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Abigail Cornwall (Harris) MP (1682 - 1723)

Abigail Cornwall (Clark) MP (1689 - 1720)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Abigail Cornwall (Maltby) MP (1731 - 1803)

Abijah Cornwall MP (1737 - 1816)

King Alfred, Medieval Welsh Sagas MP (367 - d.)

Found in Lewys Dwnn's Heraldic Visitations of Wales, but probably fictional. See

Alice Cornwall MP (deceased)

"The Lee Family of Stanton, Roden and afterwards of Langley and Coton Hall, Salop, IS stated in Burke’s Baronetcies to be ONE of the oldest in England. "Sir Ralph de Lee of Lee Hall, Langley Aston, B...

Anna Hubbard (Cornwall) MP (1688 - 1779)

Records state that she was buried next to her son Stephan but does not clarify who is his father. [ ]

Anne Cornwall (Corbet) MP (c.1470 - 1548)

Beatrix Cornwall MP (1561 - 1623)

Bridget Jordyn (Cornwall) MP (1574 - 1660)

Bryan de Cornwall, 4th Baron of Burford MP (1355 - 1400)

Sir Bryan Cornwall was born in 1355. He was the son of Sir Geoffrey Cornwall and Cecilia Seymour. He married Matilda (?). He died in 1400, without issue. Sir Bryan Cornwall succeeded to the title of ...

Catheryne Cornwall MP (1470 - 1548)

Cecelia (Alice) de Cornwall (Merbury) MP (c.1364 - 1417)

Alternate birth location: Bufford, Shropshire, England

Charlotte Cranham (Cornwall) MP

Charlotte Cornwell From wikipedia Charlotte Cornwell (born 26 April 1949) is an English actress. Acting career Cornwell's acting career began when she trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of...

Corineus, Duke of Cornwall MP (deceased)

Corineus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Corineus, in medieval British legend, was a prodigious warrior, a fighter of giants, and the eponymous founder of Cornwa...

Edmund Cornwall, 10th Baron of Shropshire MP (1535 - 1585)

Never married, No children.

Edmund de Cornwall MP (c.1280 - 1354)

Sir Edmund de Cornwall1 M, #33331, b. circa 1280, d. 22 March 1354 Father Sir Richard Cornwall, Steward of Knaresborough2 b. c 1255, d. 1296 Mother Joan FitzAlan2 b. c 1267, d. a 10 Oct 1321 Si...

Edmund de Cornwall, of Burford MP (c.1382 - c.1435)

He predeceased his father, so was never Baron of Burford. Edmund De Cornwall b: 1382 in Burford, England, m: 1405 in Wesbley, England, d: 1435 in Rhineland, Germany src: first wife unknown. secon...

Edmund Cornwall, Sr., 7th Baron of Burford MP (1448 - 1498)

Sir Edmund Cornwall was the son of Sir Thomas Cornwall and Elizabeth Lenthall. He married Margaret Hoorde, daughter of Thomas Hoorde. He died in 1489. Sir Edmund Cornwall succeeded to the title of 7t...

Edmund Cornwall MP (c.1467 - 1537)

Eleanor Cornwall MP (c.1499 - d.)

Eleanor Cornwall MP (1428 - 1519)

See Peter Bartrum, (January 23, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) 'A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry of ..., Volume 3 By John Burke, Sir Bernard Burke

Elizabeth Cornwall (Hall) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cornwall (Hinsdale) MP (c.1674 - 1699)

Elizabeth Jones (Cornwall) MP (c.1495 - 1574)

Elizabeth Cornwall MP (1651 - 1726)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 717 "of Mid[dletown]"

Elizabeth Hargrave (Cornwell) MP (c.1664 - d.)

Elizabeth Ives (Cornwall) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cornwall MP (1386 - d.)

Undocumented. May or may not belong to this line. (If she married a Cor bet , why are their offspring Cor bin s?)

