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Ann Bucke MP (1566 - d.)

Benoni Bucke (Buck) MP (1616 - c.1639)

Exploitation of the insane in the New World. Benoni Buck, the first reported case of mental retardation in the American colonies. Neugebauer R. Abstract Documenting the early history of mental illnes...

Bermuda Bucke MP (1610 - 1610)

Richard Buck sailed June 1609 with wife, Miss Langley and four Buck children. Marooned for 9 months embarked for Virginia from Bermuda 10 May 1610. Arrived in Jamestown 21 May 1610. He was a minister...

Bridget Bucke MP (c.1595 - d.)

Additional Curator's notes: While many sources will list Bridget Bucke as the daughter of Rev. Richard Bucke, the math doesn't work. Thomas would have been a father at 13 and would not have become a ...

Edith Miner Bucke MP (1596 - d.)

Son of Clement Minor and unknown mother. Baptized on 6 Feb 1596/7 in Chew Magna. Married Thomas Bucke on 31 Oct 1623 in Chew Magna. Date of death unknown. Children mentioned in her sister Mary's will...

Elizabeth Page (Bucke) MP (1600 - 1660)

Daughter Elizabeth married Jamestown burgess Thomas Crumpe, who patented 750 acres between the James City Parish glebe and Powhatan Creek, directly above the Buck patent. Later he became burgess for th...

Elizabeth Bucke (possibly Browne) MP (c.1582 - 1620)

Additional Curator's Notes: The Encyclopedia Virginia believes Elizabeth's maiden name to be Browne, but offers no proof. It has been suggested that Elizabeth was the daughter of a "Sir Brown" and a ...

Ellen Bucke (Neville) MP (1498 - 1547)

Ellen Neville F, #26356, b. circa 1504 Father Thomas Neville, Esq., Sheriff of Staffordshire, Justice of the Peace for Worcestershire b. c 1470, d. 1546 Mother Lettice Harcourt b. c 1468, d. a 15...

Gershom Bucke (Buck) MP (1614 - 1636)

1611–1620 - Richard Bucke, a minister at Jamestown, has three sons and one daughter born in Virginia. Their names possibly reflect the hardships Bucke endures: Mara (bitter), Gershon (expulsio...

Kenelm Bucke MP (1504 - 1550)

Kenelm Bucke1 M, #26355, b. circa 1500 Father William Bucke Mother (Miss) Goode Kenelm Bucke married Ellen Neville , daughter of Thomas Neville, Esq., Sheriff of Staffordshire, Justice of the P...

Mara Bucke MP (1611 - 1637)

Bucke may have returned to England at least once. It is possible that his wife died and that he remarried, perhaps to a woman named Bridget. Bucke had three sons and one daughter born in Virginia betwe...

Mary Winslow (Bucke?) MP (1505 - 1562)

Mary Bucke? b. 1505 Kempsey, Worcester, England d. AFT 1560 Upton-on-Severn Married: Thomas Winslow? Children include: Kenelm Winslow I died 1607 parents Gleaned from Ref: (dead link) ...

Mary Bucke MP (c.1530 - 1550)

Mary Bucke b. circa 1530 d. Aft 1550 Father Kenelm Bucke b. c 1500 Mother Ellen Neville b. c 1504 notes Gleaned from "Kenelm Bucke of Nash in the parish of Kempsey, whose nuncupative ...

Peleg Bucke MP (1620 - 1654)

On July 30, 1619, the members of America's "first legislative assembly" met in the church at Jamestown to discuss laws for the colony. The Reverend Richard Buck opened that meeting with a prayer. After...

