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Adam Cunninghame of Caprington, Laird of Caprington MP (c.1455 - 1506)

Adam Cunninghame of Capringtoun, Laird of Caprington MP (c.1410 - c.1460)

Alexander Cuninghame, 4th of Corsehill MP (aft.1557 - c.1646)

Alexander Cuninghame, 4th of Corsehill1 died: 1646 parents: son of Cuthbert Cuninghame, 2nd of Corsehill & Matilda (Maud) Cuninghame.2 married: Marion Porterfield, daughter of William Porterfie...

Alexander Cunninghame, 5th of Craigends MP (c.1562 - c.1615)

Alisoun Cunninghame MP (1595 - d.)

Elizabeth Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Issobell Cunninghame MP (deceased)

James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn MP (1552 - 1630)

James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn (died 1630) was a Scottish peer and member of the Privy Council of Scotland. from Wikipedia entry for James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn The eldest ...

Janet Cunninghame MP (b. - 1591)

John Cunninghame, 4th of Caprington MP (c.1485 - 1564)

Margaret Jane Hope (Cunninghame-Graham) MP (1834 - 1909)

Margaret Cunninghame MP (c.1642 - 1678)

Lady Margaret Cunningham; married (1) David Betoun of Creich; married (2) ? Chisholm of Crombie (sic: James Chisolm, 5th of Cromlix ) "Sir James Chisholm married secondly, about 1612, Margaret, thi...

Col. Robert Cunningham MP (1600 - aft.1670)

Colonel Robert Cunningham; married Anne Scot, daughter of Sir John of Scotstarvit. He was Usher to King Charles II. Their childen include: Anne Cuninghame was the daughter of Colonel Robert Cunin...

Thomas Cunninghame of Caprington MP (c.1352 - 1407)

Wernebald Cunninghame, 1st Lord of Kilmaurs MP (c.1085 - c.1140)

Cunningham History The name Cunningham, which according to some may signify “courage in battle,” could have come from “Cunedda” who was a king of the “Gododdin,” a Celtic branch of Britons known by...

Agnes Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Agnes Campbell of Cessnock (Cunninghame) MP (c.1564 - d.)

Agnes Wilson (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Agnes Cunninghame MP (1539 - 1597)

Alexander Cunninghame of Craigends (Cuninghame / Cunninghame) MP (1628 - 1690)

Alexander Cunningham , 7th Laird of Craigends1 M, d. 1690 Father*: William Cunningham1 d. 1636 Mother*: Elizabeth Napier1 Relationship: 10th cousin 9 times removed of Major Nancy Alexis Cunningham...

Alexander Cunninghame MP (b. - 1745)

tullförvaltare i Ystad (1735) Alexander Cunningham omtalats (d. där 1745?). Denne tycks ha börjat sin karriär blev tullskrivare i Karlshamn 1713 och sägs ha varit bror till Thomas Cunninghame adl. unde...

Alexander Cunninghame, of Polquharne MP (deceased)

Lt Col Alexander William Henry James Montgomery-Cunninghame MP (1905 - 1944)

Alexander Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Alexander Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Alexander Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Alexander Reid-Cunninghame (Robertson) MP (deceased)

Alexander Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Alice Maud Palmer Cunninghame (Cunny) MP (deceased)

Alice Cunninghame MP (1094 - 1124)

Alice Cunninghame (Buchanan) MP (deceased)

Alisone Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Alisoun Wilson (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

allisoun cunninghame MP (deceased)

Amy Myrtle Cunninghame MP (1889 - 1987)

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Amy Thorpe Cunninghame (Lucas) MP (1859 - 1900)

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Ana Adair (Cunninghame) MP (c.1650 - d.)

Andrew Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Angus Cunninghame Graham MP (deceased)

Admiral Sir Angus Edward Malise Bontine Cunninghame Graham, of Gardmore and Ardoch, KBE, CB MP (1893 - 1981)

Admiral Sir Angus Edward Malise Bontine Cunninghame Graham of Gartmore and Ardoch KBE CB (16 February 1893 – 14 February 1981) was a Royal Navy officer who became Flag Officer, Scotland. See for full...

