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Adalehelm d'Autun MP (c.760 - d.)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page (including his parents and brother's family): & THEODERIC [I], son of --- (-[791/15 Dec 804]). The origin of Comte Theoderic is not known. An interesti...

Boson d'Autun, Comte de Vienne, Dux de Provence MP (c.841 - 887)

Boso, son of Bivin (Bouvinus), died 11 Jan 887. Comte de Vienne, King of Provence. 1st wife unknown. Child Willa (m. Rudolf d'Auxerre and Hugues d'Arles). 2nd wife Ermengarde (dau of Louis II Kin...

Chrodelinde d'Autun MP (c.700 - 742)

Eccard du Vexin et d'Autun (d'Autun) MP (820 - 920)

Hugh I, Count of Chalon and Bishop Of Auxerre MP (972 - 1039)

Biography Hugues de Chalon soutint les revendications de Robert le Pieux sur le duché de Bourgogne mais fut battu en 1027 par les comtes Otte-Guillaume et Renaud . Hugues de Chalon supported the clai...

Lambert d'Autun De Dijon (de Chalon), Comte de Chalon MP (c.924 - 978)

Lambert of Chalon ( 930 to 27 February 978) was Count of Chalon ( 956-978 ) and Autun. Biography [edit code] Lambert was born in 930. Son of Viscount Robert de Dijon and Ingeltrude ; brother Robert...

Thierry I, count of Autun MP (b. - bef.804)

Do not confuse him with Makhir , the Jewish Prince, or with Théodéric IV of Austrasia,King of the Franks (?-737) or Aymeri de Narbonne, the fictional father of the fictional counterpart of Thierry's so...

Théodoric IV, comte d'Autun MP (c.802 - c.826)

(unk) d'autun (deceased)

Adèle de Trèves, Abbess of Pfalzel (c.625 - 706)

Marriage year 644 instead of 745? Adèle de Trèves, Abbess of Pfalzel . She was not a daughter of King Dagobert. The primary source that names her as a daughter of Bodilon and Sigarde is unknown. Ca...

Alba d' Autun (c.790 - d.)

Alix Terrail (d'Autun) (deceased)

Anne D'AUTUN (1714 - 1797)

Aube d'Autun (c.780 - d.)

Auda d'Autun (Caroling) (deceased)

Princess Aude d'Autun (d'Austrasia) (deceased)

Ayga d'Autun (deceased)

Bernard Comte d'Autun (c.790 - d.)

Bernard Comte d'Autun (c.790 - d.)

Berthe de Herstal (D'autun) (deceased)

Childebrand III, count of Autun (c.765 - c.826)

Lord Perracy, Childebrand II Death : 826 Parents: Father: Lord Perracy, Nibelung I the Historian Family: Children: Ct de Autunois, Thierry I the Treasurer --------------------CLONE OF Chi...

Dietrich I d'Autun (deceased)

Dunne of Autun (c.784 - 865)

E. d'Autun - Wife of Manasses I, Comte de Dijon (deceased)

Dame Ermengarde d'Autun (852 - bef.897)

Ermentrude of Ostravant D Autun (972 - d.)

Ermentrude d'Autun (c.980 - d.)

Ermentrude de Chalon (d'Autun) (c.1000 - d.)

Garnier d'Autun (deceased)

Gondoald D'Autun (deceased)

Seigneur Julien de Mathenay de Vaudrey (de Mathenay, Rosieres & St. Jean d'Autun) (1106 - 1138)

Louis d'AUTUN (1730 - 1768)

Marguerite d'Autun (b. - 1616)

Marie Félicie Castanier (D'autun) (deceased)

NN D'autun (NN) (deceased)

Nonne D Autun (773 - d.)

Pons d'Autun (deceased)

Occupation: Count of Marseille

pons d'autun (deceased)

Robert Vicomte d'Autun (898 - d.)

Senegonde d'Autun (deceased)

Thierri d'Autun (voir ci dessus) (deceased)

Count Thierry D'autun (deceased)

Thierry d'Autun (deceased)

Thierry d'Autun (deceased)

Varnier d'Autun (de Bourgogne) (c.855 - 921)

not a known son of Boson d'Autun, Comte de Vienne, Dux de Provence more likely an old bad insertion in wrong place, by reading this first search result: - and GENI is acting as a source of redundan...

Warnie d'Autun (c.855 - d.)