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Esias Costeaux, b1 MP (1673 - c.1708)

Full text of "The French refugees at the Cape" The following is quoted from the above source - it needs sifting through and refining. Costeux, or Caucheteux, This family came from Marcq, or Mar...

Suzanne Costeaux, SM MP (1675 - c.1714)

Gerrit Heinrich MEYER kom voor 1692 by die Kaap aan. Hy word 'n vryburgher in 1692 en hy trou om en by 1693 met Suzanne COSTEUX. Sy was die dogter van Esaias Costeux en Susanne Albert. In die boek "D...

Pierre Costeaux, b3 (1679 - 1708)

Susanna Costeaux (deceased)