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Alexander Chrust MP (1903 - 1979)

In the 1940 Census, Alexander was living with his mother Sally. He was 36 and she was 62. Lived on 38th Street in Queens, New York.

Arie Lejb CHRUST MP (deceased)

Avraham Yitzhak Chrust MP (c.1845 - d.)

Azriel Chrust MP (1942 - d.)

Chishka Chrust (Faincaig) MP (1911 - 2005)

Cipa CHRUST MP (deceased)

Dwora Fisherung (Chrust) MP (1844 - d.)

Ester CHRUST MP (deceased)

Frajda Krost Chrust (Zielonka) MP (deceased)

Haim Chrust MP (deceased)

Hannah Hena Weinzimmer (Chrust) MP (1861 - 1945)

Hillary Chrust MP (deceased)

Joseph Theodore Chrust MP (1877 - 1936)

Country of Origin - Austria Native Tongue - Russian Ruthenian Per the 1900 Census Joseph Chrust was a border within the home of Michael Halkowicz (Halkowing) in Mt.Carmel, Pennsylvania. He was approx...

Leah Chrust MP (1942 - d.)

Lejbka CHRUST MP (deceased)

Mary Schuck (Chrust) MP (1901 - 1992)

Daughter of Sally Nazarchyk and Joseph Chrust. In the 1940 Census Mary Schuck was recorded as living in the household of her mother Sally Chrust along with her sibling Alendander Chrust. Mary as abou...

Olga V. Chrust MP (1913 - d.)

Pauline Mary Slipe (Chrust) MP (1908 - d.)

Birth: Dec. 29, 1908 Death: Oct. 23, 1994 Pauline Chrust married Walter Slipe on November 12, 1931 in Queens, New York. Daughter of Joseph Chrust and Sally Nazarchyk. Inscription: WIFE OF SLI...

Rivka Chrust MP (deceased)

Ruda Hinda Brzoza (Krost Chrust) MP (1868 - d.)

Ruth Chrust (Moin) MP (1916 - 2009)

Sally Chrust (Nazarchyk) MP (1878 - 1940)

County of Origin - Austria Native Tongue - Russian Ruthenian In the 1915 Census of New York City, Sally stated that she was born in Galicia. Just like her brother John Mark Nazarchyk. Married to Jo...

Sender CHRUST MP (deceased)

Sophia Marian Russell (Chrust) MP (1914 - 1990)

Daughter of Joseph Chrust and Sally Nazarchyk. Married George Russell on January 12, 1935 in Manhattan, New York.

Theodore Chrust MP (1906 - 1979)

Served in WW2

Tobiasz Krost Chrust MP (deceased)

Vera Chrust MP (1917 - 1924)

Buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens, New York City.

Yechiel Chrust MP (1899 - 1997)

Yehoshua Chrust MP (deceased)

Yoseph Chrust MP (1908 - 1994)