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Else Betty Craige (Kohlberg) MP (1888 - d.)

Craige MP (c.1733 - 1785)

Craige MP (c.1698 - c.1760)

Craige MP (1669 - d.)

Craige MP (deceased)

(101) Craige (Webster) MP (deceased)

? Craige MP (deceased)

?? Craige MP (deceased)

Amanda Gilbert (Craige) MP (c.1842 - c.1889)

Angelina Craige (Shaw) MP (deceased)

Annaleny Craige MP (deceased)

Anne CRAIGE MP (1775 - 1863)

Arrena Craige (Wingrove) MP (c.1827 - d.)

Big Ed Craige MP (deceased)

Branch Craige MP (1877 - d.)

Branch Craige MP (1915 - d.)

Caroline Hartlett (Craige) MP (1886 - 1971)

Charles Harper Craige, Jr. MP (1923 - 1962)

Charles Harper Craige, Sr. MP (1901 - d.)

Clara C. Craige Marlin MP (b. - 1870)

Constance Massey Lynch (Craige) MP (deceased)

David Craige MP (deceased)

David Craige MP (1780 - d.)

Delores Mummey (Craige) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Craige MP (c.1716 - c.1772)

Birth: Nov 30 1716 - Londonberry, , Ulster, Ireland Death: Oct 8 1772 - Orange, North Carolina, USA Parents: Thomas Craige, Helen Gray Husband: William Blackwood Children: Mary Elizabeth Blackwood, Wil...

Elizabeth Craige MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Craige MP (1690 - d.)

Elizabeth Blackwood (Craige) MP (c.1690 - d.)

Elizabeth Craige MP (1735 - d.)

Elizabeth Craig's parents were Samuel & Gertrude Ward Craig, who were from Freehold, NJ per Ruth Vankirk of Pgh. Settled in Elizabeth Twp., PA in 1783 with Mr. Canaan. Elizabeth Craig's parents were Wi...

Elizabeth Parmenter (Craige) MP (1724 - 1794)

Elizabeth Craige MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Van Kirk (Craige) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth A Waddill (Craige) MP (deceased)

Ella Bradley (Craige) MP (1892 - 1951)

Elspaithe Perie (Craige) MP (c.1575 - d.)

Elspeth Craige MP (1617 - d.)

Evelyn Craige MP (deceased)

Francis Burton Craige MP (1811 - 1875)

Francis Burton Craige (March 13, 1811 – December 30, 1875) was a Congressional Representative from North Carolina; born near Salisbury, North Carolina, March 13, 1811; attended a private school in Sa...

George Craige MP (c.1591 - d.)

Gertrude Craige (Ward) MP (deceased)

Gertrude Craige (Ward) MP (deceased)

Glen Craige MP (deceased)

goldie craige MP (deceased)

Hannah Lamb (Craige) MP (deceased)

Harry Colin Craige MP (1934 - 2015)

Helen Craige (Gray) MP (1690 - 1755)

Birth: 1690 - East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, Scotland Death: 1755 - Vermont, United States Parents: William Gray, Helen Cochrane Siblings: Patrick Mathie, Janet Mathie, George Gray Husband: Thomas Craige ...

Helen Barker Craige MP (1892 - 1949)

Henretta Jean Craige MP (1853 - 1937)

Residence: (1860 — Age: 7) Bradford, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA* Residence: (1865 — Age: 12) Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA* Marriage to William L Lakin: (12 Apr 1877 — Age: 24) Newport, Sull...

Hugh Craige MP (deceased)

Idress Elizabeth Craige MP (deceased)

Isabel Craige MP (deceased)

James Craige MP (1735 - 1821)

James Craige MP (deceased)

Jane Parmenter (Craige) MP (1727 - c.1794)

Jane Boyden Gray (Craige) MP (deceased)

Janet CRAIGE MP (c.1699 - 1776)

Jannett Craige MP (1740 - 1806)

Jess Craige MP (deceased)

John Johnston Craig (Craige) MP (1731 - 1816)

John Craig served in the REV WAR from NC providing Civil Service and is listed as a Patriot with the DAR. The DAR Patriot shows his date of death to be 5 AUG 1816. Additional entry from the DAR appli...

John Craige (Craig) MP (1710 - 1723)

John Craige MP (deceased)

John Craige MP (deceased)

John H. Craige (Craig) MP (c.1796 - c.1854)

Jonet Patersone (Craige) MP (deceased)

Josephine C Lippincott (Craige) MP (1823 - 1899)

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Julia Craige MP (1791 - 1876)

Katherine Lumisden (Craige) MP (c.1654 - d.)

Kendt Craige MP (deceased)

Leah Shaw (Craige) MP (deceased)

Magdeline Burnett (Craige) MP (deceased)

Maragaret Craige (Lynch) MP (deceased)

Margaret Craige MP (c.1640 - d.)

Margaret Hale (Craige) MP (deceased)

Margaret Dogge (Craige) MP (deceased)

Margaret Affleck (Craige) MP (c.1867 - 1924)

margaret craige melvin (Craige) MP (deceased)

Marioun Craige MP (1619 - d.)

Mary Craig Graham MP (1753 - 1786)

Mary McLellan Bolton (Craige) MP (deceased)

Mary Harriman (Craige) MP (deceased)

Moses Craige MP (deceased)

Mr Craige, Admiral UK MP (b. - 1872)

Mrs Martin (Craige) MP (deceased)

Nancy Craige (Daniel) MP (c.1819 - d.)

Nanne Craige MP (deceased)

Nanne Craige (Gordon) MP (1737 - 1773)

Nanne Craige (Gordon) MP (1737 - 1773)

Neiome Craige MP (deceased)

Peter Craige MP (deceased)

Ruth Inez Craige (Palmer) MP (1908 - d.)

Sallie Craige MP (deceased)

SALLY Craige (Emery) MP (1756 - d.)

Samuel Craige MP (deceased)

Samuel Daniel Lee Andrew Jackson Craige MP (1837 - 1937)

Samuel Craige MP (deceased)

Samuel Craige MP (deceased)

Sarah Craige MP (1870 - d.)

Sarah Craige MP (deceased)

Seth W. Craige MP (1766 - d.)

Seth Craige MP (1799 - 1859)

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