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Alexander Cunningham, 10th Earl of Glencairn MP (1636 - 1670)

Alexander Cunninghame, 5th Earl of Glencairn MP (1515 - 1574)

ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, EARL OF GLENCAIRN Alexander Cunningham, Earl of Glencairn, is the son of William Cunningham, Earl of Glencairn, and his wife Catherine Borthwick. According to Darryl Lundy's Pee...

Ann Cuninghame (Scot) MP (1600 - d.)

Anne Scot is the daughter of Sir John Scot of Scotstarvit.1 She married Colonel Robert Cuninghame, son of William Cuninghame, 8th Earl of Glencairn and Lady Janet Kerr. Her married name became Cuningha...

Anne Cuninghame MP (1630 - d.)

Anne Cuninghame was the daughter of Colonel Robert Cuninghame and Anne Scot.1 She died, without issue.1 Citations [S35] BLG1965 volume 2, page 129. See link for full details for this source. He...

Cuthbert Cuninghame, 2nd of Corsehill MP (b. - 1575)

Cuthbert Cuninghame, 2nd of Corsehill d: 1575 Parents: Andrew Cuninghame, 1st of Corsehill (d. 1545) & Margaret Cuningham of Polonaise Married: Matilda (Maud) Cuninghame, daughter of John Cunin...

Elizabeth Cuninghame, of Aiket MP (c.1545 - d.)

Janet Cuninghame, of Craig's End MP (c.1529 - 1607)

Janet Cuningham born: 1532. Craigends, Renfrewshire, Scotland   died:  1607  Renfrewshire, Scotland parents: Gabriel Cuningham [Cunningham], 3rd of Craigends & ...

Janet Alexander (Cuninghame of Craigends) MP (deceased)

John Cuninghame of Caprington MP (deceased)

Margaret Cuninghame MP (deceased)

Marion Hamilton (Cuninghame) MP (c.1488 - c.1504)

Marion Cuninghame MP (c.1490 - d.)

Mary Cuninghame, of Glencairn MP (1597 - 1631)

Lady Mary Cuninghame From F, #326500 Last Edited=20 Feb 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.17% Mary Cuninghame was the daughter of James Cuninghame, 7th Earl of Glencairn and Margare...

Mathilde Cuninghame, of Aiket MP (deceased)

Matilda (Maud) Cuninghame daughter of John Cuninghame (of Aiket) and Helen Barclay.1,2,3 married Cuthbert Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill, son of Andrew Cuninghame & Margaret Cuningham of Polonai...

Patrick Cuninghame, 3rd of Corsehill MP (c.1557 - 1588)

Patrick Cuninghame, 3rd of Corsehill Parents: Cuthbert Cuninghame , Laird of Corsehill d. 1575 & Matilda (Maud) Cuninghame Death*: Patrick Cuninghame died; slain in the Cuninghame-Montgomerie feu...

Robert or Cuthbert Cuninghame of Kilmaurs MP (c.1370 - 1448)

Sir Robert Cunningham1 M, #39645, d. between 1448 and 1451 Father Sir William Cunningham, Sheriff of Ayr, Lord of Kilmaurs2 d. b 27 Dec 1415 Mother Margaret Danielston2 d. b 7 Jul 1409 Sir Robe...

William Cuninghame, 8th Earl of Glencairn MP (c.1575 - 1631)

William Cunningham, 8th Earl of Glencairn (1575–1630) was a Scottish politician. The son of James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn by his spouse Margaret (d. January 1610), daughter of Sir Co...

Sir (William) Andrew Malcolm Martin Oliphant Montgomery-Cuninghame of Corsehill, 11th Baronet (1929 - 1959)

Alexander Cunninghame of Craigends (Cuninghame / Cunninghame) (1628 - 1690)

Alexander Cunningham , 7th Laird of Craigends1 M, d. 1690 Father*: William Cunningham1 d. 1636 Mother*: Elizabeth Napier1 Relationship: 10th cousin 9 times removed of Major Nancy Alexis Cunningham...

Sir Alexander David Montgomery-Cuninghame, 7th Baronet (b. - 1846)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Montgomery-Cuninghame, Baronet [S. 1672] , of Kirktonholm aforesaid, only surv. br. and h., being 5th s. of the 3d Baronet ; suc. to the Baronetcy, Nov. 1814. He m. i...

Capt. Alexander Montgomery-Cuninghame (b. - 1770)

Alexander Montgomery-Cuninghame was the son of Sir David Cuninghame of Corsehill, 3rd Bt. and Penelope Montgomery.2 He married Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of David Montgomery.1 He died in January ...

Alexander Montgomery-Cuninghame (deceased)

Alexander Cuninghame (deceased)

Alexander Cuninghame of Craigends (deceased)

Alexander Cuninghame of Craigends, 9th Lord of Craigends (1690 - 1742)

Alexander Cuninghame (deceased)

Alexandre Cuninghame (1732 - d.)

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Sir Alfred Edward Fairlie-Cuninghame of Dawlish, 12th Baronet (1852 - d.)

Biographical Summary " Sir Alfred Edward Fairlie-Cuninghame, Baronet [S 1630] of Dawlish , co Devon, brother and heir, born 20 April 1852, at Dieppe, assumed (like his brother) in 1881, the name Fair...

