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Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore MP (1731 - 1771)

other possible birth year was 1732 ==================================================================== "Frederick Calvert, 6th Baron Baltimore, 4th Proprietor of Maryland (February 6, 1731 –...

George Calvert MP (1672 - c.1740)


George Calvert MP (1634 - 1636)

George Calvert MP (1768 - 1838)

George Calvert (February 2, 1768 – January 28, 1838), was a plantation owner in late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth century Maryland. His plantation house, Riversdale plantation, also known as ...

George Edward Calvert, IV MP (c.1715 - 1782)

George Calvert, The Younger MP (c.1727 - 1802)

Reference is given to Alcock's "The Five Generations of Burr Harrison on Calvert Genealogy: George the Younger 1727-1802 George had children, George, John, Cynthia, Levi, and Margaret. a 1785 deed ...

George Calvert, Jr. MP (1694 - 1771)

George Calvert is listed in the book "The Ark and Dove Adventurers" written for the Society of the Ark and the Dove by George Ely Russell and Donna Valley Russell:

George Calvert MP (deceased)

George Calvert, Jr. MP (c.1613 - 1634)

George Calvert MP (1579 - 1632)

Sir George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, 8th Proprietor Governor of Newfoundland (1579 – 15 April 1632) was an English politician and coloniser. He achieved domestic political success as a Membe...

George Washington Calvert MP (1816 - 1876)

George William Calvert MP (1846 - 1925)

Gerrard Calvert MP (1765 - 1840)

Grace Calvert (Myers) MP (1581 - 1672)

documentation needed. Last name possibly Beaumont. Albert Cook Myers in 'Immigration of Irish Quakers' suggests Myers as last name, but no other sources to support. Grace MYERS was born about 1595 ...

Grace Talbot (Calvert) MP (1611 - 1672)

Grace Calvert (Appleby) MP (c.1775 - 1830)

Hannah Calvert (Neale) MP (c.1670 - c.1739)

Hannah Harrison (Calvert) MP (c.1715 - 1807)

Harriet Calvert MP (deceased)

Harriet Calvert MP (deceased)

Harriett Chandler (Calvert) MP (1825 - d.)

Helen Talbot (Calvert) MP (1615 - 1655)

Helen Conner (Calvert) MP (1833 - d.)

Henry Calvert MP (1847 - 1878)

Henry Calvert MP (1617 - 1635)

Hester Calvert (Rigdon) MP (1799 - 1850)

Humphrey Calvert MP (b. - 1823)

Humphrey Calvert MP (1730 - 1813)

Isabel Hoopes (Calvert) MP (1605 - 1678)

born in Tidkinhow, Skelton, Yorkshire, England

Jacob Calvert MP (c.1718 - c.1772)

James Calvert MP (deceased)

James McIlvaine Calvert MP (1816 - 1861)

James Morris Calvert MP (deceased)

Jane Calvert (Glassford) MP (c.1626 - 1685)

Jane Glasford was born 1626 in Stranmillis, Antrim, Ireland, and died 1685 in Drumgorr, Parish Seagoe, Ardmagh, Ireland. She married Thomas Calvert on 11 Nov 1647 in Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland, son of Joh...

Jane McCool Calvert MP (deceased)

Jane Leatherwood (Calvert) MP (1752 - 1774)

Jane Calvert (Harrison) MP (1693 - 1723)

John Calvert III was married to Jane. Elizabeth Harrison Murphey was having children with her husband the time Burr Calvert Harris was born. The Calvert descendants book does not mention Mrs Murphey as...

Jane Hyde (Calvert) MP (c.1703 - 1778)

Jane Taylor (Calvert) MP (1791 - 1864)

Jane Harris (Calvert) MP (1707 - 1766)

Jane Reed Calvert MP (1826 - d.)

Jane Calvert MP (deceased)

Jane Calvert (Swayne) MP (1733 - 1815)

--- In , "James" wrote: It is true that We do not have proof positive that John Calvert of Mifflin County married Jane Swayne Mercer. However, there is sufficient ci...

Jane Calvert (Sewall) MP (1664 - 1692)

Janet E. Calvert MP (1819 - 1908)

Jesse Calvert MP (1740 - 1802)

Jesse Calvert MP (deceased)

Jesse Calvert MP (1769 - 1830)

Jesse Calvert MP (deceased)

Job Calvert MP (deceased)

John Napoleon Calvert MP (1843 - 1937)

John George Calvert MP (c.1525 - 1554)

According to some records, John Calvert was born at Kiplin, in Yorkshire. George Calvert was also born here (find more info) and in the 1620s he built a "hunting" lodge near his birthplace. There is ...

John Calvert, Jr. MP (1766 - 1849)

John Calvert MP (1770 - 1815)

John Calvert MP (deceased)

John Napoleon Calvert MP (1796 - 1878)

John Calvert MP (1762 - 1823)

John Calvert MP (b. - 1796)

The Descent of John Calvert Jr, b 1766 m Hetty Ester Jones (his father is #1 is this descent view) Jul 2005 Prepared for the web from the research of Sylvia Whitaker, David Bell, Jim Calvert, Darrell...