Anna Cunninghame MP (1761 - 1843)

Anna Cunninghame Graham MP (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth Cunninghame-Graham (Elphinstone Fleming), Hon. MP (1828 - 1925)

Anna Cunninghame MP (c.1660 - d.)

Anne Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Anne Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Anne Gordon (Cunninghame) MP (1721 - 1786)

Anne Reid-Cunninghame (Reid) MP (1784 - d.)

Archibald Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Arthur Frederick Cunninghame MP (1885 - 1902)

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Arthur Wellesley Reid-Cunninghame (Robertson) MP (deceased)

Audrey Dawn Scotla Cunninghame MP (1928 - 1983)

Barbara Bogle (Cunninghame) MP (c.1632 - d.)

Barbara Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Barbara Fullarton (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Barbara Cunninghame (Cunningham) MP (c.1718 - d.)

Barbara Susanne Montgomery-Cunninghame (Gray-Cheape), MBE MP (1911 - d.)

Caroline Bontine Cunninghame Graham (Stansfield Horsfall) MP (1858 - 1906)

Caroline better known as Gabriella Chidiock de la Balmondiere was an artist, an authoress, a poet and a good business woman - in fact, she struggled to save the Gartmore estate and came very close to d...

Charles Cunninghame MP (1732 - d.)

CHARLES CUNNINGHAME (1732-) is the son of Alexander Cunninghame, and his wife, Barbara Hodgert. He was born on 28 December 1732, probably at Kilmarnock in the Cunningham division of North Ayrshire, i...

Charles Elphinstone-Fleeming Elphinstone Fleming Cunninghame Graham, MVO RN MP (1854 - 1917)

Christina Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Christine Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Sir David Cunninghame, of Robertland MP (deceased)

David Cunninghame MP (1692 - d.)

Derek Cunninghame-Blank (Blank) MP (1924 - 2001)

Edward Cunningham (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Eleanor Lawn (Cunninghame) MP (1798 - d.)

elisabeth mountgumery (cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth A'Hannay (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cunninghame (Ross) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cunninghame MP (c.1653 - d.)

Elizabeth Cunninghame MP (1677 - d.)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 72

Elizabeth Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cunninghame MP (c.1736 - d.)

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Elizabeth Maxwell (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Risk (Cunninghame/Cunningham) MP (1705 - d.)

Hugh Risk = Elizabeth Cunninghame (Cunningham) (Hugh: Christened 1st Jan 1693 - , Christened Fintry Stirlingshire Scotland, most likely match) (Elizabeth: Christened 8th April 1705 - , Christened Balfr...

Elizabeth Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Elsbeth Cunninghame (Buchanan) MP (deceased)

Elspeth Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Eupham Cunninghame (Herring) MP (1682 - d.)

Eva Beatrice Ferrier (Cunninghame) MP (1864 - d.)

Florence D Bastable (Cunninghame) MP (deceased)

Frances Laura Cunninghame Graham (Spiers) MP (1804 - 1877)

Sir Gabriel Cunningham MP (c.1562 - c.1609)

Gabriela Marie Cunninghame-Graham (de la Balmondière) MP (1858 - 1906)

Gabriela claimed to be the daughter of the French-born Chilean Don Francisco José de la Balmondière and his Spanish wife; in fact, she was the second child of Dr. Henry Horsfall and his wife Elizabeth....

Gail Cunninghame-Blank MP (1966 - c.1968)

Gilbert Cunninghame MP (bef.1 - d.)

Grissel Cunninghame MP (c.1563 - d.)

Hamilton Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Helen Cunninghame MP (c.1685 - d.)

Helen Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Helene Cunninghame (Cairns) MP (c.1630 - d.)

Henrietta Cunninghame MP (c.1766 - c.1853)

Henry Cunninghame MP (c.1371 - c.1450)

Horace Lucas Cunninghame MP (1892 - 1971)

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Ingrida Gailutė Cunninghame-Blank (Ancevich) MP (1934 - 1999)

Isabelle Cunninghame MP (deceased)

Isobel Lutfoot (Cunninghame) MP (1722 - d.)

Isobel Stenhouse (Cunninghame) MP (c.1590 - d.)

Isobella Cunninghame MP (c.1400 - d.)