Alfred Keith Cuninghame (1891 - 1916)

Alfred Keith Cuninghame Born on 29 April 1891. England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 Name: Alfred Keith S Cuninghame Registration Year: 1891 Registration Quarter: Apr-May-...

Alice Holleman (Cuninghame) (c.1841 - 1881)

Alice Cuninghame (Buchanan) (deceased)

Andrew Cuninghame (c.1507 - c.1544)

Ann Cuninghame (1740 - d.)

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Anne Montgomery-Cuninghame (deceased)

Bessie Inglis (Cuninghame) (1589 - d.)

Boyd Alexander Cuninghame (deceased)

Bridget Anne Montgomery-Cuninghame (1886 - 1960)

Catharina Juliana Cuninghame (1714 - 1779)

Charles Cuninghame (deceased)

Sir Charles Arthur Fairlie-Cuninghame of Garnock House, 11th Baronet (1846 - 1897)

Biographical Summary " Sir Charles Arthur Fairlie-Cuninghame, Baronet [S 1630] of Garnock House , Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, 1st son and heir, born 2 January 1846, at Dieppe, educated at Cheltenham ...

Charlotte Niven Montgomery-Cuninghame (Hutcheson) (deceased)

Christian Porterfield (Cuninghame of Craigends) (deceased)

Christian Cuninghame (1587 - d.)

Cuninghame Cuninghame of Polmaise (deceased)

Cuthbert Cuninghame (deceased)

David Cuninghame (deceased)

Sir David Montgomery-Cuninghame, 5th Baronet (b. - 1814)

Biographical Summary " Sir David Montgomery-Cuninghame, Baronet [S. 1672] , of Kirktonholm aforesaid, br. and h., sometime Lieut, in the North British Dragoons ; suc. to the Baronetcy in March 1814, ...

David Cuninghame (deceased)

David Cuninghame of Robertland (deceased)

David Cuninghame (1736 - d.)

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Donald Cuninghame, Bishop of Aberdeen (deceased)

Dorothy CUNINGHAME (1568 - d.)

Edith Honoria Montgomery-Cuninghame (1870 - 1949)

Edith Honoria Tilley (Montgomery-Cuninghame) (deceased)

Edith Honoria Montgomery- Cuninghame (deceased)

Edith Magdalen Fairlie-Cuninghame (deceased)

Edward William Montgomery-Cuninghame (1878 - 1935)

Eglinton Mongomery-Cuninghame (deceased)

Elizabeth Montgomery (Cuninghame) (c.1287 - d.)

Elizabeth Cuninghame (deceased)

Elizabeth Hunter (Cuninghame) (c.1683 - 1746)

Elizabeth Hartopp (1847 - 1936)

Elizabeth Montgomery (deceased)

Elizabeth Montgomery-Cuninghame (1874 - 1874)

Elizabeth Montgomery-Cuninghame (deceased)

Elizabeth Cuninghame (deceased)

Barroness Elizabeth Rossmore of Monaghan (1733 - d.)

Elizabeth Cuninghame (1735 - d.)

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Elizabeth Cuningham of Craigsend (c.1600 - d.)

Ella Cutler Cuninghame (Fergusson) (deceased)

Elspeth Cuninghame (Buchanan) (deceased)

Gabriel Cuninghame, 3rd Laird of Craigends (c.1504 - 1547)

Name is Gabriel Cuninghame see source document and this link: .

George Cuninghame (deceased)

George Gun Cuninghame (b. - 1827)

George Cuninghame (deceased)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 407

George Cuninghame (1564 - d.)

George Cuninghame (1585 - d.)

Georgiana Frances Stuart (Gun-Cuninghame) (b. - 1840)

Geraldine Mary Georgina Fairlie-Cuninghame (deceased)

Henry Drumlanrig Montgomery-Cuninghame (deceased)

Hugh Cuninghame (1301 - d.)

Humphrey Cuninghame (c.1385 - d.)

Isabel Cuninghame, of Glencairn (deceased)

Sir James Montgomery-Cuninghame, 6th Baronet (b. - 1837)

Sir James Montgomery-Cuninghame of Cuninghame, 6th Bt. is the son of Alexander Montgomery-Cuninghame and Elizabeth Montgomery.2 He married Janet Cuming, daughter of Thomas Cuming, in 1802.1 He died i...

James Cuninghame (deceased)

James Cuninghame (deceased)

James Cuninghame (1736 - d.)

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Jane Lucretia Montgomerie (Cuninghame), Countess of Eglinton & Winton, DBE (b. - 1923)

Janet Cuninghame / Cunninghame (b. - c.1629)

Janet Cuninghame (Cunningham) (1523 - 1607)

Janet Cuninghame (c.1523 - d.)

Janet Cuninghame (deceased)

Janet Cuninghame of Achinyards (deceased)

Janet Cuninghame (Henrie) (deceased)

Janet Cunningham(Cuninghame) (Hutchison) (deceased)

Jean Elphinstone (Cuninghame) (1400 - d.)

Jean Cuninghame (Newall) (1700 - d.)

Jean Cuninghame (Weir) (deceased)

Jennet Cuninghame (deceased)

Jessie Augusta Montgomery-Cuninghame (deceased)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . London : Harrison 1869. page 288