Elizabeth Cornwall (Sands) MP (1759 - 1796)

Ester Cornwall (Ward) MP (1669 - 1734)

Esther WARD24 was born on 15 December 1669 in Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut. She died on 13 July 1734 at the age of 64 in Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut. Esther married William C...

Esther Robinson (Cornwall) MP (1729 - 1802)

Geoffrey de Cornwall, 3rd Baron of Burford MP (1335 - 1365)

GEOFFREY DE CORNWALL, THIRD BARON OF BURFORD / 1335 - 1365 Geoffrey was born in Stapleton Castle (Herefordshire) on 8th September 1335, the son of Sir Richard Cornwall and Sybil de Botringham, and ba...

Geoffrey de Cornwall MP (c.1305 - 1344)

src: no children, spouse or dates in FMG. Please see Darrell Wolcott: The Shropshire Walcot Family - Chart VII: The Cornwall Family; . (Steven Ferry, December 8, 2017.)

Geoffrey de Cornwall MP (c.1288 - 1335)

Geoffrey De Cornwall b: 1288 in Richards Castle, England m: 1304 in Burford, England d: 1335 in Burford, England From the Peerage: Sir Geoffrey Cornwall Sir Geoffrey Cornwall was the son of...

Sir Gilbert Cornwall of Burford MP (1598 - 1671)

Sir Gilbert Cornwall was born in 1598. He was the son of Sir Thomas Cornwall and Anne Lyttelton. He married Elizabeth Reade, daughter of Sir Thomas Reade. He died in 1671. Sir Gilbert Cornwall was inv...

Gorlois, Igerna's Husband, Geoffrey of Monmouth Text MP (c.452 - 490)

Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Brittanniae, "history of the kings of Britain," contains one of the most comprehensive versions of the Arthurian legend; though it is no longer considered valuable...

Gorlois, Igraine's Father, Malory Text MP (452 - d.)

Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, composed in the middle of the 15th century, and published in 1485 by William Caxton, is the version of the Arthurian legend that became the foundation for most of the...

Guenevere Duchess of Cornwall (also had Daughter of Manuel here) MP (deceased)

Hannah Ward (Cornwall) MP (1719 - 1815)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 31 2017, 21:12:03 UTC

Hubert Dominic Cornwall MP (1899 - 1986)

General Sir James Marshall-Cornwall, KCB, CBE, DSO, MC MP (1887 - 1985)

General Sir James Handyside Marshall-Cornwall KCB, CBE, DSO, MC (27 May 1887 – 1985) was a British Army officer and linguist. Born in India, only son of James Cornwall, the Postmaster General of Unit...

Jamima Cornwall (Tryon) MP (b. - 1821)

Joan Cornwall (Rank) MP (1609 - 1636)

The first record which we have, of William Cornwall, is found in the Reverend John Eliot's list of the members of his church in Roxbury, Massachusetts, which includes the names of: " William Cornewel...

Joan de Cornwall MP (c.1286 - c.1342)

Joan de Cornwall1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #15950, b. circa 1285, d. after 25 September 1342 Father Sir Richard Cornwall, Steward of Knaresborough7,8,4,9,6 b. c 1255, d. 1296 Mother Joan FitzAlan7,8,4,9,6 b....

Joan Okeston of Cornwall, Heiress of Modbury MP (c.1245 - 1319)

Joan of Cornwall was the daughter of Richard Plantgenet, Earl of Cornwall and Joan de Valletort. However, she was the legal daughter of Joan de Valletort's husband, Alexander Okeston. Joan of Cornwall ...

Joan Cornwall (Martyn) MP (1566 - 1616)

John Cornwall, Jr. MP (1671 - 1746)

10275. John Cornwall. Born on 13 Aug 1671 in Middletown, CT.143 John died in Middletown, CT, on 26 Apr 1746; he was 74. On 15 Sep 1695 when John was 24, he first married Elizabeth Hinsdale, daughte...

