bryan MP (deceased)

Robin Alexander Bryan MP

Roger Bryan MP (c.1250 - 1307)

Sir Roger Bryan, Lord Throcking was born circa 1253 at of Throcking, Hertfordshire, England. He was Knight of the Shire of Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire. between 1295 and 1302.2,3 Child Joan Brya...