John H. Calvert MP (1724 - 1788)

His birth is confirmed within the book "The Ark and Dove adventurers" (pg. 50) written for the Ark and Dove Society by George Ely Russell and Donna Valley Russell. However, the identification of his mo...

John Baltimore Calvert MP (1857 - d.)

John Crossland Calvert, of Yorkshire MP (1587 - 1617)

Notes for John Calvert: Emigrated prior to 1617 from Yorkshire to Lurgan, Co, Armagh, Ireland More About John Calvert and Grace: Marriage: WFT Est. 1618-1651 Children of John Calvert and Grace ...

John Calvert MP (c.1618 - 1618)

10.) John Calvert, born 1618, and died February 1618.

John Calvert MP (1790 - d.)

John Calvert, III MP (1692 - 1739)

John Calvert is listed in the book "The Ark and Dove Adventurers" written for the Society of the Ark and the Dove by George Ely Russell and Donna Valley Russell:

Joseph Calvert MP (1742 - 1817)

It has been proven via DNA testing that he was NOT the son of Thomas Calvert and Sarah Williamson.

Joseph Colbert (Calvert) MP (c.1690 - 1737)

Katie Calvert (Koon) MP (1785 - d.)

Ken Calvert, U.S. Congress MP

Ken Calvert, a Representative from California; born in Corona, Riverside County, Calif., June 8, 1953; graduated from Corona High School, Corona, Calif., 1971; A.A., Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga...

Landon Calvert MP (1764 - 1809)

Leonard R. Calvert MP (1550 - 1611)

Leonard Calvert1 M, #72985 Last Edited=25 Jan 2004 Child of Leonard Calvert and Alice Crossland George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore+1 b. 1578/79, d. 15 Apr 1632 Citations [S6] G.E. Cokayn...

Leonard Calvert MP (deceased)

Hon. Leonard Calvert, 1st Prov. Gov. of Maryland MP (1610 - 1647)

Leonard Calvert (1606 – June 9, 1647) was the first Governor of the Province of Maryland. He was the second son of George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, the first proprietor of the Province...

Levi Calvert MP (deceased)

Louisa Browning (Calvert) MP (deceased)

Mahala Calvert MP (deceased)

Malinda Parker (Calvert) MP (deceased)

Mansfield Calvert MP (1792 - 1872)

Margaret Fairfax (Calvert) MP (1775 - 1866)

Margaret Calvert MP (1758 - 1842)

Margaret Calvert MP (deceased)

Margaret Howland (Calvert) MP (c.1605 - 1627)

Margaret Calvert (Cubie) MP (c.1557 - 1645)

Margaret Calvert MP (deceased)

Margerie Calvert (Ewens) MP (c.1480 - d.)

Maria Calvert MP (deceased)

Martha Calvert MP (1794 - d.)

Mary Chapline (Calvert) MP (1586 - c.1625)

BAD LINK Arrived on "JAMES" at Jamestown 1622. Lord Baltimore is brother. Lord Baltimore II is nephew. [No longer any documentation for this, if there ever was any that could be trusted. On the other...

Mary Calvert (Harker) MP (1793 - 1856)

Mary Calvert (Goslin) MP (deceased)

Mary Calvert (Saunders) MP (1698 - 1762)

Mary Saunders (daughter of Jonathan Saunders and Mary Bennett) was born Abt. 1700 in Princess Anne Co., VA, and died October 20, 1762 in Norfolk Co., VA.She married (1) Cornelius Calvert on July 27, 17...

Mary Virginia Calvert (Thorne) MP (1780 - 1809)

Mary Lawson (Calvert) MP (1741 - 1787)

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Mary Anne Americus Hart (Calvert) MP (1841 - 1879)

Mary Calvert (Janssen), Baroness Baltimore MP (b. - 1770)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Mary Janssen[1] F, #76410, d. 25 March 1770 Last Edited=6 Jun 2008 Mary Janssen was the daughter of Sir Theodore Janssen, 1st Bt. and Williamsa Henle...

Mary Chenoweth (Calvert) MP (1687 - 1736)

Mary Calvert is presumed to be the daughter of John Calvert and wife Judith Stamper. She was born December 19, 1687, in Pennsylvania. She died in Maryland before 1737. Mary Calvert’s parentage h...

Mary Blakiston (Calvert) MP (1638 - 1671)

Mary Calvert MP (1838 - d.)

Mary Calvert (Savage) MP (1721 - 1804)

Mary Savage was born Abt. 1721, and died 1804.She married Maximillian Calvert on July 28, 1744, son of Cornelius Calvert and Mary Saunders. (SAVAGE-L) Habijah Savage 13 Sep 98. "HABIJAH had two dau...

Mary Jane Dawkins (Calvert) MP (1730 - 1800)

Mary Calvert (Gosling) MP (1721 - 1785)