Sgt. John Cornwall MP (1640 - 1707)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 548 CORNELL, William (Bef 1562-1622) MARTYN, Joan (1566-) HYANNO, John (Chief ) (Abt 1595-After 1680) NOEPE, Mary (1597-1623) ...

John Cornwall MP (1535 - 1595)

Sir John Cornwall, 1st and Last Baron Cornwall of Fanhope MP (c.1364 - 1443)

John Cornewaille, 1st Baron Fanhope and Milbroke, KG, also known as Sir John Cornwall, (c. 1364 — 11 December 1443) and Sir John Cornouayl, was an English nobleman, soldier and one of the most respecte...

Sir John Cornwall, Kt. MP (1315 - d.)

John Cornwall MP (1738 - d.)

Capt. Joseph Cornwall MP (1679 - 1741)

Juliana Cornwall (Corbet) MP (deceased)

Katherine Cornwall (Hartley) MP (1539 - 1623)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Katherine Hartley: Katherine Hartley [1] F, #328038 Last Edited=29 Dec 2008 Katherine Hartley married Thomas Cornwall, son of Richard Cornwall and Jane...

Lewis Cornwall MP (1757 - 1804)

Louisa Cornwall MP (deceased)

Margaret Peverell (de Cornwall) MP (c.1280 - 1314)

Margaret Stone (Cornwall) MP (1507 - 1568)

Margaret Cornwall (Hoord) MP (c.1453 - 1475)

Margawse, Igraine's Sister, Malory Text MP (deceased)

Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur , composed in the middle of the 15th century, and published in 1485 by William Caxton, is the version of the Arthurian legend that became the foundation for most of th...

Martha Cornwall (Peck) MP (c.1647 - 1708)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 548

Martha Maidstone Cornwall (Wills) MP (1898 - 2001)

Martha Hubbard (Cornwall) MP (1669 - 1709)

Mary Cornwall (Hilton) MP (c.1673 - c.1708)

Mary Fuller (Cornwall) MP (1683 - 1726)

Mary Doud (Cornwall) MP (1700 - d.)

Mary Cornwall (Carnby) MP (1539 - d.)

Mary Reade (Cornwall) MP (c.1606 - 1665)

Sir Thomas Reade V Posted on December 28, 2011 WARNING: There is a considerable amount of conflicting information about this couple, especially dates of birth and death, yet many have concluded this ...

Mary Cornwall (Foster) MP (deceased)

Mary Cornwall (Stroud) MP (c.1715 - d.)

Mary Cornwall (unknown) MP (c.1618 - aft.1678)

Is Not " Mary formally 'Bull' aka Mary "Little Dove" Bearse (Hyanno)" NOTE: The story that her identity is “Mary Hyanno,” a supposed Indian princess was started in the late 1990s with the publication...

Mary Bitner Cornwall (Neff) MP (1866 - 1937)

Matilda de Cornwall MP (c.1307 - d.)

Mercy Cornwall (Todd) MP (1692 - 1755)

Christening date of November 1692 at New Haven, New Haven, CT.

Paul Cornwall, Sr. MP (1675 - 1751)

Paul Cornwall, Jr. MP (1715 - 1751)

Rachel Vannoy (Cornwall) MP (c.1660 - 1699)

Reference: WikiTree Genealogy - SmartCopy : Dec 6 2016, 6:47:05 UTC

Richard de Cornwall MP (c.1271 - bef.1332)

Richard de Cornubia died before 5 September 1332, cleric; perhaps the son of Sir Richard de Cornwall (Earl Richard), died 1297 ( illegitimate son of Richard, Earl of Cornwall) & Joan his wife; brother ...

Richard Cornwall, 9th Baron of Burford MP (c.1493 - 1569)

See Peter Bartrum, (August 14, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) Richard Cornwall was born in 1493. He was the son of Sir Thomas Cornwall and Anne Corbet. He married Janet Wogan, daughter of Henry Wogan. ...