Rev. Richard Bucke MP (c.1580 - c.1624)

Richard Bucke was an Anglican minister who came to Jamestown in 1610, performed the marriage ceremony for Pocahontas and John Rolfe in 1614, and in 1619 opened with prayer the first legislative assembl...

unknown Bucke? MP (deceased)

comments Mary (perhaps) Bucke could not have been the daughter of Cannot have been the daughter of Ellen Neville , who would have been impossibly young

Mary Winslow's mother MP (deceased)

comments Mary (perhaps) Bucke could not have been the daughter of Ellen Neville , who would have been impossibly young

Agnes Garth (Bucke) (deceased)

Agnes Garth (Bucke) (deceased)

Alis Bucke (c.1566 - 1595)

Barbara Bucke (Grant) (deceased)

Brenda Doris Bucke (deceased)

Brian Bucke (deceased)

Bridget Burruss (Bucke) (1595 - 1654)

Bridget Bromfield (Bucke) (c.1630 - d.)

Catherine Bucke (1530 - 1607)

Catherine Bucke (deceased)

Catherine Bucke (1530 - 1607)

Denis Hereward Bucke (1915 - d.)

Dennis Bucke (deceased)

Donald Bucke (1930 - 1998)

Doris Brenda Bucke (Clarke) (1906 - 1991)


Edith Bucke (Nothart) (deceased)

Edmund Buckonham Bucke (Buckonam/Buckonham) (BUCKE) (c.1525 - 1555)

Edmund Buck (Bucke) (1556 - 1580)

Edward Bucke (1849 - d.)

Eleanor Bucke (Foliot) (1571 - d.)

Eleanor Foliot, wife of John Bucke Links

Elizabeth Bucke or Burke (deceased)

Elizabeth Bucke (1570 - 1660)

Elizabeth Bucke (c.1618 - d.)

Ellen Bina Bucke (Clarke) (1859 - c.1936)

Emily Maud Bucke (1885 - d.)

Erika Rix (Bucke) (1923 - c.1990)

Florence Bucke (1880 - d.)

Francis Bucke (1527 - 1581)

Francis Rodney Bucke (deceased)

George Bucke (deceased)

George H. Bucke (1879 - d.)

Grace Horseman (Bucke) (1595 - 1670)

J P Bucke (deceased)

Jakob Bucke (c.1890 - 1958)

Joan Bucke (deceased)

John bucke (deceased)

John Bucke (deceased)

John Bucke (deceased)

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John Bucke (deceased)

John David (1945 - 1988)

Katherine Morgan Bucke (1532 - 1607)

Kenellm Bucke (b. - 1550)

Lucy Bucke (1838 - d.)

Mara Dacus (Bucke Atkins) (deceased)

MARARETHA Bucke (Datisman) (deceased)

Margaret Bucke (Goode) (1465 - 1520)

Margaret Bucke (Goode) (1485 - d.)

Margaret Bucke (Brugge) (deceased)

Maria Bucke (deceased)

Mary Bucke (1530 - 1560)

Mary Mansfield (Bucke) (c.1510 - 1560)

Mary Bucke (deceased)

Mary Bucke, Lady (1505 - 1560)

Mary Timbers (Bucke) (1838 - d.)

Mary Eva Edwards (Bucke) (deceased)

mary bucke (deceased)

Mehetable Bucke (deceased)

Miranda Bucke (1838 - d.)

Mrs. Bucke (1555 - 1580)

Norah Margaret Maud Bucke (Brosnan) (1919 - d.)

Norah Bucke (Brosnan) (deceased)

Philip Betts Bucke (1855 - d.)

Ralph Bucke (1536 - d.)

Richard Bucke (1430 - d.)

Richard Bucke (deceased)

Richard Bucke (deceased)

Rita Christine Bucke (Davey) (1933 - 2007)

Rowland Bucke (deceased)

Rudolph Bucke (deceased)

Samuel Bucke (deceased)

Sarah Bucke (deceased)

Sarah Tinworth (Bucke) (deceased)

Spencer John Bucke (1916 - 1960)

Spencer John Bucke (deceased)

Thomas Bucke (c.1595 - d.)

Thomas Buck (Bucke), I (1618 - 1659)

Thomasl Bucke (1475 - d.)

Unknown Bucke (deceased)

William Bucke (1480 - 1539)

William Bucke (1470 - 1539)