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Carl Ferdinand Cori, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1947 MP (1896 - 1984)

Carl Ferdinand Cori was born in Prague on December 5th, 1896. His father, Dr. Carl I. Cori, was Director of the Marine Biological Station in Trieste, and it was here that young Carl spent his childhood...

Gerty Therese Cori (Radnitz), Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1947 MP (1896 - 1957)

Gerty Theresa Cori , née Radnitz, was born in Prague on August 15th, 1896. She received her primary education at home before entering a Lyceum for girls in 1906; she graduated in 1912 and studied for t...

? Cori MP (deceased)

? Cori MP (deceased)

? Staats (Čori) MP (deceased)

? in De Cori MP (b. - 1857)

Abramo De Cori MP (1865 - d.)

Adele Di Cori Terracina MP (deceased)

Alberto Cori MP (deceased)

Aldo Di Cori MP (1924 - 2000)

Alejandro Cori Pesah or Peso (Alessandro) MP (1881 - 1948)

Alessandro Cori Pezah MP (1891 - 1948)

Alfred Cori MP (1896 - 1971)

Allegra Cori MP (1912 - c.1944)

Amelia Di Cori Toscano MP (deceased)

Andino Clemente Di Cori MP (deceased)

Ange Parmentier Cori MP (deceased)

Angiolo De Cori MP (b. - 1836)

Angiolo De Cori MP (deceased)

Angiolo De Cori MP (1857 - 1857)

Anne Fitz-Gerald Cori (Jones) MP (deceased)


Armando Di Cori MP (deceased)

Avramino Cori MP (deceased)

Beniamino Di Cori MP (deceased)

Bertha Cori (Goldschmidt) MP (1906 - d.)

o.Univ.Prof.Dr.phil. Carl Isidor Cori MP (c.1865 - 1954)

Carl Cori MP (1858 - 1880)

Carl Cori MP (1896 - 1984)

Carl Ferdinand Cori (1896-1984) spolu s manželkou Gertrudou Theresou (1896-1958) se stal nositelem Nobelovy ceny (za objev funkce hormonů předního laloku hypofýzy při metabolismu cukrů). V archivu na r...

Caterina CORI (Pessaj) MP (deceased)

Celeste Cori MP (deceased)

Cesare Di Cori MP (1918 - 1996)

Costanza Di Cori MP (1920 - d.)

Daniel Cori MP (deceased)

David Cori Ventura MP (1921 - 1980)

David De Cori MP (b. - bef.1917)

David Crescenzio De Cori MP (1774 - 1843)

Edgar Salom Cori MP (1901 - 1944)

Edgar Cori and his wife. Bertha ( née Goldschmidt), from The Hague, were two of the many Spanish nationals not rescued through Spain. On February 1, 1943, the Spanish Embassy in Berlin testified that b...

Edith Ellen Cori MP (1917 - 1995)

Edouard Cori MP (deceased)

Edouard Cori MP (deceased)

Eduard Cori MP (1812 - 1889)

Eduard Cori MP (1812 - 1889)

Eleanore Cori MP (1893 - 1934)

Elia Di Cori MP (deceased)

Eliezer Cori Hazan (Lazare) MP (1860 - d.)

ELIEZER MP (deceased)

Elisa De Cori MP (1823 - d.)

Enrichetta De Cori MP (deceased)

Estelle Cori (Schual) MP (1932 - 2003)

Ester Di Cori -Spizzichino MP (deceased)

Ester De Cori MP (1826 - d.)

Esther Cori MP (deceased)

Esther Cori (Politi) MP (deceased)

Estrea Cori MP (deceased)

Ettie (Esther) Cori (Mendoza) MP (1901 - 1964)

Fermosa Cori (Cohen) MP (deceased)

Filip Cori MP (b. - 1778)

Filomena Cori MP (deceased)

Fiore Di Cori (Sereni) MP (1812 - 1867)

Gabriella De Cori MP (1896 - aft.1944)

Gilberte Jeanquet Cori MP (1907 - 1992)

Gilda De Cori Funaro MP (deceased)

Gino De Cori MP (1896 - 1916)

Giovanni Cori MP (deceased)

Giovanni Di Cori MP (deceased)

Giuditta Di Cori MP (deceased)

Giulia Di Cori MP (deceased)

Giulia di Cori MP (deceased)

Giuseppina Ambron De Cori MP (deceased)

Henri Cori MP (deceased)

Ida De Cori Gallichi MP (1869 - 1944)

Iole Di Cori MP (deceased)

Irma Bruda (Cori) MP (deceased)

Isaac Cori MP (1892 - 1965)

Isaac Cori MP (1899 - 1945)

Isaac/Isidore Cori MP (deceased)

Isacco Cori Ventura MP (1919 - 1978)

Jacob Cori MP (deceased)

Jan hrabě Cori MP (deceased)

Joe Cori MP (1927 - 1992)

Josef Cori MP (c.1772 - 1846)

Josephine Cori MP (deceased)

Julia Cori MP (deceased)

Lazare/Eliezer Cori MP (deceased)

Lazaro Iacob Cori, Ventura MP (1915 - 1963)

Lazaro Cori Ventura MP (1915 - d.)

Leon Cori MP (1886 - d.)

Leon Cori MP (1922 - c.1944)

Leonor Cori MP (deceased)

Letizia Di Cori MP (deceased)

Lucia Cori MP (deceased)

Lucia Cori MP (c.1905 - 1997)

Lucie Danon (Cori) MP (deceased)

Luna CORI MP (deceased)

Lydia Cori MP (deceased)

Magda Cori (Calomiti) MP (deceased)

Magdalena Cori MP (deceased)

Magdalena Cori de Parisi MP (deceased)

Margarete Mainx (Cori) MP (1905 - 2000)