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Adelais of Amboise MP (c.844 - c.890)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Franksih Nobility (covering her birth family): Q. FAMILY of HUGUES [DUKE of BURGUNDY] 1. HUGUES . m ---. The name of Hugues's wife is not ...

Agnes Hue d'Amboise, (unconf.) MP (c.1102 - 1153)

From Medlands: GUILLAUME d’Harcourt (-after 1154). The 1130 Pipe Roll records "Wills fil Rob fil Anschet" after the death of "Rob fratris sui" in Leicestershire[859]. A charter dated [1154] records t...

Antoine Rene Bergeron D'Amboise (Bergeron) MP (1643 - 1700)

Barthélémy dit 'd'Amboise' Bergeron dit d'Amboise, Sr MP (1663 - 1765)

There has been much controversy/confusion about the birth/ baptism of our ancestor, Barthelemy Bergeron D’Amboise. For years we were under the false impression that he was born/baptized in the year 166...

Charles II d'Amboise, seigneur de Chaumont MP (1473 - 1511) ; Charles d'Amboise, Seigneur de Chaumont (1473 – 11 February 1511) was a French politician and military figure, who was the French governor of Milan during the reign...

Hugues II, seigneur d'Amboise MP (c.1075 - 1129)

Son of Sulpice I d'Amboise and Denise de Fougères. ______________ 'Hugues I, Seigneur de Chaumont-sur-Loire1,2 'M, #30824, d. between 24 July 1129 and 1130 Father Sulpice I d' Amboise3 d. c 1...

Ingelger I, seigneur d'Amboise MP (1322 - 1373)

Joseph Bergeron dit d'Amboise MP (c.1721 - 1808)

Louis d'Amboise, vicomte de Thouars MP (1392 - 1469)

N.N. d'Amboise MP (c.835 - 893)

Alternate name for wife claim: Ava Guilaume Pious Abbess DeAuvergne

Perronnelle Jacqueline deMaille (d'Amboise) MP (1400 - 1441)

Sulpice II, seigneur d'Amboise MP (c.1106 - 1153)

'Sulpice II, Sire d'Amboise1,2,3 'M, #30822, b. before 1106, d. 24 August 1153 Father Hugues I, Seigneur de Chaumont-sur-Loire4 d. bt 24 Jul 1129 - 1130 Mother Elisabeth de Jaligny4 d. 12 Oct 115...

Agnes d'Amboise MP (c.1102 - 1153)

Agnes d'Amboise MP (c.1102 - 1153)

Amos Ambrose MP (1868 - 1954)

His obituary has his birth year as 1867. His Baptisme record from the church records in Isle Vert lists his birth year is 1868.

Alix d'Amboise MP (1198 - d.)

Aliénor d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Aliénor D'AMBOISE MP (1055 - d.)

Anne d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Anne d'Amboise, dame de Puyberon MP (deceased)

Anne de Clermont d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Anne Bergeron D'Amboise (Dagault) MP (1646 - 1710)

Annette d'Amboise MP (c.1355 - d.)

Antoinette d'Amboise MP (1495 - 1552)

Barbe d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Barthelemy Augustin Bergeron dit d'Amboise, II MP (c.1698 - 1765)

Carmen D'amboise MP (deceased)

Catherine d'AMBOISE MP (deceased)

Catherine d'AMBOISE MP (deceased)

Catherine d'Amboise MP (b. - 1517)

Catherine d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Catherine d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Charles I d'Amboise MP (1430 - 1481)

Charlotte d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Denise (Dionise) d'Amboise MP (c.1135 - 1160)

Diane Jacqueline Louise Josèphe Henriette de Clermont d'Amboise MP (1733 - 1804)

Elisabeth d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Elisabeth d'Amboise, comtesse d'Aubijoux MP (b. - 1694)

Elizabeth d'Amboise MP (c.1153 - 1208)

Ermesende d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Stephen Ambrose MP (c.1870 - 1945)

The baptism record in the church in Isle Vert lists his surname as D'Amboise instead of Bergeron dit D'Amboise, the surname of his older brother Alfred-Ernest Bergeron dit D'Amboise.