Sir Richard de Cornwall, 2nd Baron of Burford MP (1313 - 1343)

Richard De Cornwall b: 1311 in Burford, England, m: 1333 in Burford, England, d: 1343 in Burford, England src: has his wife as Joan (unknown). documentation needed for Sibilla Brodegan

Richard of Cornwall MP (1246 - 1246)

Richard of England1,2 M, #41456, b. July 1246, d. 15 August 1246 Father Sir Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans, Comte de Poitou1,2 b. 5 Jan 1209, d. 2 Apr 1272 Mother Sanchia of Proven...

Sir Richard de Cornwall, 5th Baron of Burford MP (1360 - 1443)

Richard De Cornwall b: 1360 in Burford, England, m: in Wesbley, England, d: 10 Jan 1443 in Burford, England src: only child listed at is Edmund, d. 1435. ________________________ ...

Richard de Cornwall, of Thunnock MP (c.1252 - bef.1297)

Richard de Cornwall of Thunnock As distinct from Richard Plantagenet of Cornwall who died young Richard de Cornwall (-after 1280). Earl Richard had one illegitimate son by Mistress (1). The primary...

Robert Cornwall MP (1826 - 1917)

Silence Boardman (Cornwall) MP (c.1698 - d.)

Susan Peyton Cornwall (Bedinger) MP (c.1816 - d.)

Sources DAR Descendant Lineage Book - National Society of the Daughters of the American ..., Volume 1  By Daughters of the American Revolution. Page 166. "MRS. FREDERICA ELLSWORTH MARSHALL.! 347 ...

Susannah Cornwall (Bowden) MP (1680 - 1751)

Thankful Cornwall MP (1682 - 1684)

Thankful Stead (Cornwall) MP (1685 - 1758)

Thomas Cornwall, 11th Baron of Burford, Shropshire MP (c.1538 - c.1615)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Thomas Cornwall Thomas Cornwall [1] M, #328036, b. 1538, d. 1615 Last Edited=30 Dec 2008 Thomas Cornwall was born in 1538.[1] He married Katherin...

Thomas Cornwall, 8th Baron of Burford MP (1467 - 1537)

Sir Thomas Cornwall was born in 1468.[1] He was the son of Sir Edmund Cornwall and Margaret Hoorde.[2] He married Anne Corbet, daughter of Sir Richard Corbet.[1] He died in 1538.[1] Career: S...

Sir Thomas Cornwall, 6th Baron of Burford MP (1407 - 1472)

Sir Thomas Cornwall was the son of Edmund Cornwall and Elizabeth de la Barre. He married Elizabeth Lenthall, daughter of Sir Rowland Lenthall and Lucy de Grey. He died in 1473. Sir Thomas Cornwall su...

Thomas Cornwall, 12th Baron of Burford MP (1573 - 1635)

Sir Thomas Cornwall was born in 1573. He was the son of Thomas Cornwall and Katherine Hartley. He married Anne Lyttelton, daughter of Sir Gilbert Lyttelton. He died in 1638. Sir Thomas Cornwall was in...

Capt. Waite Cornwall MP (1692 - 1742)

Sources: Medieval Families, c/o Family History Dept., 50 East North Temple St., Salt Lake City, UT. 84150. Info from cousin, Gale Cornwell.

Walter de Cornwall MP (c.1245 - 1313)

Walter de Cornwall (-1313). Earl Richard had one illegitimate son by Mistress (2). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. See Earls of Cornwall 1227-1300 at MedLan...

Sgt. William Cornwall MP (1609 - 1678)

Myth of Mary Hyanno Bearse-Hyanno DNA Project proposal [ ] Mary (Unknown) aka Hyanno / Hyannos Wife of William Cornwall (disproved) The issue here is whether or not Mary 'Hyanno' is the same Mary...

William Cornwall MP (deceased)

William Cornwall MP (1727 - 1750)