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Enrico Caruso MP (1873 - 1921)

Wikipedia: English Enrico Caruso (February 25, 1873 – August 2, 1921) was an Italian tenor. He sang to great acclaim at the major opera houses of Europe and North and South America. Caruso als...

Caruso (b. - 1997)

Caruso (deceased)

(Maria) Antonina Pecoraro (Caruso) (1856 - d.)

? Caruso (deceased)

? Caruso (deceased)

Addolorata Caruso (deceased)

Adele Caruso (Del Debbio) (1908 - 1991)

Adelina Giovanna Caruso (Fulfaro) (deceased)

Adeline Caruso (deceased)

Adeline Mangeoli (Caruso) (deceased)

Adeline Randazzo Caruso (deceased)

Adoni Caruso (deceased)

Adoni Caruso (deceased)

Adriana González Bonorino Saconi (Caruso Kurchan) (deceased)

Agata Grande (Caruso) (1782 - c.1837)

Agatina Caruso (deceased)

Aileen Caruso (deceased)

Albert Caruso (deceased)

Albertina Caruso Casolari (Caruso) (1905 - d.)

Alexander Caruso (deceased)

Alexandra, aka Elsie Caruso (deceased)

Alfonsina Caruso (Mattea) (deceased)

Alfonsina Caruso (b. - 1922)

Alfonso Caruso (deceased)

Alfredo Caruso (deceased)

Alfredo Antonio Caruso (deceased)

Alice Caruso (deceased)

Alice Caruso (deceased)

Alice Caruso (Galgano) (deceased)

alma caruso lanza (deceased)

alvaro franco caruso (1913 - 1995)

Amalia Caruso (1910 - 1972)

Amanda Landry (Caruso) (1910 - 2004)

Amanda Catherine Caruso (Moeller) (1878 - 1941)

There is a spelling discrepancy in the last name. The first record found is the US census of 1880. She is shown as the 1 year old daughter of Ferdinand and Williamine Moller. The census also shows sibl...

Amelia Caruso (deceased)

Amelia Caruso- Ferrazza (deceased)

Amelia caruso (deceased)

Andrea Caruso (deceased)

Andrew Caruso Jr. (1937 - 2004)

Andrew Caruso (Italian) (deceased)

Andrew Caruso (1915 - 1986)

Andrew Caruso Sr. (b. - 1984)

Ange Caruso (deceased)

Angela Caruso (Crivaro) (deceased)

Angela Caruso (cribari) (deceased)

Angela Caruso (1913 - 1914)

Angela Caruso (deceased)

Angela Caruso (Colaluca) (deceased)

Angela Rubina Caruso (Giuliani) (1823 - d.)

Angela Caruso (Vecchio) (1812 - 1877)

Angela DiMisa (Caruso) (deceased)

Angela Caruso (1846 - d.)

Angela Rizzi (Caruso) (deceased)

Angela DePatria (Caruso) (1919 - 2003)

Angela Caruso Sr. (LaCorte) (b. - 1981)

angela angelina caruso (schiavo) (deceased)

Angelina Caruso (1864 - d.)

Angelia Caruso was a Male. Not sure it keeps popping up as female. This is My granmothers Father.


Angelina Julia Lombardi (Caruso) (1907 - d.)

Angelina Caruso (deceased)

Angelina Caruso (Bucter) (deceased)

Angeline Butera (Caruso) (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (1864 - 1917)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Carl Caruso (1924 - 2005)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (1844 - 1890)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Angelo Caruso (deceased)

Anita Caruso (deceased)

Ann Caruso (deceased)

Ann Caruso (deceased)

Ann Marie Killino (Caruso) (b. - c.2011)

Ann Caruso (b. - c.1963)

Anna Caruso (Tufo) (1913 - d.)

Anna Molinaro (Caruso) (1897 - 1923)

anna caruso (deceased)

anna caruso (deceased)

Anna Caruso (Liberatore) (b. - 2000)

Anna Pellegrino (Caruso) (1894 - 1993)

Anna Caruso (1834 - d.)

Anna Caruso (deceased)

Anna Caruso (Distasio) (deceased)

Anna Caruso (deceased)

Anna Cristoffer-Caruso-Dobson (deceased)

Anna Caruso (deceased)

Anna Caruso (Baldini) (1838 - 1888)

Anna Labate (Caruso) (deceased)

Anna Caruso (deceased)

Anna Caruso (deceased)