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Abigail Bassingthwaite (Cannell) MP (1797 - 1878)

Abigail Cannell MP (1683 - d.)

Abigail Cannell MP (1697 - d.)

Abigail Gurney (Cannell) MP (1770 - d.)

Abigail Cannell (unknown) MP (1662 - 1716)

Abigail Cannell MP (1726 - d.)

Abigail Jane Johnson (Cannell) MP (1824 - 1881)

Abigale Cannell MP (deceased)

Abraham Cannell MP (1816 - 1884)

Adam Cannell MP (deceased)

Adam Cannell MP (1875 - 1940)

Adelaide Halsey (Cannell) MP (c.1843 - 1936)

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Agnes Christiana Cannell MP (1851 - 1924)

Agnes Irene Aliberti (Cannell) MP (1911 - d.)

Agnes (Nancy) Cannell (Smith) MP (deceased)

Agnes E. Deutsch, Cannell (Mandy) MP (1915 - 1984)

Albert Cannell MP (deceased)

Albert Nicholas Cannell MP (1879 - 1888)

Albert Cannell MP (1897 - d.)

Albert William Cannell MP (1901 - d.)

Alex Cannell MP (deceased)

Alfred Cannell MP (1891 - 1954)

Alfred Cannell MP (deceased)

Alfred Cannell MP (deceased)

alfred cannell MP (deceased)

Alice Emma Cannell (Snuggs) MP (deceased)

Alice Clara Cannell MP (1865 - d.)

Alice Cannell (Fayle) MP (1728 - 1784)

(f/g) Alice Fayle Cannell Birth: 1728 Braddan, Isle of Man Death: Jul., 1784 Braddan, Isle of Man Alice Faile (Fayle) will 1784 Braddan FHL Film #0106398: "The last will and testament of Alice Ca...

Alice Hopkins MP (1863 - d.)

Alice C Cannell MP (1887 - 1962)

Alice Cain (Cannell) MP (1740 - 1791)

(wil) Alice Caine, 1791 - Kirk Michael 21 Sep 1790 In the name of God Amen. I Alice Caine of the parish of K Michael being weak in body but of good and perfect memory blest be God therefore I do make t...

Alice Cannell MP (1897 - d.)

Alice ~ (Cannell) MP (1723 - d.)

Alice Susaanah Cannell (Colling) MP (1902 - 1988)

Alice Ramsay Ferreira (Cannell) MP (1889 - 1978)

Newspaper Cuttings - FERREIRA --- Alice Ramsay. Aged 89 years. 1894 Pioneer. Beloved mother of Louis and Olwen, Gran of Jane and Peter, Bruce and Rinda, Neil and Doreen, and Great-Gran of Louis and S...

Ambrose Cannell MP (1875 - d.)

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 about Ambrose Cannell Name: Ambrose Cannell Date of Birth: 25 Oct 1875 Gender: Male Birth County or District: Brant Father's Name: John Cannell Mother's Name: An...

Amelia Cannell MP (c.1843 - d.)

Amie Loretta Cannell (Tice) MP (1896 - c.1985)

Ann Waterfield (Cannell) MP (1801 - 1889)

Ann CANNELL MP (c.1817 - d.)

Ann Cannell (Thurston) MP (1694 - 1768)

Ann Cheever (Cannell) MP (deceased)

Ann Cannell (Wood) MP (c.1711 - 1775)

(wil) From Film 0106394 Probate Records 1775-76 "This is affirmed to be the last will and Testament of Ann Cannell of the Bishops Demense Ballaugh who was weak in Body but of a sound mind and memory at...

Ann ~ (Cannell) MP (1759 - d.)

Ann ~ (Cannell) MP (c.1804 - 1924)

Ann Nelson (Cannell) MP (c.1794 - 1836)

Ann Cannell (Caine) MP (c.1758 - 1811)

Ann Cannell, 1811 Submitted by: Jenny Stepanek Date: 27 January 2002 Original: LDS: 0106414 Michael In the Name of God Amen. I Ann Cannell of the Parish of Kirk Michael being weak in body but ...

Ann Kelly (Cannell) MP (c.1820 - c.1871)

Ann Cannell (Moore) MP (1825 - d.)

Ann Jane Cannan (Cannell) MP (c.1856 - d.)

Ann Cannell (?) MP (1832 - d.)

Ann ~ (Cannell) MP (1821 - d.)

Ann Corkan (Cannell) MP (c.1738 - 1807)

(wil) Ann Corkan als Cannell, 1807 Michael This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses hereof to be the last will and testament of Ann Corkan als Cannell of Glenwillen in the parish of KK Michael dec...