Françoise d'Amboise dit Bergeron MP (c.1729 - 1809)

François d'Amboise, seigneur d'Aubijoux MP (deceased)

Françoise d'Amboise, marquise du Resnel MP (c.1500 - c.1560)

Françoise d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Françoise d'Amboise MP (1427 - 1485)

Geneviève Bergeron D'Amboise (Serreau de St-Aubin) MP (1667 - 1736)

George d'Amboise MP (b. - 1525)

George d'Amboise was killed in the Battle of Pavia.

Cardinal Georges d'Amboise MP (1460 - 1510)

Georges d'Amboise (1460 – May 25, 1510) was a French Roman Catholic cardinal and minister of state. He belonged to the house of Amboise, a noble family possessed of considerable influence: of his nin...

Georges I de Clermont, seigneur de Gallerande MP (deceased)

Georges de Clermont d'Amboise, II MP (deceased)

Gerald D'Amboise MP (c.1918 - d.)

Guy d'Amboise, seigneur de Ravel MP (1475 - 1508)

Herbert D'Amboise MP (deceased)

Hugh d'Amboise MP (c.1075 - d.)

Hugh d'Amboise MP (c.1075 - d.)

Hugh d'Amboise MP (c.1075 - d.)

Hugues I d'Amboise-Chaumont, seigneur de Chaumont MP (c.1270 - 1331)

Hugues IV d'Amboise, seigneur de Jaligny MP (c.1170 - 1218)

Hugues III, seigneur d'Amboise MP (c.1135 - 1190)

Hugues III d'Amboise, seigneur de Chaumont MP (c.1385 - 1415)

killed at the Battle of Agincourt

Hugues d'Amboise, seigneur de Chaumont et de Saint Vérain MP (c.1345 - 1415)

Hugues d'Amboise, seigneur de La Maisonfort MP (c.1330 - 1388)

Hugues d'Amboise, seigneur d'Aubijoux MP (b. - 1515)

Ingelger II d'Amboise, seigneur de Rochecorbon MP (1370 - 1410)

Isabeau d' Amboise (de Thouars) MP (1340 - d.)

Isabeau d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Isabeau d'Amboise MP (1345 - d.)

Isabelle de Clermont d'Amboise, dame de Gallerande MP (deceased)

Jacqueline d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Jacques d'Amboise, seigneur d'Aubijoux MP (b. - 1536)

Jacques d'Amboise, seigneur de Bussy MP (b. - 1515)

Jacques II d'Amboise d'Aubijoux MP (deceased)

Jean II, seigneur d'Amboise MP (c.1235 - c.1303)

Jean I, seigneur d'Amboise MP (1201 - 1274)

Jean III d'Amboise-Chaumont, seigneur de Chaumont et de Saint Vérain MP (c.1325 - 1346)

Jean IV d'Amboise, seigneur de Bussy MP (c.1440 - 1516)

Jean d'AMBOISE MP (deceased)

Jean Bergeron dit D'Amboise MP (1822 - c.1902)

Jean Baptiste Louis de Clermont d'Amboise, marquis de Reynel et de Montglas MP (1702 - 1761)

Jean Benoit Bergeron dit D'Amboise MP (1792 - 1857)

Jeanne d'Amboise MP (c.1320 - 1347)

Jeanne d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Joseph Paul D'Amboise MP (c.1888 - c.1974)

Louis de Clermont d'Amboise MP (b. - 1702)

Louis de Clermont d' Amboise MP (deceased)

Louis de Clermont d' Amboise MP (deceased)

Louis d'Amboise, comte d'Aubijoux MP (1536 - 1614)

Louise d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Louise d'Amboise d'Aubijoux MP (1684 - d.)

Madeleine d'Amboise MP (bef.1415 - aft.1488)

Marguerite d'Amboise MP (1438 - 1475)

Marguerite d'Amboise MP (b. - c.1495)

Marguerite d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Marguerite d'Amboise MP (deceased)

Marguerite de Clermont d'Amboise MP (b. - 1605)

Marguerite d'AMBOISE MP (deceased)

Marguerite de Rochechouart De Mortemart (d'Amboise-Chaumont) MP (deceased)