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Alexander Champernowne, Esq. MP (c.1383 - 1441)

Primary Sources The Cornwall IPM for Elizabeth widow of Warin Lerchedekene, knight, in 1407, mentions: Alexander Chambernon and Joan his wife, one of the daughters of Martin de Ferrers, Thomas Bonevy...

Amy Champernowne (Crewkerne) MP (deceased)

Arthur Champernowne, MP MP (1580 - c.1650)

Family and Education b. 25 May 1580,1 1st s. of Gawen Champernowne of Dartington and Roberta, da. of Gabriel de l’Orge, comte de Montgomery; stepbro. to Sir John* and Thomas Horner*.2 educ. M. Temple...

Sir Arthur Champernowne, Kt., MP MP (c.1524 - 1578)

Family and Education b. c.1525, 2nd s. of Sir Philip Champernown (d.1545) of Modbury by Catherine, da. of Sir Edmund Carew of Mohun’s Ottery. m. c.1547, Mary, da. of Henry Norris of Bray, Berks., wid...

Arthur Champernowne, MP MP (c.1683 - 1717)

Family and Education b. ?1683, 2nd s. of Arthur Champernowne of Dartington by Margaret, da. and eventually coh. of Sir John Fowell, 2nd Bt., M.P., of Fowelscombe, Devon, sis. of Sir John Fowell, 3rd ...

Arthur Champernowne (Harington), MP MP (1767 - 1819)

Family and Education b. 30 Dec. 1767, o.s. of Rev. Richard Harington, rector of Powderham, by 1st w. Jane, da. and h. of Arthur Champernowne of Dartington Hall. m. 11 Sept. 1806, Louisa, da. of John Bu...

Arthur Champernowne, esq. MP (c.1560 - bef.1604)

Probably the Arthur Champernowne who was buried 10 Mar 1596 in Broadwindsor, Dorset, England. His widow married Henry Drake in 1604 at Allington, Dorset, England. Allington is 5.6 miles from Broadw...

Bridget Cosworth (Champernowne) MP (c.1560 - 1646)

Catherine Raleigh (Champernowne) MP (1519 - 1594)

'Catherine CHAMPERNOWNE Born: ABT 1519 Died: 1594 Not the same as Katherine Astley Notes: during the reign of Henry VIII, she converted to Protestantism and refused to give up her beliefs when Mary...

Catherine Champernowne (Edgecombe) MP (1537 - 1561)

Elizabeth Seymour (Champernowne) MP (c.1555 - 1613)

Elizabeth Champernowne was the daughter of Arthur Champernowne & Mary Norris. On the 19th September 1576 she married Sir Edward Seymour. They had eleven children [from their memorial inscription] but...

Elizabeth Ameredith (Champernowne) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Champernowne (Bigbery) MP (1426 - aft.1469)

'Elizabeth Bikebery1,2,3,4 'F, b. circa 1426, d. after 8 June 1469 Father William Bikebery2,1,3,4 b. c 1395, d. 1439 Mother Elizabeth Paulet4 ' Elizabeth Bikebery was born circa 1426 at of Bigb...

Elizabeth Champernowne (Popham) MP (1555 - 1629)

Gawine Champernowne MP (c.1554 - 1591)

'Essex Institute historical collections, Volume 17 By Essex Institute Essex Institute historical collections, Volume 17 By Essex Institute

Sir Henry Champernowne, Kt., MP MP (c.1538 - 1570)

Family and Education b. c.1538, 1st s. of John Champernown by Katherine, da. of William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy. educ. Pembroke, Camb. 1551. m. Catherine, da. of Sir Richard Edgecombe of Mount Edgc...

Joan Champernowne (Ferrers) MP (c.1360 - aft.1420)

Primary Sources The Cornwall IPM for Elizabeth widow of Warin Lerchedekene, knight, in 1407, mentions: "Alexander Chambernon and Joan his wife, one of the daughters of Martin de Ferrers, Thomas Bonev...

Joan de Courtenay (Champernowne) MP (aft.1369 - 1419)

Joan Champernoun F, b. circa 1376, d. 1419 Father Sir Richard Champernoun, Sheriff of Devonshire3,2 b. 29 Jun 1344, d. 20 Jan 1419 Mother Alice de Astley3,2 d. b 13 Aug 1394 'Joan Champernoun...