Ann Jane Cannell (Clarke) MP (1859 - d.)

Ann Cannell (Gwane) MP (deceased)

Ann Beck (Cannell) MP (c.1807 - d.)

Ann Skillicorn (Cannell) MP (deceased)

Ann Elizabeth Cannell (Eldridge) MP (bef.1837 - 1913)

Anna Helen ~ (Cannell) MP (deceased)

Anna B. Foesz (Cannell) MP (c.1896 - c.1976)

Anna B. Foesz (Cannell) MP (1896 - 1976)

Anna 'Blanche' Cannell (Johnston) MP (1870 - 1956)

(f/g) Anna Blanche Johnston Cannell Birth: May 24, 1870 Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio, USA Death: Oct. 11, 1956 Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio, USA Daughter of Alexander and Lydia C Barber Johnsto...

Anna 'Mame' Mary Cannell (Shimmon) MP (1873 - 1948)

(f/g) Anna Mary "Mame" Shimmon Cannell Birth: Sep. 13, 1873 Wellsville Columbiana County Ohio, USA Death: Sep., 1948 Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio, USA Mother of Ruth Eva WYCHGEL, Harold Loftus, a...

Anne Cannell MP (deceased)

Anne Quiggin (Cannell) MP (1764 - 1849)

(f/g) Ann Cannell Quiggin Birth: Jul., 1764 Braddan, Isle of Man Death: Aug., 1849 Episcopal Will Braddan 1849 FHL Film #0106449: In the name of God Amen, I Ann Quiggin of Kirk Braddan (widow) bein...

Annie Shallow (Cannell) MP (1899 - 1962)

Annie Malcolmson (Cannell) MP (1843 - 1898)

Annie Cannell (Blanche) MP (deceased)

Annie Cannell MP (1900 - d.)

Annie ~ (Cannell) MP (c.1850 - d.)

Arthur John Cannell MP (1863 - 1863)

Arthur Glenwood Cannell MP (1917 - 2001)

Arthur G Cannell MP (1917 - 2001)

Arthur Hewitt Cannell MP (deceased)

Arthur Ramsey Cannell MP (1891 - 1962)

Arthur Cannell was born the third child of Clifford Cannell and Maria Meltina Mollett (Molly). His father was the leader of The Edenburg Trek into Gazaland, Rhodesia. Molly died when Arthur was about f...

Babara Cannell MP (deceased)

Barbara Ann Cannell MP (deceased)

Barbara Eva Cannell MP (deceased)

Basil William Cannell MP (1882 - 1955)

Bella Campbell Cannell (Stenberg) MP (deceased)

Bernard Arthur Cannell MP (1883 - 1883)

Bertha Spencer (Cannell) MP (deceased)

Bud Cannell MP (deceased)

Burton Douglas Cannell MP (deceased)

Burton Douglas Cannell, Jr MP (deceased)

Cameron Corlett Cannell MP (c.1861 - d.)

Taken from The Anglo-African Who's Who and Biographical sketch-book (Page 6 of 49): "Cannell, Cameron Corlett, F.R.G.S., M. R.C.I. of Heatherdene, Bagshot, of Salisbury House, London, E.G., and of th...

Carolyn Cannell (Baker) MP (1910 - 1999)

Carrie Shepperson Paterson (Cannell) MP (deceased)

"South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 28 Nov 2014), South Africa > Cape of Good Hope > Grahamstown, Bathurst, ...

Catherine Cannell MP (deceased)

Catherine Cannell MP (b. - 1938)

Catherine Cannell MP (1786 - 1865)

Catherine Kaighin (Cannell) MP (c.1700 - d.)

Catherine Cannell (O'Keefe) MP (deceased)

Catherine Mary Cannell MP (1889 - 1935)

Catherine ~ (Cannell) MP (1755 - 1757)

Catherine Cannell (Kaighin) MP (1722 - c.1790)

Catherine Kaighin (Cannell) MP (b. - 1765)

Catherine Kaighin als Cannell, 1765 Submitted by: Shirley C Hogensen Date: 13 April 2003 Original: LDS: 0106388 [Note: The pagination may not be correct and translated or doubtful wording may not be...

Catherine Cannell (Corlet) MP (b. - 1752)

53 KK Michael 1752 This is affirmed to be the last Will and Testament of Catherine Cannell als Corlet who Departed this life about The 19th of January last being Sound in perfect Mind & Memory at Mak...

Catherine ~ (Cannell) MP (c.1791 - 1877)

Catherine ~ (Cannell) MP (1737 - d.)