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Marjory Lyming (Choke) MP (c.1484 - 1509)

Marjory Richmond-Webb (Choke) MP (c.1502 - bef.1538)

Sir Richard Choke, Knight MP (c.1415 - 1483)

Sir Richard Choke (d 1483), * judge; pleader by 1441* Sergeant-at-law, 1453* bought Long Ashton, Somerset 1454;* justice of Common pleas, 1461 till his death* knighted 1464 Will of "Richard Chokke knyg...

2nd Choke (deceased)

Agnes Choke (Newborough) (aft.1445 - 1558)

Alexander Choke, of Westbury, Esq. (deceased)

Alexander Choke of Westbury in the county of Somerset, esquire, second son of John Choke aforesaid, married Cecily daughter and one of the heirs of Thomas Gayton of Clevedon in the county of Somerset, ...

Alexander Choke, MP (bef.1566 - 1607)

Family and Educationb. by 1566, 1st s. of Richard Chocke of Avington and Elizabeth, da. of William Boulting of Sutton, Som. m. 21 June 1574, Joan, da. of Thomas Webb, clothier of Clifford, Beckington, ...

Sir Alexander Choke, MP (c.1593 - 1625)

Family and Educationb.1593/4, [1st] s. of Francis Chocke (d.1640) of Yatton, Som. and [1st w. Elizabeth, da. of Sir John Horner of Cloford, Somerset]. educ. Queen’s, Oxf. 1609, aged 15. m. (1) 5 Oct. 1...

Alexander Choke (c.1646 - 1675)

Alexander Choke, the younger (deceased)

Named in his father's will. A younger half-brother of Alexander Choke the MP who predeceased his father.

Alice Choke (Coventry) (deceased)

Anne Choke (Low) (b. - bef.1659)

Will of Anne Chokk, Widow of Avington, Berkshire, proved 20 August 1659"my late husband Sr ffran: Chokk" "my son ffrancis Chokk and my daughter ffrances Chokk to be my Executors"

Bridget Choke (Hungerford) (deceased)

Bridget Bannister (Choke) (deceased)

Bridgett Bunnister is named in the 1635 will of her brother Thomas Choke. Her son John is also named but it is unclear if this was a son of her first marriage or second marriage.

Cecily Choke (Gayton) (deceased)

Charles Choke (c.1650 - 1673)

Chee Choke (deceased)

Eleanor Choke (Grove) (c.1600 - d.)

Named in her husband's will.

Elizabeth Choke (Wroughton) (1415 - bef.1493)

Elizabeth Choke (BouIting) (deceased)

Elizabeth Choke (Horner) (b. - bef.1615)

Elizabeth Darrell (Choke) (c.1541 - 1600)

Elizabeth CHOAK (CHOKE) (1839 - d.)

Frances Hale (Choke) (c.1644 - 1670)

Burial Record1670, December 17, Alderley, Gloucestershire, England Frances Hale ye wife of Robert Hale Esq. was buryed.

Francis Choke (c.1642 - d.)

Chock, Francis (Chokke) 1s. Francis, of Avington, Berks, equitis. Trinity Coll., matric. 16 July, 1661, aged 19. Source: Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

Francis Choke, of Avington, Esq. (deceased)

Francis Choke of Avington in the county of Berkshire, esquire, eldest son and heir to John aforesaid, married Katherine youngest daughter to Sir Edward Darrell of Littlecote in the county of Wiltshire,...

Francis Choke, esq. (b. - 1640)

Will of Francis Chokke of Shalbourne, Wiltshire proved 21 November 1640."to be buried in the parish Church of Avington" "ffrancis Chokk my sonne and heire apparent" "my second sonne Alexander Chokk" A ...

Sir Francis Choke, knight (c.1615 - 1653)

Chock, Mr. Francis (Choke or Chalke) created M.A. 16 Jan., 1642-3, of Avington, Berks, knighted 26 Oct., 1643 (son of [Francis] of same), died 1653, father of Francis and Hussey. See Fasti, ii. 33.Sour...

Hanna Hoskin (1) CHOAK (CHOKE) (1842 - d.)

Hanna Hoskin (2) CHOAK (CHOKE) (1844 - d.)

Hussey Elwes Hinton Choke (1652 - d.)

Chock, 'Hussey Elwes Hinton' (Chokke) y.s. Francis, of Avington, Berks, eq. aur. New Coll., matric. 27 Sept., 1670, aged 18; B.A. 1674.Source: Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714

Jane Choke (deceased)

Named in her father's will.

Joan Wroughton (Choke) (c.1442 - d.)

Joan Choke (1451 - d.)

Joan Choke (Webb) (deceased)

Joan Choke (Hampton) (b. - 1506)

John Choke, of Avington (c.1483 - 1530)

John Choke, son and heir to Richard aforesaid, married Agnes daughter to Thomas Newborough and had issue, Francis Choke, his eldest son; Henry, second son; John, third son; Edmund, fourth son; and Will...

John Choke (c.1380 - c.1450)

John Choke, esq. (1440 - 1488)

John Choke of Long Ashton aforesaid, knight, eldest son and heir to Sir Richard aforesaid, married Elizabeth daughter of Sir John Wroughton of Broad Hinton in the county of Wiltshire, knight, and by he...

John Choke (1415 - d.)

John Choke (1448 - 1506)

Sir John Choke, knight (c.1470 - d.)

John Choke (c.1448 - d.)

Katherine Choke (Darrell) (deceased)

Margaret Choke (Morris) (1415 - bef.1484)

Will of "Dame Margarete Chocke late the wyff of Syr Richard Chocke knyght oon of the Kynges Justice of the Comyn Place" dated 1 September 1483 and proved 8 October 1484. "my body to be beried in the Ch...

Margaret Choke (deceased)

Mary Cox (Choke) (c.1572 - c.1636)

Mary Cox is named in the 1635 will of her brother Thomas Choke.

Mary Choke (Swift) (deceased)

Mary Choke (c.1648 - d.)

Mary Choke (Pitt) (deceased)

Mary Choke (deceased)

Named in her father's will.

Mary Cox (Choke) (1550 - 1636)

Mother Choke (deceased)

NN Choke (NN) (deceased)

Philip CHOAK (CHOKE) (1834 - d.)

Richard Choke, of Avington, Esq. (c.1550 - c.1593)

Richard Choke of Avington in the county of Berkshire, esquire, second son to Alexander Choke aforesaid, married Elizabeth daughter to William BouIting of Sutton in the county of Somerset and by her hat...

Esq. Richard Choke (c.1457 - 1493)

Richard Choke of Avington, second son to Sir Richard Choke, knight, and Justice of the Common Pleas, married Alice daughter and heir to Robert Coventry of Avington in the county of Berkshire, esquire, ...

Susan Choke (Hungerford) (c.1554 - c.1580)

Thomas Choke, esq. (b. - 1487)

Thomas Choke, Gent. (b. - bef.1635)

Will of Thomas Chokke, Gentleman of Newbury, Berkshire, proved 21 November 1635To be buried in the parish church of Newbury. "my three sisters Mary Cox Bridgett Bunnister and Ursula Munday" "my cosins...

Ursula Munday (Choke) (1580 - 1663)

Ursula Munday is named in the 1635 will of her brother Thomas Choke.

Wife Flower (Choke) (c.1454 - 1511)

William Choke (b. - bef.1504)

William Choke (deceased)

William Choke (c.1575 - aft.1640)

Named in the 1624 will of his nephew Sir Alexander Chocke and named in the 1640 will of his brother Francis Choke.

Witheridge Choke (Lyons) (1400 - d.)