Joan Champernowne (Keynes) MP (c.1398 - d.)

Sir John Champernowne, Kt. MP (c.1413 - 1475)

'John Champernoun, Esq.1,2,3 'M, b. circa 1420, d. 3 April 1475 Father Alexander Champernoun, Esq.1,3 b. c 1382, d. 30 Jun 1441 Mother Joan Ferrers1,3 b. c 1365, d. a 1420 ' John Champernoun, E...

John Champerknowne of Insworth MP (1394 - c.1435)

'John Champernon1 'M, d. after 1445 Father Sir Richard Champernoun, Sheriff of Devonshire b. 29 Jun 1344 Mother Katherine Daubeney ' John Champernon was born at of Inceworth, Cornwall, England....

Jordan Campo Arnulfi Champernowne (de Champernon) MP (c.1096 - 1190)

Confusion reigns in this area please see discussion threads: Mabel de Vere ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following from suggests that Jordan de Champernon (Campn Arnulfi) was the son of Mabel not the ...

Katherine Champernowne (Norris), of Dartington MP (aft.1526 - 1570)

'Mary NORREYS 'Born: ABT 1526, Bray, Berkshire, England 'Died: 1570 'Buried: 24 Oct 1570, Dartington, Devon, England 'Notes: maid of honor, some say to Anne Boleyn, probably to Jane Seymour, de...

Margaret or Elizabeth Champernowne (Reynell) MP (c.1443 - d.)

Alternate Birth; Abt 1437, Malston, Sherford, Devon, England. Spouse: Richard CHAMPERNOWNE Children: 1. Elizabeth CHAMPERNOWNE+ 2. Margaret CHAMPERNOWNE+ Elizabeth married Richard CHAMPERNOWN...

Margaret Slanning (Champernowne) MP (deceased)

Mary Fortescue (Champernowne) MP (1562 - 1612)

Sir Philip Champernowne, of Modbury MP (1479 - 1545)

'Sir Philip Champernoun, Sheriff of Devonshire1,2,3 'M, b. circa 1479, d. 2 August 1545 Father Sir John Champernon1,3 b. 1458, d. 30 Apr 1503 Mother Margaret Courtenay1,3 b. c 1462, d. 1536 ' S...

Sir Richard Champernon, Knight and Sheriff of Devonshire MP (bef.1344 - bef.1419)

'Sir Richard Champernoun, Sheriff of Devonshire1,2 'M, b. 29 June 1344, d. 20 January 1419 Father Sir Thomas Champernoun2 d. bt 1363 - 1367 Mother Eleanor Rohaut2 d. b 1369 ' Sir Richard Champe...

Sir Richard Champernowne, Kt., MP MP (c.1568 - 1622)

Family and Education b. c.1558, 1st s. of Henry Champernown of Modbury by Catherine, da. of Sir Richard Edgecombe† of Mount Edgcumbe, Cornw. educ. M. Temple 1575. m. 1581, Elizabeth (d.1637), da. of ...

Agnes Charlotte Champernowne (1849 - 1939)

Agnes Dorothy Champernowne (1880 - 1964)

Alice Champernowne (Addington) (deceased)

Amias Champernowne (1605 - 1661)

Amos Champernowne, died young (deceased)

Amyas Walter Champernowne (1873 - 1941)

Ann Champernowne, (?died young) (1616 - d.)

Anne Champernowne (1729 - d.)

Arthur Champernowne, Col., of Dartington (c.1629 - 1664)

Arthur Champernowne, of Dartington (b. - 1766)

Arthur Champernowne (1813 - 1831)

Arthur Champernowne of Dartington (1839 - 1851)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 292

Arthur Champernowne, (?died young) (1616 - d.)

Arthur Champernowne, of Dartington (deceased)

Arthur Champernowne (1724 - d.)

Arthur Champernowne (1631 - d.)

Arthur Champernowne (c.1657 - 1697)

Arthur Gawen Champernowne of Dartington (1909 - 1947)

Arthur Melville Champernowne of Dartington (1871 - 1946)

Audrey Eliza Champernowne (Evans) (b. - 1951)

Bridget Champernowne (Fulford) (c.1581 - 1667)

Arthur CHAMPERNOWNE (Esq.) Born: 1578 Died: 1650 Father: Gawen CHAMPERNOWNE (Esq.) Mother: Roberda MONTGOMERY Married: Bridget FULFORD (dau. of Thomas Fulford and Ursula Bamfield) 17 Jun 1598...

