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Alexander Chisholm, 17th of Chisholm MP (b. - 1638)

Biographical Summary " XVII. Alexander Chisholm Who, during the life of his father, has a contract of disposition granted to him by Simon Lord Lovat, of the lands of Easter and Wester Erchless and ...

Alexander Chisholm, 19th of Chisholm MP (b. - 1695)

Biographical Summary " XIX. Alexander Chisholm Generally known as "An Siosal Og," or the Young Chisolm. On the 26th of November, 1657, we find a disposition by William Fraser of Culbokie (who on th...

Amelia Chisholm (Bromfield) MP (1794 - 1859)

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Angus Hugh Chisholm MP (deceased)

Anne Chisholm MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary " Agnes , who, as his second wife, married the celebrated John Napier of Merchistoun, the inventor of Logarithms, with issue five sons, all of whom founded respectable families, ...

Annie Chisholm (Mackinnon) MP (1829 - 1894)

Caroline Elizabeth Chisholm (Jones) MP (1808 - 1877)

Caroline Chisholm (1808-1877), philanthropist, was born near Northampton, England, daughter of William Jones, a well-to-do farmer. Reared in the tradition of Evangelical philanthropy, at 22 she agreed ...

Colin Chisholm MP (1827 - 1889)

Donald Paul Chisholm MP (b. - 1828)

Sir Edmund Chisholm, 1st of Cromlix MP (1453 - c.1500)

Biographical Summary "I. Sir Edmund Chisholm , who was the fourth son of Robert Chisholme, VII. of Chisholme, in Roxburghshire. This Robert was himself the third son of Sir Robert Chisholme, VI. of C...

Elizabeth Chisholm (Theobald) MP (1871 - 1922)

Elizabeth Goodnight (Chisholm) MP (c.1754 - 1840)

Helen Chisholm MP (b. - 1599)

Sir James Chisholm, 2nd of Cromlix MP (c.1478 - c.1545)

He was styled as brother to Sir James ( sic: William ?) Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane, when he had in rental the Crown lands of Kirkandres and Terrnaneane in 1517. He had from Alison Charteris, spouse o...

Sir James Chisholm, 3rd of Cromlix MP (c.1531 - 1598)

Biographical Summary "III. Sir Jams Chisholm of Cromlix , the nephew to whom his uncle, the first Bishop William, alienated a large portion of the Church lands of his diocese, shortly before the Scot...

Sir James Chisholm, 5th of Cromlix MP (b. - 1633)

Biographical Summary "V. Sir James Chisholm of Cromlix ... ...Sir James married Helen, daughter of William Stirling, brother of Stirling of Ardoch. Ardoch's wife and Helen's mother was Margaret, da...

Sir James Chisholm, 4th of Cromlix MP (1550 - 1598)

Biographical Summary " Sir James married the daughter and heiress of Drummond of Innerpeffray, in the county of Perth, and by her obtained the lands and barony of that name. By this lady he had issue...

Jane Chisholm MP (c.1556 - 1589)

Biographical Summary " Jane , who married her cousin, the Honourable James Drummond, second son of David second Lord Drummond. Her husband, the Honourable James Drummond, was raised to the Scottish P...

Janet Chisholm MP (c.1483 - c.1540)

Biographical Summary " Janet , who married Sir Alexander Napier of Merchiston, ancestor of the present Lord Napier and Ettrick, K.T. He fell at Flodden on the 1st September, 1513, and left issue, an ...

Jean Chisholm MP (1555 - 1589)

Jean Chisholm MP (deceased)

John Chisholm, 20th of Chisholm MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary " XX. John Chisholm Known among his own countrymen as "An Siosalach Ruadh," or the Red Chisholm. He married Jane, third daughter of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon, fourth son...

John Chisholm, 16th of Chisholm MP (1590 - 1630)

Biographical Summary " XVI. John Chisholm Who was the " son of Alexander and brother to Thomas," and was served heir to his father, Alexander Chisholm, by a special service before the Sheriff of In...

John Chisholm, 7th of Cromlix MP (b. - 1669)

Biographical Summary "VII. John Chisholm , who, in 1661, was one of the commissioners for uplifting 40,000, a portion of which was ordered to be applied to the liquidation of a debt owing to Lord Egl...

Julia Ann Chisholm (McLish) MP (1846 - 1883)

Katherine Chisholm MP (deceased)

Malcolm Colin Chisholm MP (1869 - 1922)

Margaret Rose Hodgson (Chisholm) MP (1817 - 1841)

Mary Chisholm (Macpherson) MP (deceased)

Robert Chisholm MP (1422 - d.)

Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm MP (1872 - 1912)

Name: Mr Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm Born: 1872 Born in Dumbarton Dunbartonshire Scotland Age: 40 years Married to Susan (née Anderson) Chisholm. Last Residence: at 6 Sandford...

Susannah Chisholm (Doublehead) MP (c.1805 - c.1838)

William Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane MP (1498 - 1564)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " William Chisholm (called I in some biographies; c. 1498[1] – 1564), bishop of Dunblane , was the second son of Edmund Chisholm of Cromlix, near Dunblane, a son...

William Edward Chisholm MP (1837 - 1880)

William Edwards Chisholm in IT, William was born in Edwards Station, IT, 15 SEP 1837. William was the son of Jesse Chisholm and Eliza Edwards. William died 19 NOV 1880 in Chisholm, IT, at 43 years ...

(?) Chisholm (deceased)

(Female) Chisholm (1863 - 1863)

(Female) Chisholm (1867 - 1867)

(Male) Chisholm (1869 - 1869)

(Mrs. F. M.) Chisholm (Robinson) (deceased)

(Unknown) Chisholm (deceased)

(Unnamed) Chisholm (1872 - 1872)

<unknown> Chisholm (c.1650 - d.)

? Chisholm (deceased)

? Greg (Chisholm) (deceased)

? Chisholm (deceased)

? Chisholm (1889 - d.)

? Chisholm (deceased)

? Kemp (Chisholm) (deceased)

? Chisholm (deceased)

?? Fraser (Chisholm) (deceased)

?? McKenzie (Chisholm) (deceased)

?? Chisholm (deceased)

?? Chisholm (deceased)

?? Chisholm (deceased)

???? Chisholm (deceased)

Abbie Chisholm (Dingman) (1833 - d.)

Abigail Chisholm (Cain) (1863 - d.)

Abigail Chisholm (1699 - d.)

Abigail Chisholm(Austin) (1836 - 1897)

Abraham Chisholm Chisholm-Davenport (1945 - 1979)

Ada Chisholm (deceased)

Ada Chisholm (1905 - 1990)

Ada F Chisholm (Zollner) (1868 - 1922)

Ada May Stanfield (Chisholm) (deceased)

Ada Irene Chisholm (Demore) (1913 - 2005)

Ada Chisholm (b. - 1970)

Ada Evelyn Mary Suhr (Chisholm) (deceased)

Ada Barbara Lewis (Chisholm) (1906 - 1992)

Adam Chisholm (deceased)

Adam Chisholm (c.1695 - c.1756)

Notes: Individual: Children 1. William CHISOLM b: 1725 in Hanover County, Virginia 2. David CHISHOLME b: 1728 in Hanover County, Virginia 3. Walter CHISHOLME b: 19 MAR 1732/33 in Hanover County, Virgin...

Adam Chisholm (deceased)

Addy Chisholm (c.1848 - d.)

adela chisholm (1897 - d.)

Adele Eells (Chisholm) (1898 - 1990)

Adele Chisholm (Corning) (1874 - 1967)

Ader Bogard (Chisholm) (deceased)

Aeneas Chisholm (deceased)

Agnes Hosking (Chisholm) (1878 - d.)

Agnes Viola King (Chisholm) (1895 - 1975)

Agnes Chisholm (Fisher) (deceased)

Agnes Fisher and John Chisholm's children were: 1) Margaret Elizabeth Chisholm b1880 2) William Alexander Chisholm 1882 – 1973 3) Thomas Fisher Chisholm b1885 4) Sarah Vinetta Hopkins Chisholm...

Agnes H Chisholm (Broll) (1893 - 1962)

Agnes Ovens Chisholm (Fisher) (1854 - 1927)

Agnes St Clair (Chisholm) (b. - 1814)

Agnes Katherine Rose (Chisholm) (1590 - c.1660)

Agnes Chisholm (deceased)

Agnes Chisholm (b. - 1680)

Agnes Chisholm (deceased)

Agnes Chisholm (1823 - 1884)

Agnes Chisholm (deceased)

Agnes Hislop Chisholm (Sinclair) (c.1911 - c.1999)

Agnes McLaren Chisholm (1888 - d.)

Agustus Albert Chisholm (1846 - 1926)

Aileen Chisholm (Mckay) (b. - c.1954)

Al J. Chisholm (1917 - 1921)

Alan Stanley Chisholm (1911 - d.)

Albert Everard Chisholm (1892 - 1956)

Albert Chisholm (deceased)

Albert B. Chisholm (1855 - 1929)

Albert Chisholm (deceased)

Albert Chisholm (deceased)