Bridget Treffrey (Champernowne) (b. - 1650)

Bridget Fulford (Champernowne) (1611 - d.)

Bridget Still (Champernowne) (deceased)

Bridgit Champernowne (Unknown) (deceased)

Caroline Champernowne (1842 - 1918)

Caroline Williams (Champernowne) (1811 - 1886)

Catherine Carminow (Champernowne) (aft.1334 - c.1383)

Catherine Fownes (Champernowne) (b. - 1620)

Catherine Hillersdon (Champernowne) (1577 - d.)

Catherine Prowt (Champernowne) (1689 - 1751)

Cecilia Margaret Wigan (Champernowne) (1864 - 1950)

Charles Champernowne (deceased)

Charlotte Champernowne (Buller) (deceased)

Charlotte Elizabeth Champernowne (1875 - 1968)

Cicely Fleming (Champernowne) (1347 - 1363)

'Cecily Champernowne1 F Father Sir Thomas Champernoun1 d. bt 1363 - 1367 Mother Eleanor Rohaut d. b 1369 ' Cecily Champernowne was born at of Modbury, Devonshire, England.1 She married Simon Fl...

Col. Henry Champernowne of Pound,Yelverton (1840 - 1917)

Constance Fanny Champernowne Sadler (Whiting) (c.1851 - d.)

David Gawen Champernowne (1912 - 2000)

Professor David Gawen Champernowne FBA (9 July 1912 – 19 August 2000) was an English economist and mathematician. Champernowne was educated at Winchester and King's College, Cambridge, where he was...

Doris Champernowne (1895 - 1971)

GEDCOM Source ===@R3134859@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. Ancestry Family Tree

Dorothy Champernowne (Trenchard) (deceased)

Dorothy Addington (Champernowne) (c.1611 - 1649)

Edith Alicia Champernowne (b. - 1934)

Edmund Champernowne, died young (deceased)

Edward Champernowne (c.1563 - 1612)

Sir Edward Champernowne (1630 - d.)

Sir Edward Champernowne (1603 - 1656)

Edward Buller Champernowne (1885 - 1966)

Edy Champernowne (Penros) (deceased)

Eileen Anne S. Champernowne of Dartington (Sternbridge) (deceased)

Lady Eleanor Champernowne (de Rohaut), Heiress of Ashton and Woodleigh (c.1318 - 1369)

'Eleanor Rohaut1,2 'F, d. before 1369 Father Sir Roger de Rohant2 d. a 1340 Mother Eleanor Lovel d. a 1360 ' Eleanor Rohaut married Sir Thomas Champernoun, son of Sir Richard Champernon and Joa...

Elinor Marcia Champernowne (1876 - 1961)

Eliza Mary Champernowne (Spottiswoode) (b. - 1949)

Elizabeth Margaret Champernowne (Keble) (1828 - 1870)

Elizabeth Crocker (Champernowne) (1589 - 1647)

Elizabeth Champernowne (c.1716 - d.)

Elizabeth Polglas (Champernowne) (deceased)

Elizabeth Giffard (Champernowne) (deceased)

Elizabeth Cole (Champernowne) (1509 - 1574)

Elizabeth Champernon "of Mowbury" * Elizabeth CHAMPERNOWNE Born: ABT 1521, Bere Ferrers, Devonshire, England Died: ABT 1574, Bere Ferrers, Devon, England Father: Phillip CHAMPERNOWNE of Modbury...

Elizabeth Champernowne (Mortemer) (1658 - 1730)

Elizabeth Holgate (Champernowne) (1465 - d.)

Elizabeth Seymour (Champernowne) (deceased)

Elizabeth Champernowne (deceased)

Elizabeth Champernowne (Courtenay) (1677 - d.)

Ellen Champernowne (Fortescue) (deceased)

Frances Burdockshide (Champernon) (1519 - 1569)

Francis Gawayne Champernowne (1866 - 1921)

Rev. Francis Champernowne (c.1713 - d.)

Rector of Dartington. Died unmarried.

Francis Champernowne (1614 - 1687)

Francis Champernowne, died young (deceased)

G Champernowne (Douglas) (deceased)